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How To Break Through Any Fat Loss Plateau 

18 week periodization training plan to break through any fat loss plateau

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, I’m sharing how to break through any fat loss plateau, by following a periodization approach, to the next 18 weeks of your workouts.

But before we get into all of that, the reason most people hit fat loss plateaus is because they don’t follow a properly structured workout program.

This means you stay in your safe zone and only do things you’re comfortable with.

Often this means becoming a cardio king or queen, or simply using the same machines, with the same weights, month after month.

In the beginning, this may have worked for you because you were new to the gym and experiencing what we call “newbie gains”.

What are newbie gains?

These newbie gains, in the form of fat loss or muscle building, happen because you’re challenging your body with a new stimulus that it’s not used to.

So your body responds quickly, even when don’t follow a workout program.

Unfortunately these newbie gains are short term, and don’t last.

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This is why the dreaded fat loss plateau is such a real thing for so many of you

And that’s why I’m going to share the best approach on how to break through any fat loss plateau.

But first, let me ask you, are you following a structured workout program?

If not, this is the best way to break through any fat loss program, when the programming is done properly, which we’ll talk about in a bit.

But first.

Nobody likes a cheat

If you’re following a structured workout program, are you cheating on your current workout program, with another workout program?

Here’s what I mean by this.

One of the biggest mistakes that slows fat loss progress, is not sticking with a workout program, throughout it’s intended time frame.

I call these people, program hoppers

They get super excited to start a new workout program, then get bored, and switch to the next cool program of the month.

This program hopper phenomenon is one of the main reasons people never experience the fat loss results they should, which often leads to a fat loss plateau.

My advice to anyone being trained online, or in person, is to trust the process, stay committed, and stick to the macro plan.

Here’s what I mean by the macro plan.

Rather than looking at your workouts as one offs, start looking at your workouts in the macro.

In the personal training world, we call this the periodization of training.

What does periodization of training mean?

Periodization of training is about breaking down your overall goals, into smaller periods of focused training.

These workout programs are usually divided into 6 week phases, or specific periods, that are meant to support, compliment, and build on each phase.

By doing this, each 6 week workout program period or phase, builds on to the next 6 week period or phase of training.

For example, by completing a phase 1, 6 week workout program, it should build on preparing you to complete the phase 2, 6 week workout program.

Here’s a real world example.

Real world example of how to break through any fat loss plateau

Meet John.

John has been training in the gym for 6 months, with a fat loss goal of getting down to 175 pounds.

He started at 220 lbs, then lost 20 pounds within the first 4 months.

John was loving the “newbie fat loss gains”.

But then John has been stuck in a fat loss plateau for the past 2 months.

John is your infamous program hopper.

He starts a program, is super excited in the beginning, then he see’s an enticing headline in a Facebook ad, buys the program, and then quits his current program.

No matter how many different workouts he tries, he can’t break through this fat loss plateau.

So here’s the deal John.

Newbie fat loss gains are easy

Once you lose the initial few pounds, then the real challenge begins.

Sustainable fat loss.

This is where periodization of training can help break through any fat loss plateau.

If I was training John, here’s an example of how I’d structure his Live Lean workouts using a periodization of training approach.

How to break through any fat loss plateau via periodization of training

Phase 1 (Week 1-6) goal: Strength

During phase 1 of programming I would structure John’s workouts on primarily helping him get stronger, via my 42 Days To Lean Strength workout program.

You may be thinking, why would John want to get stronger, if his goal is fat loss?

Here’s the deal, getting stronger is one of the best ways to break through any fat loss plateau.

By getting stronger first, you prepare your body to be more efficient at building lean muscle.

In other words, increasing your strength helps you build more lean muscle.

More lean muscle equals a higher metabolism and more calorie burn, thus helping you break through any fat loss plateau.

See how one style of training, builds on to another, which ultimately leads to your ultimate goal of fat loss?

Plus, during this strength phase, you may also build muscle and lose fat.

After completing my 6 week Live Lean Strength program, this would bring John to phase 2.

Phase 2 (Week 6-12) goal: Muscle Building

During phase 2 of programming, I would structure John’s workouts on building muscle, via my Live Lean Mass 2.0 workout program.

Live Lean MASS 2.0

Since John already completed the strength phase, he’ll now be able to lift heavier weights, which means building more lean muscle, thus increasing his metabolism and fat burning potential.

During this muscle building phase, you may also lose fat.

After completing my 6 week Live Lean Mass program, this would bring John to phase 3.

Phase 3 (Week 12-18) goal: Body Recomposition and Fat Loss

During phase 3 of programming, I would structure John’s workouts on body recomposition and fat loss, via my Live Lean Afterburn 2.0 program.

Live Lean Afterburn 2.0

Body recomposition simply means, burning stored body fat while maintaining lean muscle tissue.

Often times people will follow extreme fat loss programs which also burn into lean muscle tissue.

This ultimately ruins your metabolism, thus slowing fat burning.

With Live Lean Afterburn 2.0, your workouts are structured to preserve lean muscle tissue, while burning into the last 5-10 pounds of body fat.

Phase 4 (ongoing) goal: Maintenance

At this 18 week period, by following the workouts and staying consistent with your nutrition, John should be close to or have reached his 175 pounds physique.

Now it’s time for John to follow a maintenance program that incorporates all aspects of training, including strength, muscle building, and fat loss style workouts, via our Team Live Lean workouts.

Team Live Lean

That’s how you follow a Live Lean approach to periodization.

One phase builds on to the next to make it easier for you to accomplish your ultimate fitness goal.

Thus, the overall 18 week plan is greater than it’s individual 6 week phases.

Bottom line on how to break through any fat loss plateau:

If you’re not following properly structured workout program, that’s your first step.

I recommend Live Lean Newbie, to all people who are new to weight lifting.

Live Lean Newbie Layout 2017

But if you consider yourself an intermediate at lifting weights, I recommend you try 42 Days to Live Lean Strength, then follow the periodization of training as explained above.

Ultimately this will provide you with the framework to breakthrough any fat loss plateau and get sustainable fat loss results.

No matter how consistent you are at going to the gym, if you workouts don’t provide you with the plan to get the results you want, you’re destined to hit a plateau.

So give this periodized approach to training a try, and break through any fat loss plateau to get optimal results.

Thanks for watching and keep Living Lean.

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