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Can Certain Types Of Food Affect Kids With ADD? #LLTV Q&A Ep. 04

Nutella, energy drinks, ADD, post workout meals, workout splits

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, I’m answering 5 excellent viewer questions on camera, including can certain types of food affect kids with ADD?

Welcome to the 4th episode of our #LLTV Q&A series, where I answer your specific questions to help you Live Lean.

I loved all 5 of these questions and can really tell that you are grasping a lot of the ideas that I’m sharing.


How do I now get my questions answered on a new episode of #AskLiveLeanTV?

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Typically on Monday’s we post the “Questions” tag to our Instagram stories asking for your questions.

So let’s get right into it.

Today’s 5 questions include:

  1. Is Nutella good for you?
  2. Are Energy Drinks that bad for you?
  3. Can certain types of food affect kids with ADD?
  4. Should your carb intake for post-workout meals be less when you train smaller muscles (less intense)?
  5. Do I do full body workouts or split muscle groups?

Be sure to keep reading to see all my answers to these questions.

can certain types of food affect kids with ADD?

Question #1:

What is your take on Nutella? Is it really good for you, or is it just clever marketing?

You can find the full answer to is Nutella good for you, here.

Question #2:

My favorite drink is Monster Khaos and everyone tells me that it’s worse than soda.

Check out the full post on are energy drinks that bad for you, here.

Question #3:

Can certain types of food affect kids with ADD? Do you have any suggestions for new or modified foods that a teenager with attention deficit disorder (ADD) may like and want to eat? I prefer to feed them snacks instead of prepackaged stuff.

First off, I don’t claim to be any sort of expert on attention deficit disorder.

I don’t even really know much about it.

All I do know, and what I stand behind, is the foods you eat have such a huge impact on the cells and processes in your body.

I did google ADD food allergies, and I read some interesting things.

For example, it’s well known that you should stop feeding your kids unhealthy foods high in sugar.

However, there were also a lot of other natural foods listed, that were not recommended for kids with ADD to eat.

Again, since I’m not properly trained on this topic, I’m not comfortable making any recommendations, since I just don’t know enough about it.

I would recommend you talk with your doctor or naturopath about it, so you can get an educated opinion on it.

You can’t always trust what you read on the Internet.

Question #4:

I have a question about post-workout meals. If I did a workout that I didn’t feel was as intense as usual, or I only worked smaller muscle groups, would it be better to have less carbs than I usually do? For example, I normally have a protein source with a banana, plus 2 tablespoons of maple syrup. Would it be better to only have a banana in that case?

To get the full answer, check out this post on post workout carbs after training smaller muscle groups.

Question #5:

Do you do full body workouts or do you do splits?

For the full answer, check out this post on full body workouts vs split routines.

Those were 5 great questions today and I still have a long list of more questions to answer.

Did you like my answer to can certain types of food affect kids with ADD?

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Stay tuned for Freestyle Friday tomorrow.

I’ll see you then.

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7 responses to “Can Certain Types Of Food Affect Kids With ADD? #LLTV Q&A Ep. 04

  1. Thanks for the help with answering my ? about the food for ADD teen. I know that the internet is full of inaccurate info. I think I will consult a dietician for some help. I do believe what you promote (whole natural foods) is something that will help the problem. Thanks!

  2. Great responses Brad! Super helpful and I love your outlook on nutrition! I’m with on the 1 ingredient almond butter! There are way too many crazy sugary ingredients added in to foods lately and its always best to avoid them! Your Q&A’s are one of my favorite videos of the week!

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