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A Day In The Life: What To Do On An Active Recovery Day

Live Lean Style Family Day | Live Lean Life Ep. 039

On today’s vlog episode of Live Lean TV, I’m sharing a day in the life to show ideas on what to do on an active recovery day as a young family with kids.

In Live Lean Life Vlog Ep. 038 I share:

Wrestling With Kyla Before Our Family Hike

Brad: What up everybody?

Our family is going on a little hike today.

Jessica, Baby Kyla, and our dog Bruno are all coming.

What is the name of the hiking trail called? 

Jessica: It’s called Cowles Mountain. 

Brad: Kyla is so excited and ready to go on a hike.

What do you think about my sock and kicks combo?

ON sneakers

You like that?

Jessica: That’s a color coordinated man right there.

Brad: Yes, it all matches the back of my hat.

While Jessica was filming me playing with Kyla, Kyla couldn’t take her eyes off of the good looking baby in the mirror.


She loves when I playfully “beat her up” with choke slams.

Just look at the happy face she makes after the choke slam.


She’s out for the count, 1, 2, 3.

Jessica: Happy baby.

Brad: Before having Kyla, I thought I could only play wrestling with boys.

This is why I said in the last vlog that I always wanted to have a boy first.

However, now that I have a daughter who loves taking my flying elbows, we’re all good.

Jessica: We don’t need a boy.

Let’s just have more girls.

Do you want more girls, boo?

Brad: No, I need a boy to play sports with.

Jessica: Kyla can play sports with you.

You always tell me that I’m so good at throwing a football.

Brad: You are good boo.

Stopping At Walgreens For A Pre-Hike Rockstar Energy Drink

Brad: Before we hit Cowles Mountain in San Diego, we had a quick stop at Walgreens.

While I was in Walgreens, Bruno met another dog friend.

If you new here, Bruno is our dog.

He’s a puggle, which is a mix between a pug and beagle.


Since he was a rescue, we’re not sure how old he is.

He’s the sweetest dog ever, but he also get shy and scared easily.

If you’re wondering, here’s the reason for our quick little pit stop at Walgreens.

Keeping it 100% real, I was a little naughty since I needed to pick up a Rockstar energy drink.

I was just saying to Jessica that I haven’t had a Rockstar energy drink in months.

In fact, I don’t even remember having one since we moved to San Diego.

I don’t have energy drinks very often, but since we’re going out for a hike, and it’s going to be warm out, I just felt like I needed something cold.

I also bought two of them because they had a sale where you had to buy two to get each one for $1.50.

Jessica: Oh, they got you.

Brad: Yes, the marketing gets me every time.

I also thought Jessica may want one too.

Jessica: No, I’m good since I just had coffee.

I try not to overdo the caffeine because I’m still breastfeeding.

Brad: Yeah, so that’s it guys.

Let’s hit the mountain.

What To Do On An Active Recovery Day: Go Hiking

Brad: How’s the hike babe?

Jessica: I think Kyla’s having a good time.

Kyla Hiking

She’s a little bit sleepy and doesn’t know where she is because she just woke up from napping.

Brad: We’re going all the way up to the top.

This hike is on our active recovery day.

In the past, we shared this post on How To Take An Active Rest Day.

How To Take An Active Rest Day

When it’s an active recovery day, it does not mean you just sit around and do nothing.

You have to get out and get active.

There are plenty of people here from all shapes and sizes.

They are just doing one thing, having fun.

Get out, be active, and enjoy the sunshine.

Or if you’re in the winter, go snowshoeing.

During the hike, Kyla wanted to look cool like me by wearing her pizza hat backwards.

kyla hiking

I like that she’s representing pizza.

We Made It To The Top Of The Mountain

We had a good walk up the mountain, but now we’re on our way back down the mountain.

brad hiking active recovery day

Since I’m now carrying Kyla, I have to be super careful on the way down.

See you on the bottom.

Jessica: That’s one sexy looking dad right there.

When walking down a mountain, it’s important to take it nice and careful, by watching your steps, and keeping your core tight!

Walking To The Library To Checkout A Few Books

Brad: We’re now heading over to the library to pick up some books.

While we were walking there, we were being yelled at by a homeless lady for no reason.

The homeless mental health issues on the streets of San Diego is real.

Jessica: It’s sad, but that lady was just screaming nonsense.

I think she called us a devoted family couple, or something like that.

Brad: I didn’t hear what she said.

She started giving us compliments, by saying we’re a beautiful family, but then she just started yelling and lost it on us.

Once we arrived at the library, I had to rep out a few dips on the escalator ride 😂.

dips active recovery day

Jessica: Who says you can’t work out anywhere? Huh?

You gotta get creative.

Brad: Hey boo, do you want to like pretend like we’re back in the high school days and go make out in the library somewhere?

Jessica: Yeah, let’s do it 😘.

Brad: Oh man 😍.

I always like to order the books online before I get to the library, and then come pick them up.

Looking through all the aisles of books is just a little overwhelming, especially since there are nine floors with books at the downtown San Diego Library.

You could just spend a whole day in here if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for.

Here Are The Books We Checked Out From The Library

Brad: We’re back home from the library, i.e. the bibliotech.

Kyla got some books too.

Let’s show you what we got.

Jessica got a book called, Mommy Millionaire.

Kyla wants to show you her book.

I think this one’s yours.

Kyla got a book called, ABC Now You See Me.

Jessica: It’s a peekaboo book.

Look, A is for alligator.

D is for dog.

Brad: She is going to be excited about that one.

What else?

Jessica also got a book called, The Hour A Day Entrepreneur.

I just shook my head at her when I saw this one.

Jessica: Brad said, that’s the equivalent of six minute abs.

And I was like, you know what, I’m gonna make it work.

Brad: There’s no such thing as the hour a day entrepreneur.

Trust me.

Jessica: Well at least I can try 😆.

Brad: Kyla also got a book called, A Day At The Beach.

Jessica: Yeah, this one is so fun.

It’s all about beach stuff.

Brad: Jessica got another book called, The Google Way.

Now let’s get to my books.

I was looking for some mindless entertainment to read at night.

Based on this, I was looking for a fiction book.

Even though I do not read fiction books that often, I need to learn how to turn my mind off at night.

I got a book written by Lee Child called Worth Dying For from the Jack Reacher series.

That will be some mindless entertainment.

I also love reading biographies as well, so I got Phil Jackson: The Lord of the Rings.

That’s right.

We’re going to be reading to Kyla because we’re a family that reads.

Enjoying A Beautiful Dinner On Our Patio

Brad: Earlier we went down for a swim in our condo pool.

Now we’re out on the balcony enjoying a beautiful San Diego evening while we eat our dinner.

Boo’s making dinner for us tonight, so all the credit goes to her.

The sunshine just feels amazing.

Give me all the vitamin D.

If you’re currently in a snowstorm right now, I’m sorry.

Here’s what we’re eating for dinner tonight.

active recovery day dinner

We have homemade sweet potato fries.

Did you make those a certain way?

Jessica: Yeah, I just fried them in coconut oil in the frying pan.

Brad: We felt like we needed something a little “cheaty”, but we didn’t want have a cheat meal.

Therefore we used coconut oil to fry them, to make them more like a french fry.

Jessica: We’re getting our calories up because lately we’ve both been unintentionally losing weight, because we’re too active, and we don’t eat enough.

Since we had a really active day today, we wanted to increase the calories of this meal.

Cooking the food in coconut oil helps.

Brad: It’s true.

Honestly, the struggle we have is getting in enough calories.

I know some of you struggle with that as well.

For example, not eating enough calories to be able to accomplish the goal you want to get.

If you want to build muscle, you have to eat more.

Since we are always on the go and active, we need to eat more calories, which we are having a hard time doing.

There are certain ways to get in more calories.

Jessica: I also put tahini on the vegetables.

Brad: That’s right, we haven’t talked about the vegetables yet.

In addition to the sweet potato fries, we’re also having steamed broccoli and carrots, with stirred in tahini and salt and pepper.

The last piece of goodness on the plate is grass fed filet mignon.

Jessica: Not too shabby.

Brad: All right, I have to put the camera down because I’m watering from the mouth looking at this dinner.

Oh, I’m also having a well deserved beer, while Jessica is drinking water.

Kyla said it’s ok for dad to have a beer since I’m hustling and working hard, while enjoying the nice weather on our patio.

Bruno is also ready to eat.

He’s like, “where’s my food?”.

All right, enough chatting.

Let’s eat.

Jessica: Kyla tried eating a sweet potato fry.

However, I don’t know if she actually ate it or just sucked on it.

Regardless, it seemed like she liked it.

Brad: She’s actually showing more signs of wanting to eat.

Thanks for watching.



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