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We’re Moving: Goodbye Los Angeles, Hello San Diego

Moving Into Our New Condo In Downtown San Diego | Live Lean Life Ep. 019

On today’s vlog episode of Live Lean TV, we’re saying goodbye to Los Angeles, hello San Diego, as we share the journey of moving to our new condo.

In Live Lean Life Vlog Ep. 019 I share:

Goodbye Los Angeles, Hello San Diego

It’s moving day.

That’s right, we’re saying goodbye to LA, for now.

This has been a really fun journey in LA, but it’s time to move on to greener pastures.

We emptied out our old condo and packed all our stuff in the car and U-Haul this morning.

It’s hard to believe every single thing we own fit into one 10 foot box U-Haul and two car trips.

We are minimalists, however, we still have more things than we want.

Let’s hit the road to our new city and go to our new home.

Yogabed Review

We’re home.

Welcome to our new hood in downtown San Diego.

Once we made it to our new condo, I received a package that I’m so excited about.

Our friends at Yogabed delivered our new mattress for our bed, in a small box.

Typically when you get a mattress delivered, it requires a big U-Haul truck.

However, this Yogabed mattress was delivered to us by FedEx, in a box.

If you are strong, the box is fairly light, so it is easy to carry it to the bedroom and set it up by yourself.

On the Yogabed box it states:

“Your incredible sleep experience starts here.”

“Sleep your way to well-being.”

I was excited to open it up.

Yogabed Set Up Instructions:

Once you open the box, it comes with a set of simple to follow instructions:

  1. Remove the mattress from the box.
  2. Remove the outer plastic wrapping.
  3. Roll the mattress out on the floor.
  4. Next, all you need to do is gently pierce the bag with a pair of scissors, then watch your Yogabed come to life.
  5. Just be careful not to cut the mattress when you piece the bag.
  6. After you pierce the bag, you can actually hear the mattress inflating.
  7. As the mattress inflates, you can tear the last plastic cover off the mattress, or as I like to say, “Hulk Hogan it”.
  8. That’s it.

The mattress was fully inflated in less than a minute.

Is The Yogabed Comfortable?

After laying down on the Yogabed mattress for the first time, my first thought was, “oh, that’s comfy.”

It’s soft, but also has a nice firmness.

In other words, it’s not hard, but it’s not squishy.

It smells good too.

Jessica and Bruno then joined me on the mattress for a little nap, as well as the following yoga poses:

Just to be clear, the Yogabed is a legitimate mattress, not an air mattress.

As we prepared for the move, we sold all of our bedroom furniture.

Therefore, for the past two weeks we’ve been sleeping on an air mattress.

It is safe to say we were happy to say goodbye to the air mattress, an excited to be back in business with our new Yogabed.

I don’t know what the mattress re-inflating technology is called, or how it works, but the process of getting a new mattress delivered and set up in your condo or house was so simple.

All you need to do is make a couple snips into the plastic cover, then the mattress does the rest of the work all by itself.

We like it, so it’s a keeper.

Health Benefits Of Living On The 4th Floor Of A High-Rise Building

Our condo is on the fourth floor in a high-rise building in downtown San Diego.

I was thinking it would be great to live up in the penthouse, however there is one benefit to living on the mid-level floors.

When we leave, we can walk down the stairs for exercise, rather than taking the elevator.

Then when we get back home, we can walk back up the stairs, since we’re not too high up.

We wouldn’t want to walk 20 floors every day, however 4 flights is definitely do able.

Welcome To The Streets Of Downtown San Diego

It’s time to go shopping for towels.

As we were walking the streets of downtown San Diego, I had a feeling of excitement for living in our new neighborhood.

Jessica and I talked about doing a Live Lean meet up here.

We can meet new people, make new friends, and hopefully I can find new lifting partner.

If you are from San Diego, or somewhere close in Southern California, hopefully you will show up.

Let us know in the comment section below, then we will schedule a date and location for a “kick your booty” workout.

While we were shopping, we noticed the store had the following unique flavors of potato chips:

  • Kettle Moscow Mule Potato Chips
  • Kettle Dill Pickle Potato Chips
  • Kettle Maple Bacon Potato Chips

As a Canadian, I love dill pickle potato chips.

Dill pickle potato chips are by far, my favorite flavor of potato chips.

If you are American, and have never tried them, you don’t know what you are missing.

The Maple Bacon potato chips were also another shout out to Canada, because as you all know, everything in Canada is made with maple syrup.

Grocery Shopping At Costco

It’s time for a family trip to Costco.

Since we just moved, we need to restock our fridge and cabinets.

Therefore, you are about to get a look at us starting from ground zero, to filling our Live Lean kitchen with food.

Let’s go.

Once we got in the car, I realized we now need to learn all of the new radio stations in San Diego.

If you live in San Diego, let us know the best radio stations in the comments below.

Once we arrived at our new Costco, I noticed it looks exactly the same as our Costco in LA, however way less busy.

Fortunately, Kyla was sleeping in the BabyBjorn.

Costco Grocery Haul To Restock Our New Condo

Healthy Costco Grocery Shopping Haul To Build Muscle And Burn Fat

Check out the full post here: Healthy Costco Grocery Shopping Haul To Build Muscle And Burn Fat

Once we got home, we use a luggage cart to roll all our food from the garage up to our condo.

That’s our Costco grocery haul to restock the kitchen, fridge, and cabinets in our new condo in San Diego.

Hopefully your grocery hauls are looking just like this.

That’s how you Live Lean.


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