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20 Minute HIIT Cardio Home Stairs Workout For Fat Loss

No Equipment HIIT Cardio From Home

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, I’m sharing a 20 minute HIIT cardio home stairs workout for fat loss.

No equipment required.

Most people mistakenly think cardio needs to be done on cardio machines.

Sure, when you do HIIT cardio correctly, you can get an awesome workout on the cardio machines.

However, here at Live Lean TV, we also share workout tips and workouts that you can also do in your home.

You’ve heard me say before that I love jump rope cardio over most traditional forms of cardio.

Well, stairs workouts are also one of my favorite forms of HIIT cardio.

Fat Burning Home Stairs Workout For Beginners

How to complete a HIIT cardio home stairs workout

If you’re looking for a quick, sweaty, and fat burning cardio workout, without any equipment, this home stairs workout is for you.

All you need is between 10-20 stairs in your house or your apartment building.

Even though my house only has 14 stairs, it still creates an awesome HIIT cardio workout.

home stairs workout

But even if you don’t have access to any stairs in your home, you can find a set of outside stairs, and get a little bit of vitamin D as well.

I hope you are ready to join me and get sweaty with another awesome Live Lean workout.

Why are so many athletes and celebrities burning fat quicker with stair workouts?

You may be wondering why are stairs workouts are so good for fat loss.

Besides being quick, stairs workouts are so effective because your body is forced to work against gravity, due to the incline of the stairs.

This extra resistance builds more muscle, and increases your heart rate, thus helping you burn fat faster.

Professional athletes like Tom Brady and Walter Payton, as well as Hollywood celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, are known for doing stairs workouts as part of their fitness routine.

If stairs workouts are helping Tom Brady and Jennifer Lopez achieve their fitness goals, they should be good for you too.

So are you ready for this 20 minute HIIT cardio home stairs workout for fat loss?

It’s time to feel the burn.

Make sure you make every round count.

Lets go.

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20 minute HIIT cardio home stairs workout for fat loss

Here’s how this 20 minute HIIT cardio home stairs workout for fat loss is structured:

Total time:

This home stairs workout only takes 20 minutes.

Type of workout:

HIIT cardio.

HIIT simply stands for high intensity interval training.

Number of rounds:

Complete 5 rounds.

  • Rounds 1-2 are the warm up.
  • Rounds 3-5 are the working sets.


Take a 2 minute rest between each round, including the warm up rounds.

Round #1: Stairs Walk

Stairs Walk

Walk a total of 20 flights of stairs.

Walking up the stairs, then back down the stairs equals 1 flight of stairs.

My house has 14 total stairs.

You can complete single steps or double steps, whatever you feel more comfortable with.

After you walking up and down 20 flights of stairs, take a 2 minute rest.

Round #2 – Stairs Jog

Stairs Jog

During round #2, it’s time to step it up the intensity.

Jog up and down the stairs for a total of 10 flights of stairs.

Rest for 2 minutes before moving on to round #3.

Round #3-5: Stairs Run

Stairs Run

During these 3 working sets, it’s an all out run up and down the stairs.

Run up and down the stairs for a total of 10 flights per round.

You can complete single steps, double steps, or even 3 steps at a time.

After you run 10 flights of stairs, take a 2 minute rest, then repeat for round #4 and round #5.

You just finished a 20 minute home stairs workout

You just completed 5 rounds for a total of 60 flights of stairs.

In my house, that would be equal: 60 flights x 14 stair/flight = 840 stairs

This home stairs workout should only take you approximately 20 minutes to complete.

You’re going to really feel the burn in your quads and calf muscles.

So make sure you drink a lot of water because you’re going to need it.

This home stairs workout is just another example of how to Live Lean, by taking your body out of its comfort zone.

Train like an athlete and you will get the results that you’ve always wanted.

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We’ll be back in the kitchen tomorrow with another episode of Food Wars.

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10 responses to “20 Minute HIIT Cardio Home Stairs Workout For Fat Loss

  1. Awesome workout! Wasn’t sure if i was going to finish..but i did, and i feel great..thanks 😀 one question though, how often do you recomend i do it..daily, five days a week? Thanx in advance for your reply.

  2. Thanks for the workout! How would you suggest adapting this to a longer staircase that has more steps than a regular flight of stairs, where it wouldn’t be realistic to run it 5 times? Is there a certain number of steps you’d recommend getting in in each round?

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