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Triumph ISO 3 Review: #SauconyMarlPack

Saucony Triumph ISO 3 Review

Sneaker Review: Triumph ISO 3

Back in September we moved from the beaches in Los Angeles, to the downtown city live of San Diego.

Now I love the beaches, but deep down I’m a city guy.

I love the energy, the noises, the hustle and bustle, but most of all, I love being able to walk/run anywhere I need to go.

Seriously, owning a car is so 2004.

Since I easily hit the 10,000 steps goal a day, it’s super important that I have a high quality sneaker to get me from point A to point B.

So although I tend to use a cross training style sneaker for my resistance training workouts, I love wearing a high quality running shoe for my sprint workouts, my stair workouts, and of course, my long walks with my 4 month old daughter Kyla, and dog Bruno, although he didn’t make it on this daddy/daughter bonding walk.

10,000 Steps A Day

Saucony Triumph ISO 3 Review

Functional and Stylish: Saucony Marl Pack: Triumph ISO 3

To be honest, the problem I have with most running sneakers is the style.

Lets be real, I’m a fitness junkie, I spend more time in workout clothes and sneakers than jeans and dress shoes.

With that said, I want to not only wear a sneaker that functions properly, but it also needs to look cool.

So when I saw these Saucony Marl Pack Triumph ISO 3’s I was instantly sold.

Saucony Triumph ISO

In my experience, Saucony has always been an elite running sneaker.

Amazing cushion and support.

I’ve never owned a pair of Saucony’s where the comfort wasn’t top notch.


I’ve also never been a huge fan of the Saucony style.

Until now.

Saucony Marl Pack Triumph ISO 3

The new Marl Pack style Saucony’s are super sleek looking with the black and grey palette.

The “Marl” is knit cotton fabric material that provides the cool grey texture on the sneakers.

Of course you can wear them with running shorts, and tights…

But they also look great with other street wear.

Bottom Line

If you’re a runner and/or move around a lot like me, get yourself not only a high quality pair of running sneakers…

But make sure you look dope in them as well.

Here’s a link to the Saucony Triumph ISO 3’s if you want to rock the same kicks as me.


Saucony Triumph ISO


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Saucony. The opinions and text are all mine.

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