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4 Fat Melting Cardio Workouts You Should Try

The fastest (& funnest) way to melt your body fat! 🙂

This kind of cardio only takes MINUTES a day and helps you melt off stubborn fat.

4 Fat Melting Cardio Workouts You Should Try

Do you hate boring cardio??
Me too! – that’s why I don’t do it.

Instead I choose to do short, fun, intense and effective cardio workouts like the ones in my Women’s Program Live Lean Formula for Women.

I want you to try this out and tell me it’s not more fun than a slow and steady 60 minute ride on the elliptical.

I’m so over slow and boring cardio. Back when I was doing it I wasn’t even seeing results.

Now I use these “cardio” workouts at the end of my strength training sessions, or on day’s in between weight training and not only am I having more fun, the results are also 10x better!

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV for Women I’m sharing 4 different creative, short, fun & effective cardio workouts that you can do with only 1 dumbbell or 1 set of dumbbells and your bodyweight.

Here’s the first workout:
You’ll alternate between mountain climbers and Db Swings. You can also use a Kettlebell if you have access to one. Start with 15 reps of each and continue in a descending rep scheme for 5 sets, finishing with 11 reps of each.
Mountain Climber + Db Swings Combo
5 Sets, Descending Reps
1st set = 15 reps of each
2nd set = 14 reps of each
3rd set = 13 reps of each
4th set = 12 reps of each
5th set = 11 reps of each

Here’s the 2nd Workout:
Do 4 sets of Renegade Row Hand Walk Out Burpees. Follow a descending rep scheme of 10, 8, 6, and 4
Renegade Row, Hand Walk Out Burpees
4 sets, Descending reps
1st set = 10 reps
2nd set = 8 reps
3rd set = 6 reps
4th set = 4 reps

Here’s the 3rd Workout:
Do a clean & press for 5 reps on your right side, then bound to the other side of the room, about 4-5 jumps and complete clean and press on the other side. Continue this counting completion on both sides as 1 round. Do 5 rounds, which means you’ll bound back and forth 10 times.
If the bounding is too much for your knees, you can choose the modified variation I showed, by doing a step & squat instead.
Single Arm Clean & Press + Bounding
5 Rounds, 5 reps per side, Alt Sides
1st round = 5 reps rt, bound, 5 reps left
2nd round = 5 reps rt, bound, 5 reps left
3rd round = 5 reps rt, bound, 5 reps left
4th round = 5 reps rt, bound, 5 reps left
5th round = 5 reps rt, bound, 5 reps left

Here’s the 4th Workout:
Alternate between Squat kickbacks and plyometric walking lunges.
Do 4 squats with kickbacks, then set the db down and do 4 reps out and 4 reps back of plyometric jump forward moving lunges.
If you don’t feel comfortable with the jump you can sub walking lunges instead.
Goblet Squat Kickbacks + Plyo Walking Lunges
5 Rounds, 4 & 4
1st round = 4 kickbacks, 4 lunges out & 4 back
2nd round = 4 kickbacks, 4 lunges out & 4 back
3rd round = 4 kickbacks, 4 lunges out & 4 back
4th round = 4 kickbacks, 4 lunges out & 4 back
5th round = 4 kickbacks, 4 lunges out & 4 back

Choose your favorite one or try them all!

I do short cardio training like this several days a week to maintain my shape.
You can do them every day to see fast fat-loss / transformation results.

I hope you enjoy these workouts and to find more like this, as well as a complete program showing you how I strength train to create a lean and toned fitness model physique check out my program

Thanks for your comments, & KEEP! Living Lean!

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