The Exercise That Supersizes Your Triceps #LLTV


The Best Exercise To Build Strong Triceps Is…

What’s up Live Lean Nation, on today’s episode of Live Lean TV, I’m going to show you the #1 exercise to supersize your triceps as well as some beginner modifications so anyone can do it.

But before telling you the tricep exercise, I’m willing to bet a lot of you probably think some form of cable press down is the best. Well, yes that is one way to train your triceps, but in my opinion…

The #1 exercise to supersize your triceps are…

Parallel bar dips. Here are a few coaching cues to properly do them as well as some beginner modifications. Watch the video above for visual demonstrations.

#1. Grab the bars with your hands and hold up your body at arm’s length over top of the handles. If your parallel bars are v-shaped, use a grip that is as narrow as possible.

#2. Slowly lower your body. The lowering portion of the lift is where the maximum muscle growth occurs. And remember, the tricep is fully stretched when the bicep touches your forearm. If going this low causes shoulder pain, stop and decrease the range of motion so you stay within your flexibility zone.

parallel bar dips

#3. Once you hit the bottom of the movement, initiate the press from your triceps so you feel that muscle working, and extend the elbows to almost lock them out, but not to a full lockout. You want to keep maximum tension on the tricep so only go to about 99% lockout.

Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 11.46.48 AM

#4. Try to stay as upright as possible to maintain maximum tension on the triceps and not the chest. When you lean forward, the tension transfers to the chest. Also try to keep the elbows in close to the body and not flared out.

How much weight should I lift?

Bodyweight dips under strict control is sufficient load for most people. But once this gets too easy, you can add more resistance by adding a plate to a dip belt or simply holding a dumbbell between your legs.

Beginner Modifications For Tricep Parallel Dips

If you’re a beginner and can’t lift up your own bodyweight, try jumping up to the top portion of the lift and then slowly control the eccentric or lowering of the lift. Slowly lower yourself for 4 seconds or more. Then jump back up and complete your reps this way. Once again, the lowering of your body is where the most gains are made.

And don’t think you’ll look ridiculous. You look badass and on a mission. Trust me. ERRRR…

Once you build up the strength, you can start adding in the lifting portion of the lift called the concentric. It’ll take a little while, but this is how to build up your strength gains.

Hopefully you enjoyed this style of video. Since I see so many people wasting their time doing the wrong types of exercises, I really want to highlight the exercises that will give your want more gains in way less time.

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– Do you follow the beginner or more advanced parallel bar dip modifications ?


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  1. Hi brad you make great videos and i learned alot from you. Do you think for
    a 13year old to lift weights? Also i play lots of soccer but.i want to have
    big quads and calves what excersise can i do without weights. Brad your
    great at making videos keep up with the great work. 🙂

  2. Hey, Brad !
    I’m killing the Afterburn program(on 9th week exactly). And the rusults are
    huge – i become leaner, and program damn works!!
    Which program do you recommend to follow after i’ll finish afterburn?

  3. Try doing the dip then on the way up straight leg raise, then lower then
    dip again, kills yr triceps and abs !! boooyaaaaa

  4. i feel it best with dumbbell tricep extension & the way you hold the
    dumbbell makes a difference, play with it

  5. I didn’t pause it but I was thinking close grip barbell press! I never used
    to train arms! I mostly train for explosive power big compound movements
    but I’ve started training my triceps once a week to help me out with my
    pressing exercises and biceps to look good obviously what else r they for ;

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  7. Should have added what you consider to be the best at home workout for
    triceps for those of us who either don’t have access to a gym, or who just
    don’t like the gym environment.

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