The Must Do Exercise To Build A Stronger Core


Top 13 Plank Progressions

Live Lean Nation, on today’s episode I’m showing you the exercise you must do as well as exercise progressions to build a stronger core.

Now you may be going into the gym and hitting your abs with a lot of crunches and sit ups, which can be good to a point, but also you have to remember what one of the main functions of the core is to stabilize your truck, so it’s also important to train to keep your transverse abdominis strong.

So today, I want to show you how to properly perform the plank, as well as 13 of the top plank progressions for when you need to increase the intensity of the exercise.

Once you can perform the traditional forearm plank, with proper form, for over 2 minutes, I prefer to add in these 13 plank progressions rather than just extending the duration of the forearm plank.

Top 13 Plank Progressions:

1. Swiss Ball Stir The Pot
2. Swiss Ball Knee Drive
3. Swiss Ball Body Saw
4. Walk The Plank and Rotate
5. Body Saw
6. Side Plank Dips
7. Twisting Plank
8. T-Plank
9. Side Plank With Rotation
10. Plank With Diagonal Arm Lift
11. Single Leg Plank
12. Side Plank
13. Reverse Plank With 2 Sec Leg Lift

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