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4 Minute Tabata HIIT Workout No Equipment For Fat Loss

Return of the Jack – 4 Minute Tabata HIIT Workout

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, I’m sharing this 4 minute tabata HIIT workout no equipment for fat loss routine.

Yes, you are only 4 minutes away from burning fat all day.

On this edition of tabata workouts, we’re doing my Return of the Jack workout.

4 Minute Tabata HIIT Workout No Equipment For Fat Loss (FAT BURNING)

This workout was inspired by the 90’s club banger hit, “Return of the Mack” by Mark Morrison.

This would have been the background music during the filming of this tabata workout, but my friends at YouTube frown upon copyright infringement.

Go figure!

All you need for this 4 minute HIIT workout is your body and interval timer.

If you haven’t picked up your interval timer yet, you’re missing out on these efficient fat burning workouts.

Here’s a link to get your tabata workout interval timer.

If this tabata workout doesn’t wake you up in the morning or give you a good sweat as a workout finisher, see your doctor!

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4 Minute Tabata Workout With Burpees

Here’s how the Return of the Jack tabata HIIT workout routine is structured:

Total time:

4 minutes.

Type of workout:

Tabata workout:

  • 20 seconds of high intensity work (as many reps as possible with good form)
  • 10 seconds rest

The key is to give maximum effort during the 20 second high intensity interval.

After the 20 second high intensity interval, take a 10 second rest, then complete another 20 second high intensity interval, etc.

So if you’re with me, there’s only one thing left to do, lets get sweaty.

Hit the start button on your interval timer, then move directly into the first tabata exercise.

Number of circuits:

2 circuits.


Click the links below for a step-by-step exercise demonstration of each exercise.

A1. Mountain Climber

Reps: 20 seconds

Rest: 10 seconds


Coaching cues: get into a straight arm plank position, making sure you keep your core engaged and back flat as you drive your knees in. Focus on having quick feet to improve your foot speed. You’ll get a good core workout with this exercise. After completing this for 20 seconds, take your first 10 second break, then move on to seal jacks.

A2. Seal Jack

Reps: 20 seconds

Rest: 10 seconds

Seal Jack

Coaching cues: The seal jack is a little bit different than the jumping jack. Rather than having your hands going over your head, they come in front of the body. This will help improve your coordination. Start with your hands and feet together, then jump up and move your hands and feet away from each other. You should really feel your legs, shoulders, and chest working, as well as your heart should be pumping. Your heart will love you after this and the burn in the calves is real!

A3. Jumping Jack

Reps: 20 seconds

Rest: 10 seconds



Coaching cues: Remember the days when you were a kid full of energy? You’ve probably completed lots of jumping jacks as a kid in gym class. This is a great exercise to really get your heart rate going. Differing from the seal jack, this time your arms go over your head. You’re going to feel the burn in your calves during these 20 seconds. Lets go!

A4. Straight Arm Plank Jack (i.e. Floor Jacks)

Reps: 20 seconds

Rest: 10 seconds

Straight Arm Plank Jack

Coaching cues: For the last exercise, we’re getting back down on the floor to complete the straight arm plank jack. Get into the straight arm plank position, with your feet together. Then complete a quick hop to bring your feet out, the immediately hop your feet back in. Focus on quick feet while keeping your back flat and core contracted.

That’s the first round of this 4 minute tabata HIIT workout no equipment for fat loss routine

Rest 10 seconds, then complete exercises A1-A4 again.

Are you feeling the Return of the Jack workout?

We are getting sweaty and burning body fat.

You have one more round to go.

There you have it.

You just completed another 4 minute tabata workout.

Hopefully you’re feeling good after that Return of the Jack tabata HIIT workout.

To burn fat more efficiently, add this 4 minute tabata hiit workout into your morning routine or use it as a workout finisher at the end of your weight training program.

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  2. Love this work out Brad! I am your avid follower and you inspire me to keep going and never give up..Thank you so much!

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