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15 Minute Full Body Sandbag Workout Routine


12 Sandbag Exercises and My Ultimate Sandbag Review:

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, I’m sharing a 15 minute full body sandbag workout routine that will rock your core.

That’s right.

I have three words for you, Ultimate Sandbag training.

Yes, today we’re getting down with an Ultimate Sandbag workout.

Full Body Sandbag Workout Routine

Now if you’re subscribed to our Live Lean TV YouTube channel, you know I’m all about functional workouts, designed to increase strength, flexibility, and overall health.

I’m not big on the idea that “old school” bodybuilding isolation movements should dominate your workout routine.

Lets be honest, your body is meant to move as one unit, not as independent parts.

Although, I do incorporate isolation exercises in most of my workout programs, the main exercises are comprised of compound movements.

So when Josh Henkin, the founder of the Ultimate Sandbag Training, asked me to put my body through the test, I was more than willing to give it a try, and provide my thoughts.

To keep it real, I get approached by a lot of health and fitness companies to review their products.

A lot of times their products turn out to be gimmicky pieces of…you can finish that sentence.

However, I’ve heard many professional athletes, military, and everyday people adding sandbag style training to their workout routines, and getting great results.

Full Body Sandbag Workout Routine

So as you can tell from the above sandbag workout video, I was excited to put the Ultimate Sandbag to the test.

Since I have never tried a sandbag workout before, I’m excited because I’ve heard some incredible things about then, but I am a little bit nervous too.

But before I provide my Ultimate Sandbag review, let me first share the 12 exercises included in this full body sandbag workout routine.

So lets get sweaty.

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15 Minute Full body sandbag workout routine

I’m going to watch the included Sandbag Workout DVD on my TV, while I follow along to the workout.

Here’s how this full body sandbag workout routine is structured:

Total time:

15-30 minutes.

Type of workout:

Complete each exercise in circuit format.

Number of sets:

1 set of each exercise in circuit format.

If you’re more advanced, complete 2 circuits.


Follow the rep counts for each individual exercise as indicated below.


30 second rest between exercises.

If you’re completing 2 circuits, rest 2 minutes after the first circuit.


Click the links below for a step-by-step exercise demonstration of each exercise.

Note: in the exercise images below and the linked exercise video demonstrations, I’m using this sandbag from the Ultimate Body Press. 

A1. Sandbag Bear Hug Squat

Sets: 1

Reps: 10

Rest: 30 seconds


A2. Sandbag Clean And Press

Sets: 1

Reps: 8 reps

Rest: 30 seconds

sandbag clean and press

A3. Alternating Sandbag Forward Lunge

Sets: 1

Reps: 8 reps/leg

Rest: 30 seconds

alternating sandbag forward lunge

A4. Sandbag Bent Over Row

Sets: 1

Reps: 12 reps

Rest: 30 seconds

sandbag bent over row

A5. Standing Sandbag Bicep Curl

Sets: 1

Reps: 12 reps

Rest: 30 seconds

standing sandbag bicep curl

A6. Sandbag Front Squat

Sets: 1

Reps: 10 reps

Rest: 30 seconds

sandbag front squat

A7. Sandbag High Pull

Sets: 1

Reps: 8 reps

Rest: 30 seconds

sandbag high pull

A8. Alternating Sandbag Lateral Lunge

Sets: 1

Reps: 6 reps/leg

Rest: 30 seconds

alternating Sandbag Lateral Lunge

A9. Sandbag Single Leg Deadlift

Sets: 1

Reps: 6 reps/leg

Rest: 30 seconds

sandbag single leg deadlift

A10. Sandbag Around The World

Sets: 1

Reps: 5 reps/side

Rest: 30 seconds

sandbag around the world

A11. Standing Sandbag Overhead Tricep Extension

Sets: 1

Reps: 12 reps

Rest: 30 seconds

Standing Sandbag Overhead Tricep Extension

A12. Standing Sandbag Lumberjack Press

Sets: 1

Reps: 12 reps

Rest: 30 seconds

sandbag lumberjack press

Complete 1 circuit and you are done.

If you want to really challenge yourself, rest 2 minutes after the first circuit and repeat one more time for a total of 2 circuits.

These are just a few of the exercises available in the Ultimate Sandbag Workout DVD and Training Manual.

The workout manual, poster, and DVD includes 6 different full body sandbag workout routines.

Ultimate Sandbag Review

Here are the components included with the Ultimate Sandbag.

1. Ultimate Sandbag Training Manual:

This Ultimate Sandbag training manual gives more details on the benefits of sandbag training.

Full Body Sandbag Workout Routine

2. Ultimate Sandbag Workout DVD:

Here is the Ultimate Sandbag Workout DVD that is included with your Ultimate Sandbag purchase.

Full Body Sandbag Workout Routine

Ultimate Sandbag Workout Poster:

The Ultimate Sandbag workout poster includes 12 sandbag exercise demonstrations that you can try.

Full Body Sandbag Workout Routine

Ultimate Sandbag Outer Shell:

This is what the Ultimate Sandbag outer shell looks like.

Full Body Sandbag Workout Routine

Ultimate Sandbag Inner Bags:

These are the inner bags that you use to fill with sand.

Note: sand not included.

Simply go to a Home Building store and buy some sand.

Or for a lighter alternative, use rice.

Full Body Sandbag Workout Routine

Ultimate Sandbag Review Pros and Cons:

Ultimate Sandbag PRO:

I love these full body sandbag workouts, as they not only hit every muscle in your body, but they also target your often neglected stabilizer muscles.

Sandbag workouts also provide an incredible aerobic and anaerobic workout, all in one.

Plus, due to the instability cause by the shifting of the sand, your core gets an amazing contraction during every sandbag exercise.

And lets be real, who doesn’t need a stronger core!?!

Ultimate Sandbag CON:

The only con to the Ultimate Sandbag is that it’s a little bit of a pain in the butt adding the sand.

However, if you watch the included DVD first, it shows you a simple way to add the sand, by using a funnel and a scoop.

Genius, I know.

When I added the sand, I did it the man way, by dumping. Not smart.

So I’d consider this more of a CON on me.

Overall Ultimate Sandbag Review

What are my thoughts on the Ultimate Sandbag?

Should it be included in your weekly workouts?

Is it worth the price?

Can all fitness levels use it?


Who thought a bag of sand could give you that style of workout?

I give the Ultimate Sandbag 2 biceps up.

If you couldn’t tell from the sandbag workout video above, the sweat was just coming off
my body.

All that sweat from a 30-40 minutes sandbag circuit workout.

Plus, I only had one of the inner sandbags inside of the sandbag.

So if I wanted to make this full body sandbag workout routine even more challenging, I would simply add another bag of sand to the inside.

That’s the key with sandbag training

You can keep adding more sand to make the sandbag workout more difficult, or if the sand
is too heavy, you can add rice to the sandbag instead.

Since rice is a little bit lighter than sand, if you’re a beginner, fill up the inner sandbag with rice.

Then progress and work your way up to using two full bags of sand in the sandbag.

It’s called the Ultimate Sandbag, but it’s more like the ultimate butt kicker!

After completing this sandbag workout, my body was screaming, “what did you just put me through!?”.

Since I’m not used to these style of workouts, my body now needs to adapt, grow, and get stronger.

That’s the key if you’ve hit a plateau.

Change up your workout style to bust through your plateau.

Do different things, such as different sets, different reps, and ultimately different exercises, so your body never adapts to the same movements.

The Ultimate Sandbag’s tagline is “Feel The Difference.”

After completing this full body sandbag workout routine, you definitely do feel the difference.

I’m feeling it all through my core and the different stabilizer muscles throughout my body.

Overall, I feel like every single muscle in my body has been hit.

That’s the benefit you don’t always get, if you only lift barbells and dumbbells.

Since the sand inside of the bag is constantly shifting while you’re doing the movement, it requires you to incorporate all of your stabilizer muscles.

That’s the really cool thing that I like about sandbag training, especially since you don’t get that from traditional gym equipment.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love lifting barbells and dumbbells

Yes, I still love working out in the gym and lifting barbells and dumbbells.

But by throwing in a phase of sandbag workouts, along with TRX workouts, and CrossFit workouts, it keeps your workouts fresh.

There are many styles of training, you don’t have to fall in love with just one.

Keep incorporating different workout phases into your routines, to always keep your body wondering what is coming next.

On top of all of this, these full body sandbag workout routines are also a really good cardio workout as well.

I can get used to that.

Sandbag workouts are for women too

And since I usually have a lot of women watching Live Lean TV, I have to be clear.

Sandbag workouts are not just for men.

In fact, the Ultimate Sandbag workout poster and workout DVD, shows all females doing these sandbag workouts.

It’s funny because I was sweating so much after the sandbag workout, yet the girl I was following in the workout DVD, didn’t seem to break a sweat.

Am I that out of shape?

This is just the beginning of my Sandbag training journey.

I’m going to be incorporating more of these sandbag workouts into my weekly routine.

All right, I need to get back into the kitchen and get myself a post workout protein shake with carbohydrates to refuel my body after that sandbag workout.

If you enjoyed this full body sandbag workout routine, click the social media buttons to share it with your friends.

Leave a comment below on what you think of the Ultimate Sandbag, and if you have any questions about it.

Also subscribe to our Live Lean TV YouTube channel, as we plan on showing more Sandbag workout videos.

If you want to workout with me on future episodes, get your Ultimate Sandbag here!

I’ll be back again tomorrow, with another episode from our Food Wars series.

We’re going to be analyzing two different foods (Rice vs Quinoa) and you’ll learn which one should be in your kitchen and which one should be in the garbage.

Also be sure to check out my other workouts such as my 4 minute fat burning Tabata workouts.

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  1. I can see why he doesn’t include the sand… too much weight for shipping. I know a few who have built their own and used rice in them.

    Good review, Brad.

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