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Is Beer Healthy For You?

How to drink beer and NOT get fat

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, I’m taking you back to a post from 2012, when I was asked: is beer healthy for you?

This is a Throwback Thursday post from our #TBT Q&A series.

throwback thursday

These are questions from our #LLTV Q&A series, filmed for our Live Lean TV YouTube channel back in 2012.

This question came from a person who read in a health magazine, that beer was healthy for you.

So is beer healthy for you?

I’m about to share that answer, but before I do, be sure to read all the way to the end of this post.

That’s where I answer this question from a more holistic, and different perspective.

Here is today’s viewer question:

I saw alcoholic beverages in a workout magazine where it said beer was good for you?


Beer good for you, as fitness person?

Well you have to remember magazines are in the business of selling advertising.

The ad was probably promoting that “beer brand A” is probably healthier than “beer brand B”.

In other words, beer brand A was probably lower in calories and lower in carbs when compared to beer brand B.

So in most cases, this would make beer brand B a better alcohol choice if your goal was to lose weight.

Which Alcohol Is Good For Weight Loss?

That’s probably what the magazine was referring too.

Does this mean beer is healthy for you?


Should you drink beer every single day?


What Is The Healthiest Alcohol To Drink On A Diet?

But is beer alright to have it on occasion when you’re Living Lean?


Lowest calorie alcohol

However, if you’re looking for the healthiest form of alcohol, I did a Food Wars episode on what is the healthiest alcohol to drink on a diet.

What Is The Healthiest Alcohol To Drink On A Diet?

I tell you best type of alcohol to have on occasion, when Living Lean.

So with that said, here’s my answer from a more holistic approach.

My holistic answer on is beer healthy for you?

Ok, let me answer this question from a different perspective.

Again, when it comes to beer, or any type of alcohol, no, there are no health benefits to beer.

But from a socializing, mental, and relaxation standpoint of just letting go and enjoying life, there is just something about enjoying a cold beer.


Beer, or any alcohol, can be fit into a Live Lean lifestyle, when you do it in moderation.

But you must also do this

It’s important to also get your workouts in, and eat healthy, most of the time.

I still enjoy drinking a beer when I’m watching sports or socializing, and you guys can too.

But just don’t overdo it and drink a lot of it.

How Much Alcohol is Too Much for Living Lean?

I don’t.

Drinking beer is one of those things where you have to have balance in your life.

4 Best Tips To Stay Lean While Traveling

Jessica, my beautiful lady, also enjoys beer on occasion, so this doesn’t just apply to guys.

Don’t be too strict with yourself and box yourself in

That won’t make Living Lean sustainable for you.

When you’re Living Lean, it’s not about being 100% perfect, so you can balance a social life with health.

So hopefully you take something away from that.

Get your workouts in, train hard, eat healthy, and enjoy the occasional beer.

It’s all about sustainability

Living Lean is all about everything in moderation.

It must be sustainable, so you can maintain this for the rest of your life.

If you enjoy life without having another drink of beer, do that.

But if you enjoy an occasional beer in moderation, don’t worry about it.


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Today’s question of the day:

  • Do you drink beer?

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