14 Simple Food Swaps to get a Lean Belly #LLTV


Simple Food Swaps To Get Lean Faster

Live Lean Nation, on today’s episode of Live Lean TV I’m showing you 14 simple food swaps to get a lean belly.

But first, over on our 2nd daily vlog YouTube channel, BradGouthroTV, the cool kids call it BGTV, we show you how we eat every day.

One of the things our viewers love is seeing the higher quality food substitutions that we make.

Since it seems a lot of our Live Lean TV viewers are not yet subscribers of BGTV, by the way shame on you, go subscribe now.

So to keep you in the loop I’m going to share…

14 food swaps to get and maintain a lean belly

#1. Romaine Lettuce vs. Whole Wheat Wraps

Romaine makes a great wrap to hold food, it’s crunchy, it’s filled with nutrients, it won’t affect your blood sugar or fat storing insulin levels, and it’s so low calorie and filled with fiber, that I consider it a free food. So eat as many pieces as you want.

#2. Low calorie, natural condiments like Salsa/Mustard and spices vs. Sugary & Fattening Sauces

The mustard and salsa should contain no added sugar. If that is the case, enjoy my friend. It’s what I use as sauces and marinades to add flavor to all my meat. I also consider it a free food. So no need to measure. Also spices are key to living lean. It makes whole food taste great. Spice up your food with spices NOT sugary and fattening sauces like gravy, BBQ sauce, and ketchup.

#3. Sliced Hard Boiled Eggs vs. Crackers

I showed this one on BGTV a few episodes ago. Simply slice the hard boiled eggs into three slices, then add smoked salmon, asparagus, or avocado to the top with a sprinkle of sea salt and pepper. Better than any blood sugar spiking, hunger inducing cracker.

#4. Zucchini vs. Spaghetti

Such a simple switch. use a vegetti to make the zucchini into noodles or slice thinly with a peeler. Tastes great, full of nutrients, won’t spike your fat storing insulin, and is a free food, so eat as much as you like.

#5. Almond/Coconut Flour vs. Wheat Flour

Wheat flour contains gluten. Wheat flour also spikes the fat storing insulin hormone. Replace it in your baking with almond and coconut flour. Healthy sources of fat and delicious.

#6. Avocado vs. Mayonnaise

Avocado is the creamiest and most delicious and healthy spread and is full of monounsaturated hormone friendly fats to keep you full and healthy.

#7. Coconut Oil vs. Coffee Cream

Replace the dairy cream in your coffee with energizing fats from coconut oil. Delicious, filling, and helps keep you focused.

#8. Stevia vs. Sugar/Fake Sugars

Stevia is a natural sweetener that comes from a plant. It doesn’t spike insulin and is 0 calories. Always use this instead of fattening and addictive sugar and fake chemical filled artificial sweeteners.

#9. Olive oil/Vinegar/Spices vs. Store Bought Salad Dressings

Store bought salad dressings are filled with chemicals, sugar, and inflammation causing unhealthy fats. Keep it simple, go with homemade dressing made of heart healthy olive oil, and any vinegars and spices you like.

#10. Dark Chocolate vs. Milk Chocolate

Love chocolate? Stick with dark chocolate with a 70% cocao rating or higher. Filled with antioxidants while also fulfilling that sweet tooth. Much healthier than cheap and belly busting milk chocolate.

#11. Roasted Spiced Nuts vs. Potato Chips

Have a salty tooth? Add your favorite nuts to a baking sheet and bake for 10 mins. Top with any of your fav spices like sea salt, black pepper, cinnamon, etc and enjoy. Nuts are filling and contain a good amount of healthy fats. The exact opposite of hunger inducing and inflammation causing potato chips.

#12. Blended Frozen Bananas vs. Ice Cream

This one is a secret weapon. Simply freeze a couple bananas, add a few dark chocolate chips, and a shot of whey protein, and you have saved yourself from the gut busting disaster that is also known as ice cream. Trust me, banana ice cream is for real.

#13. Cauliflower Mash vs. Mashed Potatoes

If you haven’t yet tried cauliflower mash, you’re missing out. Tastes exactly like mashed potatoes, same consistency, minus the high amount calories and carbohydrates. It’s a free food so enjoy. Steam, blend, add salt and pepper…that simple.

And finally…

#14 Baked Sweet Potato Fries vs. Deep fried french fries

Stay away from the dealthy hydrogenated oils found in deep fried foods like french fries. Go with a real sweet potato, slice it up into fries, cover with coconut oil, season, and bake. Done.

Bottom line:

As a member of the Live Lean Nation, we DO NOT deprive ourselves of delicious and flavorful food. We just make better choices and choose higher quality foods to substitute.

So make sure you’re subscribed to our 2nd YouTube channel, BGTV, so you see how we make healthier food substitutions like this everyday. Our BGTV viewers love it!

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37 responses to “14 Simple Food Swaps to get a Lean Belly #LLTV

  1. does avocado fat make me fat? I googled and found that contains high
    calories.. also the sweet potato, it has high sugar.. people are saying
    they are good, I just don’t know how much I should eat them per day and not
    make me fat..

  2. Wonderful suggestions! I have a request: could you do a video showing how
    to make a few of your favorite salad dressings? I’m lost when it comes to
    these and I need step by step directions (I burn macaroni and cheese,
    cooking is not my strong suit! Lol) thanks!

  3. I’ve already made all these swaps over the last few months…mostly from
    watching you guys!! Great content on BOTH channels! I LOVE BGTV…go
    subscribe…right now…go!! 🙂

  4. I can’t stand cauliflower mash. But, cauliflower rice on the other hand is
    super yummy. Just grate raw cauliflower, add some salt and pepper and some
    coconut oil, microwave/steam/cook on a pan for 2 mins. Boom! Rice!

  5. Definitely making the switch over after watching this video!! It’ll also
    help me because I am a Type 1 Diabetic, so learning that a lot of these
    foods won’t spike my blood sugar is amazing, and will make it easier on
    myself too!!
    Thanks Brad! 🙂

  6. Hey Brad! I’ve been subscribed ever since I found your channel a few weeks
    ago. Can you recommend one of your workouts that help lose belly fat around
    the middle of your stomach?

  7. Who isn’t watching BGTV? It’s like free food, full of fibre and
    nutritions. We get all we want. Hehe. I don’t use or need Stevia, but I
    am doing the rest. Some of the ideas were from you guys and others I was
    doing already. This was a beauty. Thanks for the vid.

  8. I’m doing all 14 of them because I’m watching BGTV 🙂 I’ve learned so much
    from you guys. Thank you!

  9. Dope video as always. I have made a bunch of these switches in my diet
    thanks to you brother keep up the good work.

  10. I’m proud to say I have already made a majority of these swaps! Thanks for
    the tips! 🙂 Love you guys!

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