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5 Fat Burning Herbs And Spices To Lose Weight

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Make Your Food Taste Great And Burn More Fat Faster

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, I’m sharing 5 fat burning herbs and spices to lose weight and make your food taste great.

Over the years, I’ve shared numerous video posts about adding fat burning foods to your diet, and fat burning workouts to your lifestyle.

Today I want to touch on another ally in fat burning, herbs and spices.

Not only do herbs and spices make your food taste better, they can also set your body up to burn fat faster.

Herbs and spices are a game changer when it comes to Living Lean.

Before I share the 5 fat burning herbs and spices to lose weight, scroll down to the comment section below and guess which herbs and spices you think I’m going to list.

5 Fat Burning Herbs And Spices To Lose Weight

Here are the 5 herbs and spices that burn fat faster and make your food taste great.

#1. Cinnamon

Cinnamon is one of my favorite spices to add flavor, but did you also know it can help control blood sugar and maintain insulin sensitivity?

Both are important factors when it comes to keeping our body in fat burning mode, so we can burn stored fat for energy.

Here’s How To Use More Cinnamon In Your Diet:

Post-Workout Sweet Potatoes Recipe

I like adding cinnamon to my sweet potatoes recipe and smoothies, to add flavor, and help control the insulin response from eating carbohydrates.

#2. Red Pepper Flakes

Crushed red pepper flakes are made from hot cayenne peppers.

The compound that brings the heat to these peppers is called capsaicin.

Consuming thermogenic foods like this can help increase your metabolism and fat burning.

Here’s How To Use More Red Pepper Flakes In Your Diet:

How To Make An Egg Pizza At Home

I like adding red pepper flakes to my egg omelette pizza recipe, as well as my grilled chicken, and homemade salad dressings.

#3. Black Pepper

A substance called piperine is found in this staple spice.

It has been shown to block new fat cell formation, and when combined with red pepper flakes, it can help increase calorie burn.

Here’s How To Use More Black Pepper In Your Diet:

How To Make A Mashed Cauliflower Recipe

I like adding black pepper to everything, especially my mashed cauliflower potatoes recipe.

#4. Cumin

Cumin not only adds flavor, it also has been shown to help improve blood sugar management.

I call that a win, and another win.

Here’s How To Use More Cumin In Your Diet:

chicken fajita salad

I like adding cumin to my chicken fajita salad recipe, and ground beef when making tacos.

#5. Ginger

Studies have shown that ginger may actually help lower your appetite, in addition to having metabolism boosting properties.

Here’s How To Use More Ginger In Your Diet:

How To Make A Healthy Fall Off The Bone Ribs Recipe In The Oven

I like adding ginger to my healthy fall off the bone ribs recipe, stir fry, protein pancakes, and smoothies.

Bottom Line On The 5 Fat Burning Herbs And Spices To Lose Weight

Herbs and spices are not only good for your taste buds.

They’re also your best friend when it comes to helping manage your hormones and metabolism.

These are two critical factors when it comes to Living Lean.

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Today’s Question Of The Day:

  • Which fat burning herbs and spices do you think made the list?
  • Do you add these fat burning herbs and spices to your meals?

Be sure to share your answers in the comment section below.

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31 responses to “5 Fat Burning Herbs And Spices To Lose Weight

  1. All good recs (I wasn’t aware of the benefits of black pepper). I am also
    a huge fan of turmeric (great mixed in eggs and pretty much all meats).
    Trying to get more ginger in me too.

  2. I put cinnamon in almost all my “sweet” meals and cayenne pepper on all my
    “savory” meals. Great video brad!

  3. i bet u guys never tried the real cinnamon . cassia cinnamon is actually
    toxic to ur liver. real cinnamon is called CEYLON try it out , u can find
    it on iherb

  4. I use them all. I use red pepper flakes and hot sauce thanks to you Brad.
    They are a staple for me now. Curry is the other one I use a lot. Thanks
    for the ideas and the vid.

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