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1 Simple Nutrition Tip For Faster Fat Loss

Grocery haul challenge: nutrition tip for faster fat loss

On today’s Freestyle Friday episode of Live Lean TV, I’m answering the number one question I was asked during my visit to Bermuda, “What is a simple nutrition tip for faster fat loss?”.

So, it’s time to get back to fitness, nutrition, and my Transformation 1,000,000 Mission.

If you’re new to our family, we’re on a mission to help inspire you to live a healthy lifestyle, by eating better foods and moving your body more efficiently.

Regardless of which industry you work in, people want fast results, with as little work as possible.

Awaken The Abs WithinSo when I was asked, “what is a simple nutrition tip for faster fat loss”, I simply gave them a copy of my book, Awaken The Abs Within.

Then when I saw them the next day, they were lean and ripped, just like that!

* I’m obviously joking. *

But seriously, isn’t that always the million dollar question in the fitness industry?

Well the answer to this question is simple, but do you have what I takes to do it?

Actually, I know you have what it takes, but will you do it?

I promise, everyone can Live Lean

If your goal is to get faster fat loss results, it’s mainly comes down to your diet.

This is why 80% of the content in Awaken The Abs Within are nutrition tips.

I could talk about nutrition for 8 hours straight because it is that important to getting faster fat loss results.

But if I only had 3 minutes to talk about nutrition, I would focus on one of the most important topics, even though it’s just one of the many important pieces.

It is about the types of foods you’re eating.

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Try the grocery haul challenge

Here’s a little project to get your mind to where it needs to be.

Next time you go grocery shopping, do this when you carry the grocery bags into your kitchen:

  • Clear off the counter and place all the food on top.
  • Divide up the food based on how many ingredients each food contains.
  • Place all the one ingredient foods closest to you.
  • Move all the foods with less than five ingredients in the middle.
  • Then place all the foods with over five ingredients as far away from you as possible.

With all the food divided up, take a picture of it and tweet me the photo @BradGouthro.

I want to see how many of the foods you purchased have one ingredient.

That is the simple nutrition tip for faster fat loss

I want you to eat real, whole foods, with no added preservatives, no artificial sweeteners, and no chemicals and junk that food manufacturers add to their processed foods.

These refined foods are screwing up your hormones and are making your blood sugar levels bounce all over the place.

Focus on eating foods from the perimeter of the grocery store that contain one ingredient.

I did this grocery haul challenge myself and there was only one food item that had more than one ingredient.

Comment below and take a guess at what that food was.

You may or may not be surprised of the food, depending on if you follow me on Instagram @BradGouthro, or any of my other social media channels.

Anyway, getting back to the point.

Your homework is to take a picture of your groceries next time you come home.

Post it on Twitter and tag me @BradGouthro, and lets see how many of your foods are higher quality, one ingredient foods.

So that’s just one tip on nutrition, but it’s so important.

Focus on putting higher quality food in your body for faster fat loss results.

If you like this simple nutrition tip for faster fat loss, and want all the tips, steps, and secrets I personally used to transform my body and health, you can find them all in my my book, Awaken The Abs Within.

This book is pretty much my life’s work.

Everything is included in this book for you to live the lean lifestyle.

You can get the paperback version from my friends at Amazon.

1 Simple Nutrition Tip For Faster Fat Loss

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