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What’s Cheaper?: Meal Kit Delivery vs. Grocery Shopping

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Meal Delivery vs. Groceries

Live Lean Nation, on today’s episode I share a meal planning option, that is super simple, more affordable than you think (I’m actually going to break down the costs of this option versus what you’re probably doing), it’s going to make your healthy food taste delicious, and most importantly, this option saves you your number one asset, your time.

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Your number 1 issue that’s holding you back from Living Lean is consistently sticking to a healthy meal plan.

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OK, one of the meal plan hacks Jessica and I have been using, since Kyla was born in July 2016, is having healthy MEALS delivered to our front door.

Now before you shake your head and think meal delivery is super expensive, stay tuned because I take you into the grocery store and show the cost comparison of buying the individual ingredients versus having them delivered to your front door.
Or maybe you’ve tried pre-prepared meal prep services in the past and they taste disgusting.

Well, we use a healthy organic meal delivery company called Sun Basket, that delivers organic and non-GMO ingredients, along with step-by-step, simple paleo, vegetarian, gluten-free recipes for you or your family to make at home.

It’s super fun. Super delicious. Saves you from living at the grocery store, and actually quite affordable.

Lets breakdown the cost.

Sunbasket recently sent us a recipe and ingredients for grilled steak and peach salad with kale and ginger basil dressing.

Sounds fancy, but it’s super easy to make and tastes as good as it sounds.

But what about the price.

Well, let’s compare what it would cost for you to go to the grocery store and buy the individual ingredients.

Total cost of grocery shopping: $25.41 and 35 minutes of my time (and the grocery store is literally across the street from my condo).

Total cost of getting ingredients delivered to your front door: $11.49

Yes, that’s 55% less on your first delivery when you use this link:

Even without the discount link, the cost would only be $22.98. That’s $2.43 less than the grocery store, and it’s delivered right to your front door.

Now you may be saying, but some of those grocery ingredients were bought in higher quantities than what you get from Sunbasket and what the recipe actually calls for.

Correct, and actually it makes my point.

How many times do you prepare dinner using a recipe and only use a small portion of a few of the ingredients, then they go bad, and you throw them out?

It used to happen to me a lot. So that’s another benefit of having your meal kit delivered to you. They only send you what you need, which reduces waste, and saves you money.


Bottom line.

Healthy food can taste delicious when you follow recipes.

Healthy food can save you time and money when you have the ingredients and recipes delivered to your front door.

My friends at Sunbasket are hooking up the Live Lean Nation with 3 free meals on your first delivery. Go to for that special link.

And once you get your meals delivered, take a photo of them on your Instagram and tag us @LiveLeanTV.

Let us know, have you ever used a meal kit delivery service or a meal prep service? Interested in hearing your experience.

Nutrition doesn’t have to taste boring, consume all your time, or be super expensive.

I really hope this video provided you with another option to help you consistently stick to a meal plan.

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I love you guys and keep Living Lean.

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I love you guys and keep Living Lean.

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