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How Much Do We Spend On Groceries Per Month?

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2016 vs 2023: Our Grocery Budget Before And After Kids

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, we’re answering the following viewer question, how much do we spend on groceries per month?

Today’s viewer question is from #AskLiveLeanTV Ep. 019.

Here’s today’s viewer question:

@CiscoBalls on Twitter asks: What do you think you spend on groceries in a week?

How Much Do We Spend On Groceries Per Month?

Brad: If you ask Jessica, she would have no idea.

When she goes grocery shopping, she tends to add whatever looks good to the grocery cart, without looking at the price.

Fortunately, she is good in every other area of her life with financial restraint and not spending money on materialistic things.

However, when it comes to food, she just doesn’t look at prices.

Jess: That is so not true.

Well, it’s somewhat true, but it’s an exaggeration.

To me, healthy food is everything.

Brad: Food is life.

Jess: Therefore, I’m going to buy the exact fruits and vegetables that I want, rather than the ones that are the cheapest.

Brad: Yes, and I was going to preface this with, if you are going to spend a lot of money, and not look at prices in any area of your life, food is the way to do it.

Jess: Thank you.


Brad: Well, could you answer the question of how much do we spend on groceries per month?

Jess: Oh, our weekly grocery budget?

Well the thing is, we don’t go grocery shopping once every 7 days. 

Brad: LOL.

This reminds me of the Kevin Hart comedy bit where he says:

“The thing is, I got a checking and a savings, but all the money is in my savings. So I got a switch it to my checking. It’s going to take 3 business days.

Jess: Relax.

I’m going to say our weekly grocery budget is several hundred dollars per week, but I don’t know an exact amount.

Brad: Several hundred? There’s a very exact answer 😂.

Jess: Can you answer the question?

Do you even know?

Brad: Yes I know, because I’m the one who takes care of all of our finances.

Jess: Do you have an average number?

Only a monthly basis, we spend around $700-$800 a month on food.

Sometimes it can get higher, but it’s rarely ever lower.

Note: this was before kids in 2016, while living in California.

Jess: That means we spend, on average, approximately $200 per week on groceries.

Oh, I thought it was more than that.

2023 Update: with two kids, living in California, we now spend approximately $1700-$1800 per month on groceries.

Brad: We’ll go to Costco and spend $300, so it balances itself out.

Jess: Yeah, but the Costco haul lasts for at least 2 weeks.

Brad: Yes, that’s what I’m saying.

Jess: Ultimately, it’s hard to estimate because we don’t go grocery shopping on the same amount of days every month.

Brad: Here’s the thing.

A lot of people will look at that grocery budget and think that is so much money for food.

I can’t afford that much, so I’m just going to give up now, and not even start to try.

Jess: We didn’t always spend this much on food.

Brad: When I was making little to no money when I first got into the fitness business as an entrepreneur, I still ate high quality food. 

Jess: Did you just go into debt?

Brad: No, because I had savings.

However, I wasn’t willing to not spend money on healthy food, even when I wasn’t making a lot of money.

To me, this is a mindset thing.

If I’m going to eat Kraft Dinner, my life is going to be Kraft Dinner.

You know what I mean?

Jess: My life will be Kraft Dinner 😂.

Brad: If you are going to set the expectation for yourself, that you won’t be able to afford anything but Kraft Dinner, your life is Kraft Dinner.

A lot of people are more than willing to drop like several hundred or even several thousand dollars on a trip, a nice pair of shoes, and a fancy purse. 

If you don’t know what Kraft Dinner is, it’s boxed Mac and Cheese.

Jess: Yeah, I was going to say, can you translate that into American.

A lot of people are willing to drop several hundred, or even several thousand dollars on a trip, a nice pair of shoes, a fancy purse.

Just think about the things you are willing to spend your money on.

For us we invest in our food, because we understand that food equals the results we want.

I don’t have fancy Gucci shoes in my closet because they don’t matter to me.

What matters to me is what goes into my body. 

Brad: We see a lot of people on YouTube and Instagram who are so “showy”.

They show the Lamborghinis and expensive cars they drive and the expensive clothes, watches, and jewelry they’re wearing.

We don’t do that.

To me, I want to put my money into stuff that’s actually creating something positive in my life.

That’s food.

Jess: Food also creates the way you feel, which is of the utmost importance to us.

We want to feel good, rather than feeling like crap every day.

Brad: It’s all about priorities.

Priorities, priorities, and priorities. 


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