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The Mindset Of Losing Weight And Keeping It Off

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First Step To Reaching Your Goals: Power of Thought

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, I’m talking about thoughts and how to achieve the mindset of losing weight and keeping it off forever.

Yes, we’re about to get motivational up in here.

But before we get started, I want to make sure you keep an open mind, because I’m about to throw a little bit of motivational sauce at you.

Let’s talk about one of the most powerful tools that you have in your arsenal for successful weight loss.

I’m referring to the big thing between your ears, your thoughts.

You must first take control of the power of thought by working on the most important muscle in your head.

If you don’t take control of your thoughts, you will have a very hard time living your best life.

Exercise The Power Of Thought To Achieve Your Goals

Your thoughts are things, but not just ordinary things.

They can be the biggest bully in your life, like Nelson from the Simpsons.

Or your thoughts can be the best wingman ever, like I am to all my buddies (kidding … no I’m not … yes I am…).

The Mindset Of Losing Weight And Keeping It Off

Here’s The Perfect Winning Combination

  • Positive Thoughts
  • Purpose
  • Persistence
  • Burning Desire

When you combine these positive thoughts with a purpose, persistence, and a burning desire to lose weight, build muscle, or obtain whatever it is you want, you will turn that desire into a reality.

It really doesn’t matter if it’s your dream body, your dream job, or finding your dream significant other. 

Creating a Vision Board for your Fitness Goals

You can do it if you really desire it and you’re willing to do anything, and risk everything, to achieve it.

So just imagine for a second, what could you accomplish if you knew what your definite purpose was.

Then you worked towards that purpose every single day, until it became true.

If you did that, it’s going to come true nothing because nothing will be able to stop you.

Success Begins With A…

  • State of mind
  • Definite purpose
  • Action

We’ve become too used to the word “impossible”.

Everyone knows why things won’t work or why things just can’t be done.

Do not be that person.

I want you to write down the word “impossible” and tear it up.

Completely cut the word “impossible” right out of your mental dictionary.

The only time I ever want you seeing those letters side by side is when you say “I’m Possible.”

Because you really are.

Success Conscious vs. Failure Conscious

  • Success comes to people who have become success conscious. 
  • Failure comes to people who allow themselves to be failure conscious.

I see both the success and failure conscious people on my Facebook page.

However, with the failure conscious people it’s all about negativity.

They blame everything else for why things won’t work or why things are not currently working for them.

Do not be that person.

The goal of this video post is to help you change your mindset from failure consciousness to success consciousness.

I know you may be thinking, bu Brad, I’m 300 pounds, I don’t know where to start, and I don’t know what to do.

That statement is fine and may seem justified in the moment.

But Here’s My Response

Just think about it for a second.

Do you really think that you are the only person out there that has ever been in this situation?

And do you really believe that there’s never been another 300 pound person that has ever lost weight?

There are plenty of other Live Lean success stories, including people on my my Facebook page that have lost tons of weight.

Live Lean Transformation 1,000,000 Mission

The difference is those people took initiative, they had faith and the desire that it is possible. 

And most importantly, they took action by investing in a coach to help them reach that goal.

Don’t Be A Quitter

One of the most common causes of failure is the habit of quitting.

People just seem to quit when they face a temporary defeat.

In my entrepreneurial career I’ve faced so many failures. 

There were times where I wanted to quit what I’m doing right now and just go back to work at the advertising agency that I worked at.

But I just kept telling myself the following.

This is my destiny. Keep working at it. I know I can make this happen.

And to be honest, I’m pumped to say that this year has been my most successful ever, in all of my professional career.

So even if you think you’ve tried everything, have you even asked for help yet?

Did you invest in any expert advice?

Before Success Arrives, Failure Is Inevitable

Trust me, because this is true.

Before you reach success, temporary defeat and failure is inevitable.

And when temporary defeat does happen, of course the easy and “normal thing” to do is quit, which is what most people do. 

But it’s the successful people in life that always just keep going.

It reminds me of the saying that the greatest success is just one step past the point when you permanently give up.

I totally believe it.

Analyze why you’re failing, learn from the lesson, and keep moving forward, no matter how hard it may seem.

I am so grateful today, that I did not give up on my dream.

Once you understand this, you will succeed in anything.

Determination will always win.

You Are In Control

So what is your desire in life, in fitness, and in your relationships?

Figure out what it is and what you want out of life.

You are the master of your fate, the captain of your soul, and you are in control of your thoughts, whether their success minded or failure minded.

You also are in control of if you take action on those goals.

Your Thoughts Are A Magnet

Don’t forget, your thoughts are like magnets.

They are going to attract the positive or negative forces, circumstances, and people into your life that will bring you closer to or further from your goals.

Finally, I want to nail home this message.

There Is No Such Thing As Something For Nothing

Anything of value can not be had without a price.

But I promise you, the price you will pay in the form of sweat and discipline is far less than the value you’ll be getting in your life once you start Living Lean.

All your successes will begin with the first step.

This includes the first healthy meal, the first tough workout, and the first time passing up that delicious looking donut at the office.

If you want to lose fat and build muscle, first magnetize your mind with the intense desire that it will happen.


Then work on becoming success conscious by taking action every day towards accomplishing it.

I always have to remind people that you do not need to be perfect during your journey to Live Lean.

You just have to strive to be better today, then what you were yesterday.

Bottom Line: The Mindset Of Losing Weight And Keeping It Off

I know I just dropped a lot on you.

So re-read this a few times and make sure you send it to at least the 5 people you hang out with most. 

As the saying goes, you are the average of the 5 people you hang out with most.

If you do like this motivational style post and you want to see more of them, do me a favor by clicking the social media buttons to share it.

Lastly, in the comments section below, what is the most self limiting thought that keeps entering your mind.

Don’t be nervous to write something because we have a very supportive group of Live Leaners here.

I’m also going to add my personal self limiting thoughts in the comments section as well.

Keep being awesome Live Leaner, and I’ll see you at the next video post.

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44 responses to “The Mindset Of Losing Weight And Keeping It Off

  1. i hav lots of goals…. but the thing stopping me is that i am resisting
    myself to take the actions by finding excuses and reasons……… can u
    help me out???

  2. Hi Brad,

    Been watching all your videos for quite some time. I must say, you are doing an amazing job, i.e., really amazing job. (real source of inspiration) for many. Please keep up the good work. I wish you all the very best. And, i will for sure keep this motivation in your video with me. Thanks once again for sharing.

  3. Dear Brad,
    I am really positive and never ever once want to quit being fit. But the problem is, I just found out recently, I have binge eating disorder. I was terrified when I knew this. I’ve been trying to calm my mind, stay under control when it comes to eat and work out as much as I can, but it doesn’t help. Any advice, please!

  4. Awesome video I was already inspired this just put more fire in me. I’m a black belt in martial arts going for my second I feel like and do it and pass the test. I also work out 3 days a week I feel like now adding two more days.

  5. Impatience!! Want it now!! If that scale won’t move, I quit!! But so far, I’m on a roll. Ty for this video….you have to have a support system!!!

  6. hey brad ive been lifting very consistently for about 3 months and eating literally just like you and it seems like i get pretty lean towards the end of the week but right after my cheat meal i feel less lean, is it all mental? people tell me i look the same but i truly dont see it 🙁 p.s love your videos

  7. One of if not the major self-limiting belief is lack of belief in myself. I could have two solid weeks of clean eating and gym time, then something sets me off track and I know how hard I am on myself. My wife has to check me every time I do it. Blessed and thankful for her and your videos!!

  8. He knows and follows Dr. Esselstyn’s advice and that of Dr. Ornish; he has discussed this and acknowledged these clinician physicians on television programs, such as Leno, Letterman, and on PBS with Charlie Rose.

  9. Thank you, dear Brad. You always set the words into my feelings. I appreciate your generosity and support. A big hug.

  10. BTW, I forgot to mention that these researcher /physicians have great YouTube vids readily available. They are lengthy, but they also show the clinical evidence on which they base their conclusions about fats in the diet [Dr. Esselstyn is famous for yelling out to the an audience (as seen in the video, “No OIL!”) because he feels so stridently about any kinds of fats in the diet; he’d even quibble a bit with Dr. Ornish allowing the consumption of fish oil in his published diets.

  11. I’ve listened to many of your videos. You are terrific! What great work you do!
    I have only one concern, and that’s about your feelings about consumption of saturated fats. I’m referencing the work of Dr. Caldwell Essylsten, Dean Ornish, ‘The China Study’ by T. Colin Campbell, Dr. Fuhrman’s work. etc.
    I’d really like to know more in depth of you stand about the consumption of fats. I’m a chemist [MS] by background, so feel free to ‘let me have it’.
    Many thanks for your great work!

  12. You just nailed my problem,my thoughts. I have all the tools I need to get fit, except the biggest tool of all – MY MIND. I have to get my mind right. I know when i get fit, and healthy I will be able to handle stress better,sleep better, have better relationships with my family,and friends, have the courage, and confidence to go out and live the good life. Honestly, you and Tony Horton inspire me to no end. I would love to get in the fitness game, and help people out as you guys do. Having said that, seeing that you guys are so good at what you do, I always tell myself that I could never come close to doing it as good as you guys. So I think why would people want to look to me for help when they can have you two. I have to remember that we are all unique in our own way. And go after what we want. Anything is possible with the right mind set. Loved todays video! Keep ’em coming please.

  13. my biggest thing is where to start. with food and exercise regimens. it overwhelms my brain and i instantly quit. still ashamed to say/write that

  14. Believe every word this guy says, I came across Brad on Youtube randomly. Best thing anyone could do who wants to live lean. I have lost a ton of weight (220lbs to 180lbs). Brad is an awesome guy, I believe in 100% of what he has to say and I’ve never met the guy once. Brad, I can thank you enough. Truly.

  15. Oh my god. I neeeeded this SO much! I know all of this but really needed to be reminded of it. Thank you thank you! Favoriting this to watch again later.

  16. I love this! Thanks so much!
    The thought that gives me a spirit of defeat is…you’re too tired, you didn’t get much sleep!

  17. My self limiting thought revolves around not being worthy of the effort … accepting that I’m less than I should be. This comes from negative self esteem. Alongside Brad’s words I’d urge everyone to exercise greater self compassion. Its being a good friend to yourself. If your best bud wanted something real bad and you could see them giving up, you’d advise support encourage and refocus. Not criticise. Which is what I am now trying to do with myself. Half marathon here we come…

  18. One of my self-limiting beliefs has always been that I don’t have the “x-factor” to take my career to the next level. I’ve been using everything I spoke about in the video to change this belief. And as I mentioned in the video, this has been the most SUCCESSFUL year of my entire professional career and the future is SO BRIGHT! What are you self-limiting beliefs?

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