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Creating a Vision Board for your Fitness Goals

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Getting Clear on your Fitness Vision: Vision Board

One of the best ways to get clear, and stay focused on your fitness goals, is by creating a vision board.

That’s right, in order to Live Lean, you first have to get your mind right.

Mindset is everything

If you’re unsure of what mindset has to do with health and fitness, let me explain.

I usually talk a lot about the four aspects of getting you a dream body:

  • Weight training program
  • Cardio program
  • Diet and nutrition plan
  • Sleep and recovery

However, good luck staying consistent with any of these things, if you don’t first have a clear vision how you want to look and feel, and a compelling “why” it’s important to you.

I love the quote from Napoleon Hill that states:

Whatever the mind can conceive, and believe, it can achieve.

It’s very important to read that quote again and really let it sink in.

That quote has played such an enormous role in my life since I first read it back in 2007.

It’s helped me get clear on what I want and take action on my short-term goals to move me closer to my vision.

In fact, I wrote an entire book on this topic called, Think and Live Lean.

This book shared my journey my failures, my successes, and all the action steps I took to create the life I’m proud to live today.

So today I want to share one of those action steps to help you get clear on your fitness goals.

Creating a Vision Board for your Fitness Goals

(Here’s a video showing how we created our updated vision board in 2015)

Lets talk about vision boards (a.k.a. dream boards)

Now you’ve heard about dream boards where you put photos and quotes of things that you want to attract into your life.

For example, your dream house, car, friends and family.

This is great, but you should also have a vision board for your fitness goals.

Think about it, how do you know if you’ve achieved a goal if you really don’t know what you goal looks like?

So getting clear on those fitness goals is what this is all about.

Back in 2011, when I was still in the early stages of my fitness journey, so I created a vision board for my fitness goals.

In particular, I took images of other people’s physiques that inspired me.

Be smart with the photos you add to your vision board.

Remember these photos should inspire you, not bring you down.

If this is a concern for you, it’s best to:

  • Choose unedited photos, not photoshopped magazine covers
  • Choose people that naturally have the physique you want, no drugs or surgery

For example, for me, I really looked up to Greg Plitt and worked with Rob Riches early on in my training.

Both of these guys had physiques that I aspired to have, and they seemed achievable, without surgery or drugs.

These vision board photos should inspire you, NOT make you feel bad about yourself.

If the photos make you feel like you’ll never accomplish that physique, choose a more achievable example.

So ask yourself:

  • How do you want to feel when you look at yourself in the mirror?
  • How do you want to look?
  • Who’s physique is achievable and inspires you to stay focused on your fitness goals?

Also it’s helpful to post inspirational quotes and headlines that motivate you.

For example, “365” and “lifestyle” are very special words for me as it represents my mindset towards fitness.

Post your vision board where you’ll see it

Once I made the vision board, then I posted this vision board in different areas of my house to keep me focused on my goals.

For example, I’d keep it in my kitchen and in my gym bag, so if I felt lazy or wanted to binge on food, seeing these inspiring images would re-focus me on what was most important to me.

Having a vision board in places where you can see it will also make you ask yourself the million dollar question:

Will this action take me closer to, or further away from my vision?

Consider posting your vision board:

  • on the fridge door
  • in your gym bag
  • on your phone and/or computer screen saver

So you may have different goals, desires, and dreams of how you want to look and feel so find somebody that inspires you and post their photo on your vision board.

Keep your vision board close by so you can look at to keep yourself accountable.

Remember, a vision board should inspire you, not bring you down.

Be selective with the photos you choose.

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