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How To Stay Motivated To Eat Healthy And Workout

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Find Your Why To Make Health And Fitness A Daily Habit

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, I’m sharing how to stay motivated to eat healthy and workout 365 days a year.

Get ready to learn how to find your “WHY” and make health and fitness a daily habit.

I also discuss:

  • Tips for busy office workers to stay fit.
  • How to stay motivated with your workouts and nutrition.
  • The one thing viewers can do today, to take the first step to losing weight and Living Lean.

This is the third and final segment from my three video series interview.

If you missed it, here are the first two segments:

2 Of The Biggest Keys To Weight Loss


Q1. What’s a good tip for people who sit and work in offices all day?

It’s funny, because I also spend a lot of my time sitting down, since I run my business from my computer.

But the difference is, working out has now become a daily habit for me.

In other words, working out is just like brushing my teeth in the morning.

It’s something I do without having to think about it.

But, it wasn’t always this way. 

In the beginning, I had to make a conscious effort to make my workouts a priority.

So in the beginning, you have to do that too, no matter what. 

Even if you’re too busy to get in a 60 minute workout, get in 30 minute workout, and make every single one of those minutes count. 

Bust Your Butt!

This means no reading while you’re on the treadmill.

I want you sprinting for intervals, or completing full body weight lifting circuits, with short breaks.

You need to learn how to maximize your time and prioritize your schedule.

Eventually, by prioritizing your workouts, it will turn into a daily habit, that you’ll doing.

Especially since you’re going to love the results.

I also want you to re-arrange your finances and invest in a trainer or fitness coach, buy a workout program, or join a group to keep you accountable.

When you have skin in the game, i.e. money, you’re going to work harder.

How To Free Up Money To Invest In Your Health

To find that extra money:

  • skip those $5 latte at the coffee shop
  • stop buying those trashy magazines at the grocery store

You can find the money, if you make it a priority.

Q2. Maintaining motivation over a long period is key to long-term fitness. How do you get people to stay motivated over the long-term?

You need to identify “WHY” you’re doing it.

You will do anything in life, if it’s worth it, and you’re able to do it.

So first, figure out why you want to do it and why it’s worth it to you.

Really get deep and identify what you want and why you’re struggling to obtain it.


Then take the daily actions that are going to bring you closer to your goals.

Find Your Why

Establish why it’s worth it to you.

Note: just simply saying you want to be healthy is NOT enough.

Examples of better and more emotionally charged answers would be:

  • I want to be strong to play with my grandkids.
  • I want to feel sexy for my wife or husband.

This is called figuring out your why.

I go in to much more detail on how to find your why in my book, Think And Live Lean.

Once you discover it, write it down, create a vision for it, and then take action every day, by educating yourself on how to get there.

Creating a Vision Board for your Fitness Goals

If you don’t know anything about fitness or nutrition, such as how many calories you’re eating, hire a trainer.

This is your health we’re talking about.

Your body is the only real estate you’re ever going to own, that you can never replace.

Invest in yourself.

Q3. What’s the one thing listeners can do today, to take the first step to losing weight?

It’s not easy, but it’s really simple.

Eat real food and move your body more.

It’s that simple.

In fact, I just gave you everything you need for free.

So why do I still get paid if I just gave you everything for free?

Well, it’s not easy to stay motivated to eat healthy and workout consistently.

There Are So Many Obstacles That Get In People’s Way

So every time you hit a roadblock or faced with the temptation of that ice cream cone in the office, go back to your “WHY”.

Is that ice cream going to take you closer to your goals or further away from your goals.

Simply Amazing Paleo Protein Ice Cream Recipe

Act accordingly.

That right there is the compass to your goal.

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Question For You:

  • Think about it for a second. What is your why?
  • Why do you want to be healthy?

Be sure to share your answers in the comment section below.

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46 responses to “How To Stay Motivated To Eat Healthy And Workout

  1. My why is because I don’t want to die an early death, or worst keep living
    but have no quality of life. I firmly believe that eating a real food diet
    and intense exercise is one of the best ways to do this.

  2. My why….my husband and I are sick of talking about living lean and fit
    lifestyle, we are know going to get out and start living it! Holiday to
    bora bora in 11 months, I want to feel confident in that bikini I could
    never wear!

  3. Hi Brad I’ve been a subbie for a while now and I recently started a new
    program to not necessarily lose pounds, but inches. It will get rid of fat
    while keeping my muscle. Do you think consuming 90grams of protein a day is
    healthy? And are all carbs bad?

  4. For those asking about love handles, you lose them through HIGH INTENSITY
    training, and only that. Also preferably something that moves the hips,
    like running, skipping, cycling.

  5. congrats on the weight loss. It’s hard to say exactly what to do as I don’t know what your workout program is like. But typically to avoid plateaus try changing up your workouts … check out my Live Lean Afterburn workout for a real kick in the butt.

  6. Hello brad, good evening. I love your videos, I have lost 48 pounds in 4 months of healthy eating( no diet) and daily exercise. I have a question for you. I stopped losing weight, i am 5’11 and weigh 213 pounds, what can I do yto get rid of the love handles? Thanks s lot and keep up the good work

  7. I want to be married to my fiancee’ well into our 90’s and still be just as sexy! I also need to be a good role model for my kids and my future grandkids. Oh, and just for me..I want an entire lingerie closet for all my sexy clothes! And a pole..that would be fun too! And no, I’m not kidding..;)

  8. Awesome!!!!! You’re different than other fitness professionals because you took a risk and devoted so much time to putting a lean lifestyle attitude in the public’s eyes in a massive way.

    Keep it up. All of us wanna say we knew you when!!!

  9. Brad, great messages. I’m beginning my live lean life; I’m about two months in. I understand your career is going up uP UP. I’ve hired a personal trainer and a life coach. Can I make a suggestion that I think will help your video personality? I’ll make it either way… Watch how many time you use the word But. I consciously make an effort not to use the word though I do slip from time to time. It’s made an amazing difference in my personal and professional life. Thanks again for putting your knowledge out there for Us.

    1. I’ve never picked up on saying “but” too much… but (lol) thanks for the heads up. Always trying to improve so love getting this kind of feedback. Keep living lean my friend.

  10. @VikiOlah really depends on many factors but generally try to get atleast 1 gram of protein for every lbs of lean body mass (your bodyweight minus your body fat).

  11. Brad, I would love some advice and help from you! How many grams of protein a woman needs (such as myself), daily for weight-loss. I eat clean, and do intervals almost daily. I got a plan based protein powder, and eat chicken / fish. As I calculated, I need about 100 grams of protein, but I never hit that number ever. Do you know the approx number? I weight 153LBS right now. Thank you!!!

  12. I enjoy being able to work closer to my maximum ability (physically and mentally) whenever it is required. When things are toughest, and others are “dragging their feet”, I can step up (more) and shine.

  13. @JosephRodriguez i’m 40p 20c 40f but am thinking of testing out bumping up my fat even higher and lowering protein a bit.

  14. I’m with you Joseph – I had to bail on a 40/40/20 split myself and stick to a mostly Paleo plan myself. Very satisfied with the results.

  15. My why is simply this I’ve lost 152 lbs. and I will never again look the way I previously did. Good enough will never be enough for me.

  16. Living lean is all the motivation i need. I weigh 145lb and eat 3000+ calories per day to stay lean. 80 10 10.

  17. I stopped the keto diet and started the 40 40 20 diet and im becoming unhappy with my results, im gonna start the keto diet again but i think i was eating to less of fat, i was eating about 80-100 grams of fat a day

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