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8 Ways To Get Out Of A Workout Rut

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How To Turbocharge Your Workouts

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, I’m sharing 8 ways to get out of a workout rut.

Be honest with me, have your workouts been sucking lately?

If so, I’m going to show you how to turbocharge your workouts, so you can quickly get out of your workout slump.

But first, I get it.

Sometimes we can be full of motivation and love our workouts.

However, other times, our workout motivation drops to the floor.

Even though we still go to the gym, let’s be real, our workouts just suck.

8 Ways To Get Out Of A Workout Rut

Before I share the 8 ways to get out of a workout rut, scroll to the comment section below, and tell me how you turbocharge your workouts.

With that said, let’s jump into my 8 ways to get out of a workout rut. 

Tip #1. Follow A Workout Program

I say this all the time.

In my experience, the most important way to get out of a workout rut is to follow an actual workout program.

It’s just like having a financial savings plan.

You are way more likely to stay consistent, and get great results, when you have a workout program to follow, that includes:

  • a set workout schedule
  • exact exercises
  • specific reps counts
  • sets
  • rest periods
  • tempos

My Live Lean Afterburn 2.0 gym workout program provides you all of this and more.

Live Lean Afterburn 2.0

Or, if you workout at home, my no equipment, bodyweight Live Lean 15 follow along workout video program is getting people, just like you, incredible results.

Go take the Live Lean Body Quiz to find the best workout program for you, based on your goals, fitness level, and access to equipment.

Tip #2. Go Back To Your “WHY”

 Go back and re-discover your “why”.

How To Stay Motivated To Eat Healthy And Workout

Think about why you’re doing this.

I want you to zone in on your intentions of why you’re working out.

Ask yourself, “why is working out important to you?”.

But please just don’t take the easy way out and say, “I just want to be healthy”.

That is one weak answer.

I want you to get specific on what “healthy” means to you.

For example:

  • What does “healthy” look like?
  • How does “healthy” feel?
  • Does “healthy” mean attending your grandkid’s wedding and being the life of the party?
  • Does “healthy” mean being fully confident to walk down the beach in a swimsuit?

Your why needs to be a strong enough connection to get you off your butt when you’re feeling lazy.

Really think deeply about your why and get it engrained in your mind. 

Tip #3. Change Up Your Workout Style

If you are tired of traditional bodybuilding workouts, HIIT workouts, bodyweight workouts, CrossFit workouts, or dare I say, slow and steady LISS cardio workouts, switch to another workout style for your next phase of training.

Not only is this good for your motivation, it can also be good to break your body out of muscle building or fat loss plateaus.

How To Break Through Any Fat Loss Plateau 

But just don’t be a program hopper.

It’s important to finish your current program through to the end, for optimal results.

Tip #4. Buy New Workout Clothes And Sneakers

This one may apply more to the girls than the guys, but I’ll be honest.

When I buy new workout clothes, or even better, workout sneakers, my motivation to get to the gym goes up.

Live Lean Nation T-Shirt

Invest in your health.

Enjoy the new kicks.

Tip #5. Try Going To A New Gym

To get out of a workout rut, try going to another gym location.

For example, if you’re a member at a big box chain gym, try going to another location.

Seeing new faces, new equipment, and different gym layouts can actually bring a fresh new wave of motivation to your workouts.

Let’s keep it going. 

Tip #6. Workout At A Different Time In The Day

If you always train at 12:00pm, or if you’re always going to the gym at 8pm or 8am, get out of the monotony by switching up your workout times.

Go to the gym in the morning, go in the evening, or go after work.

Just switch up your workout times

Tip #7. Take A Week Off From Training

Although it’s highly unlikely your body is actually overtrained, just giving yourself a week of mental rest can give you the motivation you need to go back and kick your butt.

The Truth About Overtraining: Real Or Myth?

You may just need a mental rest. 

All right, let’s get to the last one.

Tip #8. Try A Pre-Workout Drink

Give your body a kick with a pre-workout drink within 30 minutes of your workout.

Best Pre Workout Drink Options

You can go more natural with an extra cup of coffee or you can try an occasional energy drink on those lagging days where you just can’t get your butt of the couch.

Those Are Your 8 Ways To Get Out Of A Workout Rut

Hopefully you can apply at least one of these to your workouts today. 

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Question Of The Day:

  • Which of these 8 ways to get out of a workout rut do you currently use?
  • Do you ever take pre-workout drinks?

Share your experiences in the comment section below.

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0 responses to “8 Ways To Get Out Of A Workout Rut

  1. hi brad im a 15 year old guy that is well built and athletic but i do have
    a bit of excess fat that i want to lose. would you recommend a pre work out
    drink/supplement or am i too young

  2. I like working out because every second I work out I trade the over weight
    180 pounds 13 year old for thr 130 pound 14 year old I am today

  3. Brad,

    I’m interested in purchasing one of your workout programs. But I need to be able to do them from home. I guess your new bodyweight dvd set would be safe to get. What other program can I do at home with dumbells? I have 5lbs – 40lbs, a step up bench, speed jump rope….let me know.
    Thank youuuuuu!!

  4. Hey Brad!! What are your favorite and most recommended compound moves?
    Congratulations to you and Jessica on your engagement!! Wishing all the
    best in your adventure :).

  5. Well I’m a beginner in this. I found really good t hiit or tabata
    everything, with a little clock called a gymboss. The real problem now is
    that I’m in pain I did my leg workout in tabata and my muscles are so
    contracted I can barely walk

  6. Hey brad I’ve been living lean for almost a year now and a week ago I was
    so depressed and I thought of leaving the whole thing but I didn’t I just
    decided to have it free for a week and I ate every sugery carby food I saw
    in front of me now I’m glad it’s over and I feel motivated but the problem
    is it’s like my fat cells broke it just stores everything I eat even
    healthy food like apples what can I do ?

  7. Please make a video about the workout plans people should follow for
    different aims. For example, what should I follow if my aim was to tone up
    my legs, or get rid of belly fat, or reduce fat & tone up at the same time,
    what to do to tone and reduce butt, etc etc. Pleaseeee!

  8. I have a set schedule and when I’m feeling lazy I look at pictures of David
    Duchovny from Californication–he’s 50 and ripped. It gets me inspired.

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