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4 Simple Ways to Look Stylish this Fall

Fall Fashion

Can you believe the summer is over? Damn.

Actually I take that back. For the first time in my life, I’m 100% cool with the summer being over.


Well it’s simple. This was my first summer living in Los Angeles since moving from Toronto. And if you’ve lived in or spent anytime in LA, the weather is paradise all year round.

The summers are not too hot, and the spring, fall, and winter are never too cold.

So as most people move their shorts and tank tops to the bottom drawer, I’m fortunate enough to keep them in my weekly rotation.

What does my closet look like?

Although my closet looks much different today than it did 5 years ago when I worked in corporate marketing, you may be surprised with what you find.

As a fitness professional, you probably think my wardrobe is comprised of 90% workout apparel with the odd pair of jeans and dress shirts.

Well that was true when I first moved here last year. In true minimalistic style, I actually arrived in my new city with just one suitcase filled with workout tanks, shorts, and kicks.

But as an entrepreneur, I actually spend more time in front of my computer running my media company than I do in the gym these days. And as much as I love wearing shorts and tanks, when it comes to business, there’s just something about wearing more stylish clothes. I just feel more ambitious and creative when I’m dressed to impress.

And lets be real, the clothes you wear do tell a story about the life you’re living.

Does this mean I classify myself as a “Style Guru”?

Hell no.

Although I think I have good taste when it comes to fashion, I also think I tend to stay in my comfort zone.

And since I’m not a style guru, I should be clear with you.

This article is NOT intended to tell you what to wear to look stylish this fall.

This article is intended to to tell you a few simple tips on how to accomplish a stylish fall look.

Keep reading to learn the difference.

How do you know if you’re staying in your fashion comfort zone?

Try this. Open your closet doors, stand back, and take a quick glance at your closet.

Are you lit up with all kinds of different colors or is everything the same dull color?

If you’re on the dull end (like I was), you’re in your comfort zone.

So this leads me to my first fall style tip:

Fall Style Tip #1. Step outside your comfort zone (but not too much)

Screen Shot 2015-09-19 at 7.05.02 PM

Of course it’s important to wear clothes that you truly feel comfortable in.

But like most things in life, I challenge you to step outside your style comfort zone just a little bit.

Since this was my first year in a new city (and country), I knew it was a perfect time to re-invent my style. But rather than doing it myself, like all good entrepreneurs do, I hired it out to an expert.

This leads me to my second fall style tip:

Fall Style Tip #2. Put your style on auto-pilot

Screen Shot 2015-09-19 at 6.48.58 PM


Yes, hire an online stylist (or personal stylist) that does all the work for you.

Now before you shake you head at me, hear me out.

You don’t have to be a rich baller to have a stylist.

In fact, there are many online companies that do this for you at a very modest price.

I use a company called Five Four. It’s a monthly subscription service that delivers clothes to your door step every month.

Simply fill out a quick style survey on their website, create your style profile, and then they’ll customize a monthly order based on your tastes.

Whether your style is fashion forward, classic, casual, or a mix, your personal stylist will make all the style decisions for you based on your profile and the season.

Sounds expensive right?


Could you afford $60 a month?

That’s all it costs. And here’s a link to get $30 off your first month. That’s how I do it and that’s how I recommend you do it.

But if you’re still not ready to hand over control of your style to the internet, take a look at my third fall style tip:

Fall Style Tip #3. Copy the mannequins

Yes, do what the mannequins do!


Even if you’re not a style guru, I’m sure you have a favorite clothing store. Here’s what you do.

Simply walk into your store, say hi to the salesperson, point to 1-4 mannequins on display, and give the sales person your size measurements.


Every clothing store has a style expert on staff. It’s their job to style the mannequins so you’ll buy outfits as opposed to one off pieces.

Trust their advice, buy the clothes, and get out of there.

But these first three tips don’t matter if you don’t follow my last fall style tip:

Fall Style Tip #4. Wear the clothes

Screen Shot 2015-09-19 at 6.45.54 PM

May sound obvious, but I know I’ve been at fault for having clothes in my closet that still have the price tag on.

If you’re not sure how to wear the new shirt or what to pair them with, here’s your tip.

If you’re using an online stylist, after you receive the clothes, go to their website, and look at how the models are wearing the clothes and what they’re matching them with.

Copy. Repeat. Done.

Bottom Line

If style is not your expertise, hire it out, and focus your time and efforts on your money maker (while looking awesome)!

Remember, we’re putting your style on auto-pilot.

It’s what I do, and I encourage you to join me.

Good luck and Tweet me @BradGouthro to let me know how it goes.

– Brad Gouthro

Brad is the host of Live Lean TV, creator of several best-selling workout and nutrition programs, and leader of the “Live Lean Nation”. He has been featured in several major publications and was named 1 of America’s Hottest Fitness Trainers. Go hang out with Brad at

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