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How To Properly Warm Up Before Weights

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Stop doing this right before you workout

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, I’m sharing my best tips on how to properly warm up before weights.

If you’re training for fat loss, you know I poo poo a lot on aerobic training.

Did I really just say poo poo?

And when I say aerobic training, also known as LISS cardio, I’m talking about slow and steady forms of cardio.

Pros And Cons Of LISS Cardio


All the latest research proves aerobic training is overrated for fat loss

The only time I may do a little bit of aerobic training is during my warm up.

But that is rare and only lasts for 5 minutes.

One of the best ways to properly warm up before weights is:

You are following a specialized workout program designed by a professional, right?

How to properly warm up before weights

If the first exercise in your program is a barbell back squat, warm up doing 2 lighter sets of barbell back squats.

How To Do A Barbell Back Squat | Exercise Video and Guide

Genius, I know.

Here’s what I want you to do.

If you plan on lifting 100 lbs during your 1st real work set, your first warm up set should be 60% of that weight, for 5 reps.

  • 60% of the weight of your first work set = 100 lbs x 60% = 60 lbs
  • 1st warm up set = lift 60 lbs for 5 reps

Then, based on this example, your second warm up set should be 90% of your 1st real work set, 100 lbs, for 5 reps.

  • 90% of the weight of your first work set = 100 lbs x 90% = 90 lbs
  • 2nd warm up set = lift 90 lbs for 5 reps

Once you’re finished those 2 lighter warm up sets, load up the bar with 100 lbs and get squatting.

This will count as your first working set.

1 thing people do wrong before starting a workout

One of the main things stopping so many people from achieving their fitness goals, as fast as possible, is this.

They don’t have a plan.

Please, please, please, if you’re investing all this time and money into gym memberships and working out, do it effectively.

One the biggest mistakes I constantly see people make is they forget to also invest in a proven workout program designed for their goals.

I don’t know, maybe a proven workout program like the dream team combo of:

Just sayin’.

You can also take our Live Lean Body Quiz to find the best program for you based on your gender, goals, fitness level, and access to equipment.

As always, I’m here to help Live Leaners.

Leave any of your questions in the comment section below, or on my Facebook Fan Page, and let’s Live Lean together.

See you at the next video blog.


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Question For You:

  • What workout program are you currently following, or do you just wing it in the gym?
  • What do you do for your warm ups?

Be sure to share your answers in the comment section below.

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44 responses to “How To Properly Warm Up Before Weights

  1. œ∑´®†¥¨ˆøπ“‘«åß∂ƒ©˙∆˚¬…æΩ≈ç√∫˜µ≤≥÷⁄€‹›fifl‡°·‚—±Œ„´‰ˇÁ¨ˆØ∏”’»ÅÍÎÏ˝ÓÔÒÚƸ˛Ç◊ı˜Â¯˘¿

  2. What do you think about Insanity workout program? Max interval training
    (3min intense pushing and 30sec break – 9 rounds in total) + (warmup and

    Btw I love your meal plans. Haven’t yet tried workouts, just found you some
    days ago.

  3. Yo brad I see u got a nice spice collection going, u like spices or is that shit just for show. Let me know

  4. Your name is Brad me too,, hehe, i was wondering what are your thoughts on HIIT training..?

  5. watched one vide, then went to watch another. I am not watching commercials for this krap


  6. You are so right about the aerobic stuff…. I’ve lost 78 pounds so far and NOT by doing slow exercises. I have been doing HIIT and weights from day one. I recently started TurboFire in February and I’ve already lost another 9 pounds and MANY inches… Slow aerobic training will not produce those results… Your videos are awesome, and really help give me great information I need to keep going with my weight loss goals. Thanks for being aweosme 🙂

  7. thanks! your a big part of that, you kicked my mind into really getting serious with your enthusiasm and motivating spirit! Truly a blessing! Im also a full time nursing student mom and wife and ive managed to still find the time to eat healthy and hit the gym 5 times a week! Your awesome keep doing your thang! and “dam you look good!” haahaha!

  8. your so funny!!! i love watching your videos! ive been watching them since February and Ive lost 20 lbs so far!!! thanks brad!!

  9. First of all Insanity is a very tough workout for a beginner so don’t be let down that you can’t make it all the way through…YET. You will progress if you keep working hard. Also i’m a big fan of meat and protein so I’m not sure why you’re shying away from it. Our caveman genetics which are still 99% the same, were developed on meat and plants.

  10. It’s these kinds of comments that make all the effort worthwhile. Thanks for the feedback Andrew.

  11. Hey Brad, I appreciate the info you keep sending our way in your videos. I’m just realizing that I’ve spent thousands of hours over the years thinking I was accomplishing something but was actually sort of wasting my time. Now I’m doing your body weight exercises and seeing real results. Lovin’ it. Thanks.

  12. Long endurance forms of aerobic cardio is what really jacks up the cortisol in the body. Interval training for 20 mins is your friend.

  13. dynamic stretching is fine (like leg swings/arm circles)…but try to warm up your body BEFORE doing any static stretches..

  14. what if you want to be a a great distance runner (ex: 5k, 10k), and still be good at shorter distance (800). can lifting/ body weight exercise help build & keep muscle even though you are running a lot of distance?

    1. Great question. If you want to be a great ENDURANCE athlete, the focus of your training should be on aerobic endurance. However, since 5-10K distances are fairly short, you can still build and maintain decent muscle tone. Basically look at the body types of olympic sprinters (focus on anaerobic training) and marathon runners (focus on aerobic training). Sprinters maintain a lot of lean muscle mass. Marathon runners maintain a more slender/skinny frame with less muscle (due to the catabolic nature (breaking down of muscle) caused by alot of aerobic training).

  15. I was told that by doing intensive cardio where my heart rate is above 148 will make me loose muscle mass instead of body fat :/

  16. i really like the way you explain things, you do it the best ive ever seen or heard, you do it great. you keep me engaged

  17. Great info, Brad! Remember this…don’t forget to be AWESOME! I love these videos. They are short, sweet, and I get a great workout! Take Care!!!!

    Much Love from the Ham Capitol of the World! Smithfield, VA! Oink!

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