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One Rep Max Calculator

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One Rep Max (1RM) Testing

Getting stronger is the goal of the LS42 workout system.

To build strength, we have to not only lift heavier, but we have to lift smarter (and safer).

To accomplish this, we have to calculate our one rep max (1RM).

What is a 1RM?

Your 1RM is simply the highest amount of weight you can lift, with proper form, for just 1 rep.

Why do we need to calculate our 1RM?

Once you calculate your 1RM, you can effectively select a weight based on strength calculations (not what you feel you can lift) for every exercise.

In most cases, people either select a weight that is to light to properly build strength, or they select a weight that is to heavy, thus lifting with poor form, overloading their joints, and causing more harm then good.

Using percentages is the most objective way to properly train for stength. It takes all the guess work away from selecting the correct weight and is the safest approach to optimizing strength building,

How do we calculate our 1RM?

There are a few different options to calculate your 1RM.

The easiest and safest was is to do a testing day in the gym using your 5RM (5 rep max) and then estimate your 1RM using formulas based on that 5RM.

How do we test our 1RM?

During your 1RM Testing day as scheduled in the LS42 workout calendar, select a weight you think you can lift for 5 reps for each of the Leg exercises (day 1), Chest/Back exercises (day 3), and Arms exercises (day 5) listed.

Complete as many reps with that weight as you can with proper form until you reach failure.

Open the editable LS42 workout log sheets on you smart device using Adobe Acrobat Reader (it’s a free download).

In the editable fields in workout log sheets, enter how many reps with proper form you completed, and the weight.

Move on to the next exercise in the list.

Complete only one set per exercise.

Calculating Your 1RM:

Open this page to use the following 1RM calculator.

  1. Input how much weight you lifted in the “Weight Lifted” field and input how many reps you completed with proper form in “Reps” field.
  2. Click the “Calculate” button to get your 1RM percentages.

Now we have an objective measure to properly select the correct weights to optimally build strength safely, during the upcoming LS42 workouts.

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