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6 Best Workout Tips To Get Stronger

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How To Get Strong And Build Superhero Strength Like Superman or Superwomen

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, I’m sharing my 6 best workout tips to get stronger and build superhero strength like Superman or Superwomen.

So you’re wondering how to get strong and really lean like your favorite superhero?


These 6 strength building workout tips will work for both men and women.

If you’re new, I’m Brad Gouthro, the host of Live Lean TV on YouTube, and the creator of the Live Lean Strength 42 day workout system.

Before we get to the 6 workout tips to get stronger, let me first clear up this misconception.

You Can Get Stronger Without Adding Fat

Let me explain.

In my Live Lean MASS 2.0 program, I’ve showed you how it is possible to add muscle, without adding fat.

Well, in my Live Lean Strength program, I also showed how you can get superhero strong, without adding fat.

It’s a common misconception that you need to have higher body fat percentages to be really strong.

The reason for this misconception is simple.

I blame it on the powerlifting shows on TV.

Most of these powerlifting shows only showcase the super heavyweight class competitors from the US.

Unlike a bodybuilder’s physique, the goal of these powerlifters is to get as strong as possible, regardless of what happens to their physique.

The Secrets To A Bodybuilder’s Physique

Therefore, professional powerlifters probably don’t pay as much attention to maintaining a healthy and lean diet.

However, with this said, a lot of European and Asian powerlifters tend to be much leaner than their American counterparts.

Plus, many powerlifters in the lighter weight classes are still rocking single digit body fat percentages, while moving a lot of weight.

In other words, they’re Living Lean.

So with that said…

Here Are The 6 Best Workout Tips To Get Stronger

Let’s talk about how to get Superman strong and lean.

#1. Lift Heavy: 85-100% 1RM

6 Best Workout Tips To Get Stronger

Use a weight that is 85-100% of the maximum weight of your 1RM.

1RM simply means your 1 rep max, or the most weight that you can only lift one time.

#2. Lower Reps: 1-5 Reps Per Set

6 Best Workout Tips To Get Stronger

Lift that heavy weight for 1-5 reps per set.

#3. Higher Sets: 5-12 Sets Per Exercises

6 Best Workout Tips To Get Stronger

Since the reps per set are lower, you need to be increasing the number of sets.

Aim for approximately 5-12 sets per exercise.

Focus on completing 1 to 3 exercises per workout, unless you are pairing opposite muscle groups together.

For example, you could increase the number of exercises to 4 per workout, when you pair the following opposite muscle groups together:

  • chest and back
  • biceps and triceps
  • quadriceps and hamstrings

I actually prefer this method since I find I get a lot more muscle activation from the working muscle immediately after training the opposite muscle group.

#4. More Rest Between Sets: 4-5 Minutes

6 Best Workout Tips To Get Stronger

Your rest intervals between sets should be about 4-5 minutes.

However, as I just mentioned, if you’re training opposite muscle groups, you can alternate opposing muscle group exercises, and just rest 2-3 minutes between each lift.

By doing it this way, each muscle will still be resting for a total of 4-5 minutes.

Here’s an example of how to do this.

To hit your triceps, complete your 3 rep max for the barbell close grip bench press.

Then you would rest for 2-3 minutes before hitting the opposing muscle group, which in this case is the biceps.

For the biceps, complete your 3 rep max for the alternating standing dumbbell curl.

Rest 2-3 minutes after that set, and then repeat this for the number of required sets.

Following this alternating muscle group training method will increase your workload per training session, and get you in and out of the gym much faster.

#5. Tempo: Lift 1-4 Seconds, Lower 3-5 Seconds, Pause 1-4 Seconds

6 Best Workout Tips To Get Stronger

The tempo is referred to as the amount of time it takes you to complete one rep of lifting and lowering the weight.

Focus on the following lifting tempo to get stronger:

  • 1-4 seconds to lift the weight
  • 3-5 seconds to lower the weight
  • 1-4 second pause at the top or bottom of the lift

Let’s move on to the final workout tip to get stronger.

#6. Set Time: Less Than 20 Seconds

6 Best Workout Tips To Get Stronger

Select a rep range, and tempo, so your total set does not take more than 20 seconds.

Here’s an example of how you can breakdown the numbers to figure out how many reps per set, and the tempo for each rep, to keep your sets under 20 seconds.

There is a little bit of math to do, but as you can see, it’s simple to figure it out.

  • Weight: 3 rep max weight
  • Reps: 3
    • 20 second set / 3 reps = 6.66 second tempo per rep
    • Based on 3 reps, the total tempo of each rep should be less than 7 seconds
  • Tempo:
    • Lift: 2 seconds
    • Lower: 3 seconds
    • Pause: 1 second
    • Total tempo of 6 seconds per rep
    • 6 seconds x 3 reps = 18 seconds per set

Bottom Line: 6 Best Workout Tips To Get Stronger

Now that you know how to get strong, go take these 6 strength building tips, apply it to your workout program, and go get Superman or Superwomen strong.

And for the ladies, I remember once hearing a wise and sexy lady say that, “Strong Is Sexy”.

So true.

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21 responses to “6 Best Workout Tips To Get Stronger

  1. Brad – I’m bought the live lean mass building program today and I’m really looking forward to getting started on it. I’ve been seeing great progress on my current 5×5 program, and making consistent gains. I like to switch my workouts up ever 8-12 weeks though; and now that I’m 7 weeks in, I’ll be looking for my next program soon!

  2. Slow, and steady eccentric contraction. Following a 4-0-1-0 has amazed me on the strength gains. Now I am going to a much higher eccentric and concentric time (Higher weight, lower reps of course) to see if I can REALLY improve strength gains. What about recovery between workouts? You never mention this but some resources I have researched say at least 7 days between work outs, thoughts Brad?

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