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Chest And Back Workout From Live Lean Strength Program

The Power Training Workout You Must Try | Live Lean Life Ep. 044

On today’s vlog episode of Live Lean TV, Jessica and I take you into the gym to show you a chest and back workout from our Live Lean Strength program.

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In Live Lean Life Vlog Ep. 044 I share:

It’s Chest And Back Day

Jessica and I are on our way to the gym.

The grandparents are watching the baby and dog, so we’re finally going to train together today.

Once we get to the gym, we’re going to take you through one of the chest and back workouts from my Live Lean Strength workout program.

This is a power training style workout.

It’s going to get you explosive, strong, and ultimately build you the foundation to Live Lean for the rest of your life.

Jessica is doing the workout with me to show you that girls can do it too.

Should Men And Women Train Differently?

As Jessica and I were walking to the gym, we talked about male versus female training.

In other words, should men and women be doing different workouts?

To sum of our conversation, we agreed that it is more important to train for your goals, rather than your gender.

For example, if your goal is:

Train for that specific goal, rather than thinking, I’m a female, so I can’t train this way.

If your goal is to get stronger, more explosive, train that way, regardless of your gender.

Or if you are a guy and want to build a booty, that’s perfectly okay to train that way.

In fact, you can use our Build A Butt Extreme workout program.

Chest And Back Workout From Our Live Lean Strength Program

If this statue says you need to train to get strong and explosive, you better do it.

Let’s go workout.

Chest And Back Workout: Explosive Max Training

We’re doing the chest and back “Explosive Max Training” workout from day 35 of my Live Lean Strength workout program.

You can now get the full program in our Live Lean TV workout app.

This means you now have the full workout on your phone, so you know exactly what to do when you get to the gym.

Another great feature with our workout app is the editable fields.

This way you can add in how much you’ve lifted for every set, so you can keep track of the weights lifted during the workout.

Warm Up Sets

We’re starting off with 6 warm up sets of the incline dumbbell press only.

At the beginning of the Live Lean Strength program, you will go through testing days to figure out what your one rep max is on the various exercises.

During the first warm up set we’re lifting a weight that equals approximately 30% of our one rep max (1RM).

Once you know what your one rep max is, you’ll use 30% of that weight to start off with your warm up.

For example, let’s say my one rep max for the dumbbell incline bench press exercise is 100 pounds.

This means I’m going to start my first warm up set with 30 pounds for 8 reps.

30% of Jessica’s one rep max was 12 pounds, however for first warm up set she rounded up to 15 pounds, because she said anything less was a waste of her time 😂.

After you complete the first 8 reps, using 30% of your one rep max, you’ll move on to complete 6 reps with a weight that is 40 percent of your one rep max.

Then we’re going to increase the weight for every warm up set:

  • Warm Up Set 1: 30% of one rep max x 8 reps
  • Warm Up Set 2: 40% of one rep max x 6 reps
  • Warm Up Set 3: 50% of one rep max x 4 reps
  • Warm Up Set 4: 60% of one rep max x 2 reps
  • Warm Up Set 5: 70% of one rep max x 1 rep
  • Warm Up Set 6: 80% of one rep max x 1 rep

Once you complete 3-4 light warm up sets, you will eventually get up lifting 1 rep using 80% of your one rep max.

Remember, since these are warm up sets, the first 3-4 sets are intended to be easy.

During the warm up sets, the goal is to take the exercise through a full range of motion to get the blood flowing, rather than exhausting your muscles.

Once we’re properly warm up, then we’re going to hit heavier weights.

This heavier weight will prepare you for your first working set on the dumbbell incline bench press.

This is why the type of strength training in Live Lean Strength is safe:

  • We’re safely warming ourselves up.
  • We know what our one rep max percentage is, therefore we can logically choose the proper weight selection based on science, not ego.

Once the warm up is over the blood should be flowing, you should be feeling good enough to handle these heavier weights for higher reps.

You Control The Weights, The Weights Don’t Control You

I can’t stress this enough.

Getting strong is not just about how much weight you’re lifting.

Even though the goal is building strength, always make sure you’re in control and you’re feeling it in your muscles, not in your joints.

Train safely because we’re in this for the long term.

One last thing.

Don’t be a meathead.

Put your weights back.


For superset A, you’re going to superset 4 reps of the dumbbell incline bench press at 90% of your 1RM with 4 reps of plyometric push ups.

These plyometric push ups will add some explosive power into the workout.

Push Superset A


  • After 4 reps of the dumbbell incline bench press, I felt like I was starting to burn out, however I probably could have lifted one more rep.
  • Based on this, I knew that it was a good amount of weight for me.
  • Take a one minute break, then get down on the ground to complete the plyometric push ups.
  • That’s one set one.
  • Repeat for a total of 5 supersets.

Once you are finished the pressing portion, it’s time to move on to the pulling portion of the workout to target the back muscles.

Pull Superset B

Follow the same protocol of super setting the single arm dumbbell row on bench with plyometric pull ups.


  • Jessica wasn’t sure if she could complete the explosive plyometric pull ups, however after trying them, she did better than she expected.
  • Key lesson: don’t count yourself out before giving it a try.
  • This explosive pull up will come in handy if you’re falling off of a building and need to explode yourself up to the top of the building.

Brad’s Post Workout Protein Shake

After the workout, we went back home to make our post workout shake.

In my post workout protein shake I had some almond milk, Rootz Paleo Protein Powder Super Food (discount code: LiveLeanTV), a banana, and frozen peaches.

Jessica’s Post Workout Protein Shake

Jessica said her post workout protein shake was probably one of the best shakes she made all week.

In her protein shake she used whey protein (use 25% off discount code: LiveLeanTV25), approximately 4 oz of orange juice, ice cubes, 1/2 cup of frozen mangoes.

It was so creamy, thick, and delicious.

Even though we normally drink our protein shakes right out of the blender, we used glasses because we’re trying to be more civilized 😂.

If you’re wondering why we are using two different protein powders, it’s very simple.

Why I Prefer Egg White Protein Powder Over Whey Protein Powder

Sometimes I don’t feel good after eating whey protein.

I often get bloated afterwards.

That’s why I’ve been using an egg white protein from Rootz for the last three months.

Jessica has the bionic guts of superwoman.

She has a tolerance for dairy food, so she prefers whey.

I’ve prefer the protein quality of whey isolate too, which is why I’ve been using it for years.

I’ve been drinking whey protein powder since 2009.

Most people can have whey isolate protein powder and feel fine.

However, if you have dairy intolerance, which a lot of people do, an egg white protein powder is a good substitute.

However, I’ve just noticed over the last little while that, since I workout a lot, after drinking whey every day, I felt like it was time for a change.

Since I’ve been using this Rootz egg white protein, I feel great after taking it.

It’s primarily made from egg white protein, but it also has hemp and sacha inchi protein.

If you are not familar with sacha inchi, it is a seed.

If you want to join me in using Rootz protein powder, since I am working with them now, you can use 10% off discount code: LiveLeanTV.

rootz protein

That’s the post workout shake.

Why You Need A Post Workout Protein Shake

Not only do you have to go into the gym and tear down your muscles, you have to build them back up again when you get home.

I repeat, we’re tearing down the muscles in the gym, so you have to build them back up when you’re out of the gym, via proper post workout nutrition and sleep.

In other words, just go the rest of your day without eating and starve yourself.

Make sure you get your nutrition on point.

You don’t build a lean, strong, sexy body by starving yourself.

You have to eat well.

The Difference Between Being Skinny And Being Lean

There is such a big difference between being skinny and being lean.

The goal is not to get skinny.

The goal is to Live Lean, with lean muscle and lean aesthetics.

How To Build Muscle For Skinny Guys

When you take your shirt off, you look good naked, you feel good, and you are full of energy.

That’s what Living Lean is.

Being skinny and emaciated doesn’t look good naked.

Jessica joked that she thinks I look great naked because of my striated glutes 😂 .

I wouldn’t go that far.

Trying New Formats On The #AskLiveLeanTV Show

While we were making our post workout meal, Jessica was watching last week’s rapid fire lightening round episode of #AskLiveLeanTV.

Hopefully you enjoyed it

If you missed it, here’s episode 051 of the #AskLiveLeanTV show.

Jessica always like to watch them after they’re done, since she finds them really interesting.

The week prior to that we did a #AskLiveLeanTV call in show, where we called viewers to answer their questions live on the show.

Ultimately, we’re trying to figure out a new format for the show to keep it fresh.

How To Make White Potato Pancakes

As part of our post workout meal, Jessica made us potato pancakes.

It may sound weird, but it was so good:

  1. Boil a regular white potato for 20 minutes in water.
  2. Once it’s boiled, mash it all up.
  3. Use an ice cream scoop to measure out each pancake.
  4. Form the scoop of mash potatoes into a little patty with your hands.
  5. Add a little bit of coconut oil spray to a frying pan over medium heat.
  6. Add the potato pancake to the pan and heat for approximately 4 minutes per side.
  7. While it is heating up, the potato pancake gets toasty brown.

It’s a creative way to make potatoes and is actually really delicious.

There’s not a lot of fat in it since it’s just a little cooking spray.

White potatoes are definitely not considered a calorie free food, because it’s primarily starchy carbohydrates.

If you’re getting bored of eating simple healthy foods, you need to be more creative.

Give these potato pancakes a try.

While we were talking, Kyla was focused on looking at herself in the camera.


She is the future legacy of this company, so get used to that face.

Playing Football In Embarcadero Park

After dinner I took the whole family down to Embarcadero Park to play “foosball”.

“Bobby Boucher, you’re not allowed to play foosball.”

What movie was that line from?

The beautiful sunset was going down in 20 minutes, so we picked the perfect time to be outside.

Fortunately our condo is only 5 minutes from the park.

We’d love for you to come hang out with us.

Let’s play some football.


Unfortunately, Jessica wore the worst shoes for football, which is why her throws were brutal 😂.

While we were playing, we also saw the biggest dog ever.

Bruno was so scared of him.

Kyla was also a little salty, so the football game quickly turned into a sing-a-long dance party.

I came up with the following song to make her smile:

“We’re going back, back, side to side. We’re going back, back, side to side. We’re going back, back, side to side. We’re going back.”

Kyla Daddy

Get it, daddy!

That’s how you roll, baby Ky.

That’s how we do, what we do, when we do.”

After the song and dance, Kyla looked so sleepy.

Thanks For Hanging Out With Us

It’s 8pm, so by our standards, it’s getting late.

Jessica is reading a poem to Kyla before we put her to bed.

I just want to say thank you for following along with us today.

We love you and appreciate your attention.

We’ll see you at the next vlog, the next video, the next Instagram post, or the next Snapchat post.

We’re all over the place, so hopefully you’re following us over there as well.



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