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How to Get Stronger at Any Age

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My mom has been strength training, and the results are amazing!

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, I’m a proud daughter showing off my mama. 🙂

My mom is now 61, and she’s been practicing and teaching yoga for over 30 years.

About 10 years ago she began dabbling in strength training, learning a few things and getting her feet wet with “fitness training”.

Of course yoga has kept her pretty fit over the decades, but it doesn’t challenge her strength the same way weight lifting can.

2 years ago I challenged her to achieve her first pull up.

She was skeptical that it would be possible “at her age”, and “with her shoulder injury”, and “with her travel schedule”….

I knew that it would be a difficult goal to accomplish, but I insisted that it could still be possible if she believed in the process and committed to it whole heartedly.

I told her it will require the following things:

1) Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and beyond your perceived limitations. Doing 2 extra reps at that moment when you feel like quitting.

2) Smart training – not reckless. Following a structured training plan to progress slowly over time and not try to achieve such a big goal in one day, one week or even one month.

3) Patience and trust. Some blind faith is necessary in the beginning when the training is tough and you don’t see any progress yet.

4) Consistency and stick-to-it-ism. Never giving up on the goal no matter how far away it seems or how many obstacles you encounter.

In this video you can see where she’s at with her pull up progress today.

She might not be repping out pull ups unassisted just yet, but she’s crushing it with a lil help from a resistance band or a gentle spot from a training buddy.

Mom’s words of wisdom:

In fitness you need to have steps. Every exercise has an intermediate step, and a beginner step

You don’t have to achieve your goals on day one. But you have to have goals or else you’ll just stay the same.

You can Live Lean forever with the right mindset of the long term goal.

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4 responses to “How to Get Stronger at Any Age

  1. Would love to hear your mom’s advice on pre-menopause and menopause. For me right now it’s the weight gain , I’m pre-menopause. Age 50.

  2. Hi Jess, I have a couple of your videos BB2 and Women’s something,sorry.
    I’m 65 yo and have been mostly I did spin classes. For past year I have done a lot more strength training with you. However I have gained 5#s and my size 4 jeans are getting tight on me?
    Do you have a video for women over 60yo?
    Also I was doing a HITT on my elliptical, 2-3 days/week.. I believe I was. Over training.. what is my fat burning zone for 65yo? How long do I need to workout on the elliptical?
    Thanks 🙏
    Eileen Meinke

  3. That was great, you 2 doing that video was togetherness, sharing experience, knowledge and the fact the body will respond at any age….. I see way to many people that have excepted where they are. Nice work ladies.

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