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Answering Your Questions on Camera in 1 MINUTE OR LESS!

What up Live Leaners,

Since I’ve been getting so many questions from you, I’ve decided to add a new series to Live Lean TV, called the #LLTV “Lightening Round”. This is where I’m going to answer your questions in 1 minute or less on camera. My goal is to keep each video less than 3 MINUTES! 

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You ready?

Here are today’s Lightening Round questions:

0:36 Best Exercises To Thicken The Back? <– click to watch video answer with demonstrations

I love chins ups, but be sure to use a full range of motion and bring your lower sternum to the bar (as shown in the above video link). I also love machine rows, but be sure to hold the contracted position for 3-4 seconds.

0:52 Best Rep Range To Build Maximum Strength?

Train with loads 70-100% of 1RM & lift in the 1-6 rep range.

1:05 My Shoulders Hurt When I Train Them. Should I Stop? <– click to watch video answer with demonstrations

Actually you could get away with NOT training them. Shoulders can still grow when left alone because you get plenty of work via chest training.  But if you want to stick with at least one shoulder exercise, stick with shoulder abduction work such as cable lateral raises (as shown in the above video link) once every 10 days.

1:30 How Do I Know If I’m Overtrained?

I would say 95% of people ARE NOT overtrained. But try this tip: record your bodyweight after you go to the bathroom in the morning. If you’ve kept your diet consistent but you see a drop of 3.5% in your bodyweight overnight, you’re probably overtraining. In other words, if you’re 180lbs in the morning, and then drop to 174lbs at night, you may be overtraining. Solution is decrease the volume (the # of sets and reps) but NOT the intensity.

2:05 How I Can Improve My Vertical Jump? <– click to watch video answer with demonstrations

Focus on power lifts like the power snatch (as shown in the above video link). It’s much more effective than those jump stretch-bands in my opinion.

2:16 Do I Like Kettlebells?

Yes I do. Great for the posterior chain (the muscles on the backside) and great for improving explosive strength.


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0 responses to “NEW Live Lean TV Video Series: Q&A Lightening Round #LLTV

  1. i don’t think it’s ever been scientifically proven…the only thing to maybe avoid is barbell back squats as the weight on the spine may (or may not) cause you issues.

  2. What do you think about intermittent fasting (i.e. Warrior Diet) and recent studies that have suggested this type of eating is more natural. I have a hard time eating a lot of meals during the day, so this type of diet seems like a good fit. Any suggestions?

    1. Hey Jesse, If it fits better with your lifestyle then I’m all for it. I’ve tried it and liked it once you get over the initial body adaptation phase in the beginning few days.

      1. THanks for the reply. It would be great to see a video about this. Especially regarding how to ensure you get the right amount of calories on a diet like this. Seems like it would be easy to binge in the evening if you don’t have a good plan in place. Either way, I’m going to give it a shot.

  3. LIGHTING ROUND!!! OMG I LOVE THIS IDEA!!!!! I kinda wanna make a guest appearance dressed as a lighting, so when each new question gets asked I can run across the screen like a bolt of lighting! What do you say!?!

  4. @mikailmalkocoglu BREATHING deeply and contracting your abs is everything. You have to exhale deeply and tighten abs as much as possible with every rep. it’s not the quantity of reps, its the QUALITY.

  5. @JosephRodriguez belly fat can often be a hormonal issue (cortisol) caused by stress. Be sure you’re getting lots of sleep, recovery, drinking lots of water, and keeping stimulants to a minimum.

  6. @ididnotwritethis of course that’s possible … healthy food is incredibly anabolic… consistency is everything

  7. Brad I’ve been eating good fats little carbs, and lean meats and all of a sudden it seems like my body is making lower belly fat, but I’m working out hard and I’m only 18, I don’t know why this is happening?

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