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Workout Q&A: Thick Back, Reps For Strength, Vertical Jump, Kettlebells

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Answering Your Workout Questions on Camera in 1 Minute Or Less

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, I’m sharing a workout Q&A where I answer your workout questions on camera.

Remember when I used to do the #LLTV Q&A series where I would answer your questions on camera?

Well since I’ve been getting so many questions from you, I’ve decided it’s time to do it again.

But this time, I’m calling this new Live Lean TV series, the #LLTV Q&A “Lightening Round”.

This is where I’m going to answer your questions, on camera, but I’m going to try and do it in 1 minute or less.

My goal is to keep each video post less than 3 minutes.

So if you’re ready, let’s get to today’s workout Q&A.

Here are today’s Lightening Round Workout Questions:

Question #1: What are the best exercises to thicken the back?

Time stamp to watch the video answer with demonstrations: 0:36

One of the best exercises to thicken the back are chin ups.

I love chins ups, but be sure to use a full range of motion and bring your lower sternum to the bar.

I also love seated machine rows.

To really increase the thickness of your back, be sure to hold the contracted position for 3-4 seconds, as shown in this video.

Next question.

Question #2: What is the best rep range to build maximum strength?

Time stamp with video answer: 0:52

I like to train with loads 70-100% of your 1 rep max (1RM).

Your 1RM is simply the amount of weight you can lift for just 1 rep.

How To Calculate One Rep Max

Once you know your 1RM max, lift in the 1-6 rep range, using a weight that is between 70-100% of your 1RM.

For example, if your 1RM is 100 pounds:

  • 70% of your 1RM = 100 pounds x 0.7 = 70 pounds.

Next question.

Question #3: My shoulders hurt when I’m training them. Should I just stop training shoulders?

Time stamp to watch the video answer: 1:05

This is a great question.

If you have shoulder pain, you can get away with not training your shoulders, while still growing them.

This growth in your shoulders still happens because you get plenty of shoulder work when training your chest.

But if you want to stick with just one shoulder exercise, stick with shoulder abduction work, such as a standing single arm cable lateral raise.

Just add this movement into your workout routine, once every 10 days, or until your shoulder pain stops.

Question #4: How do I know if I’m overtrained?

Time stamp with video answer: 1:30

I would say 95% of people are not overtrained.

The Truth About Overtraining: Real Or Myth?

But try this tip.

Record your bodyweight on a weight scale after you go to the bathroom in the morning.

If you’ve kept your diet consistent, but you see a 3.5% drop in your bodyweight at night, you’re probably overtraining.

In other words, if you’re 180 pounds in the morning, and then you drop to 174 pounds at night, you may be overtraining.

So if this happens, here is your solution.

Decrease the volume of your workouts.

This simply means lowering the number of total sets and reps that you’re doing.

However, keep the intensity high.

Or you could just take a couple days off from the gym.

Question #5: How do I improve my vertical jump?

Time stamp to watch the video answer: 2:05

I want you to focus on power lifts like the barbell power snatch.

In my opinion, it can be more effective than using those jump stretch bands that you see some people using.

Question #6: Do I Like Kettlebells?

Time stamp with video answer: 2:15

Yes I do like kettlebells.

Kettlebells are great for the posterior chain, which are the muscles on the backside.

Kettlebells are also great for improving explosive strength.

I hoped you enjoyed that Workout Q&A

That was 6 questions answered in just under 3 minutes, so I’m going to cut it off here.

Thank you for those great questions.

I’ll answer more of your questions in the coming weeks.

So thanks for tuning in.

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0 responses to “Workout Q&A: Thick Back, Reps For Strength, Vertical Jump, Kettlebells

  1. i don’t think it’s ever been scientifically proven…the only thing to maybe avoid is barbell back squats as the weight on the spine may (or may not) cause you issues.

  2. What do you think about intermittent fasting (i.e. Warrior Diet) and recent studies that have suggested this type of eating is more natural. I have a hard time eating a lot of meals during the day, so this type of diet seems like a good fit. Any suggestions?

    1. Hey Jesse, If it fits better with your lifestyle then I’m all for it. I’ve tried it and liked it once you get over the initial body adaptation phase in the beginning few days.

      1. THanks for the reply. It would be great to see a video about this. Especially regarding how to ensure you get the right amount of calories on a diet like this. Seems like it would be easy to binge in the evening if you don’t have a good plan in place. Either way, I’m going to give it a shot.

  3. LIGHTING ROUND!!! OMG I LOVE THIS IDEA!!!!! I kinda wanna make a guest appearance dressed as a lighting, so when each new question gets asked I can run across the screen like a bolt of lighting! What do you say!?!

  4. @mikailmalkocoglu BREATHING deeply and contracting your abs is everything. You have to exhale deeply and tighten abs as much as possible with every rep. it’s not the quantity of reps, its the QUALITY.

  5. @JosephRodriguez belly fat can often be a hormonal issue (cortisol) caused by stress. Be sure you’re getting lots of sleep, recovery, drinking lots of water, and keeping stimulants to a minimum.

  6. @ididnotwritethis of course that’s possible … healthy food is incredibly anabolic… consistency is everything

  7. hi brad i just want to know is circuit weight lifting is mild or moderate or intense? and also HIIT

  8. Brad I’ve been eating good fats little carbs, and lean meats and all of a sudden it seems like my body is making lower belly fat, but I’m working out hard and I’m only 18, I don’t know why this is happening?

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