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My Journey To Building Self-Confidence Through Fitness

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Brad Gouthro Interview: My Life, Childhood, Failures, Fears, And My Journey To Today

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, I’m sharing a video interview I did where I talk about my journey to building self-confidence through fitness.

I’m so happy that you decided to check in with me for this post.

Actually, I’m a little bit nervous about that since I really open up about my past in this interview style video

I’m going to share a lot of memories with you about my self-esteem issues while growing up as a kid.

My Biggest Insecurities Revealed

I’m also going to talk about the role that fitness had in my journey to building self-confidence.

In particular, how fitness helped take me from where I started, to becoming the person I am today.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy this and get something out of this motivational post.

I also hope it will help you relate to me more, as you’ll learn that I am not perfect.

I also have my failures, so I am no different than you.

So sit back and enjoy, as I’m about to share some of these failures with you.

My Journey To Building Self-Confidence Through Fitness

Q1. Before you got into fitness, what was the defining moment that made you change your lifestyle?

As a kid, I was always very active and into playing sports.

But I was never comfortable in my own body.

Brad Gouthro before

It wasn’t that I was fat, it was just that I had a really low self-confidence.

I still remember the many summers where I would use every excuse I could think of, for why I couldn’t go to the beach with my friends.

I was literally to shy to take my shirt off in front of people. 

Then there was also the time I had a school class trip to a swimming pool.

I actually faked being sick, because I didn’t feel comfortable enough taking my shirt off.

Even when I played for the school basketball team, I always had to wear a t-shirt under my jersey, because I was so embarrassed about my skinny arms.

Those were some tough years for me as a kid, and I never told anyone about it, not even my parents. 

That’s when I realized I needed to do something about my self-esteem.

This was the start of my journey to building self-confidence through the fitness side of athletics.

Q2. So once you got into fitness, did something shift mentally for you?

I’d like to say I instantly fell in love with the gym and lifting weights.

But in the beginning, the gym was a very scary and intimidating place for me.

Especially since I already had low self-confidence and self-esteem issues.

To this date, I still remember the feeling of walking onto the weight room floor at my school for the first time.

I literally felt like there were hundreds of eyes judging me for everything I did.

All I wanted to do was turn around and get out of the gym as fast as possible.

So to all of you new Live Leaners out there, I get it.

I understand your resistance to joining a gym

Affordable Home Gym Equipment Set Up Ideas

But since I’m a very determined dude, I stuck with it.

Then after a few months, I eventually started seeing positive changes in my body, which lead to more importantly, changes in my self-confidence.

That’s when I realized how fitness and health is about more than just muscles.

Fitness is like a metaphor for life.

When you’re strong and confident physically, you’re also strong and confident in all areas of your life. 

Q3. Did you start your professional career in fitness?

No, I didn’t start my professional career in fitness.

I went to school and got my degree in business, with a major in marketing. 

At the time, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life.

Since my older and cooler brother took business, I just decided to follow in his foot steps.

Then I graduated and went on to work 8 years in corporate marketing and advertising.

In the beginning, it was cool because I was working in an advertising agency, and was ironically pitching creative ideas to sell beer.

But after 4-5 years of doing this, I just realized that at the end of the day, I felt empty.

Who was I really helping by selling them alcohol?

So I did a lot of reading and soul searching. 

Also during this time, my fitness training eventually started to really transform my body, after hiring an online fitness coach.

I essentially just fell in love with studying anything and everything to do with fitness and nutrition.

Then I Finally Felt Like I Found My Passion

I eventually studied for my training and nutrition certifications, and made the life altering decision to quit my well paying, safe, corporate job, to become a fitness entrepreneur.

I love this quote from Oscar Wilde who said:

When you do what you love, the universe conspires on your behalf.

This is so true in my case.

It was a lot of work and a lot of failures.

These failures included my divorce, and a lot of scraping pennies together to pay the bills.

The Truth About My Divorce Story

But in 2013, I’m so grateful to say that all the sweat has paid off, since that year had been a huge success for my new fitness business.

Plus, when you have people all over the world telling you how much weight they lost because of my programs, it really makes all those failures, long days and stressful nights, all worthwhile.

I was truly meant to do this exact thing in life. 

In fact, my experience was a classic example that you have to be willing to move into the unknown scary zone to keep yourself open to the possibilities of your best life.

Security doesn’t serve you.

Sometimes you have to force yourself to face your fears and get outside of your comfort zone

Stand Out: Motivation To Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

It’s so important to do that every single day.

So that’s my personal story Live Leaners.

That Is My journey To Building Self-confidence Through Fitness

Hopefully it touched and inspired you to take action and do something about your current situation.

That is my goal with our Transformation 1,000,000 Mission.

Live Lean Transformation 1,000,000 Mission

I want to improve the lives of 1,000,000 people by inspiring them to eat better food and move their body more effectively.

But first, you need to take action and hopefully you are going to do that after reading this post.

Thanks for tuning in and we’ll see you at the next video post.

Love you guys.

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44 responses to “My Journey To Building Self-Confidence Through Fitness

  1. This is a fantastic video. You truly are meant to do this. You are
    extremely inspiring. I’ve lost about 100 lbs over the past few years and
    have only been getting stronger and better each day. Thank you so much for
    your passion. Great job!

  2. I am extremely impressed with your knowledge and advise. Your dedication to
    deliver accurate information to the public is fantastic and inspiring. I
    too have this passion to deliver the healthy lifestyle to Me. Thank you for
    posting your information and sharing your experience. Standing ovation!

  3. Hey Brad, I have newly joined so I am still learning who you are. I would
    like to see the other parts to your interview. Thanks

  4. Thank you for sharing. I’m currently going to Muller College, a holistic
    health school that has a program to prep you for a nutritionist and
    personal training certification. Its scary to think about making money on
    my own with out the cushy job but fitness has been my true passion since I
    was 16. Its motivating to see people follow their dream in the same field
    and make it happen. Good job! I hope all your aspirations come to fruition!

  5. Excellent role-modeling Brad. Good to see a guy step up and reveal his vulnerabilities. We need more manly men getting real. Thanks

  6. Brad I appreciate your testimony and your ability to uplift those of us who are not mentally ready to “commit”. Can’t wait for your follow up videos.

  7. Yes, please post the follow up videos! I too am having problems finding fulfillment in my career. Though I’m still working on better nutrition and on my body. Working out and cooking and eating better is all that really makes me happy. I would love to pursue a career in health. I know then that I’ll be truly happy at work. You are an inspiration. I would love to have a drink of water with you some day, you just seem pretty cool to hang out with.

  8. Brad all I’d like to say is ‘THANK YOU’ for changing my life both physically and more importantly mentally. It was only recently that I decided to get far out of my comfort zone and pursue my life goals which are associated with fitness. Even though I’ve never met you in person you’ve changed my life. And that’s saying something.
    Keep up the good work!

  9. This is beautiful. Thank you for always being genuine and giving great advice (and always keeping it real!!).

    I’m sure everyone would love to see your follow-up videos. Thanks again! x

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