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Home Gym Equipment Setup Tour

Affordable Home Gym Equipment Set Up Ideas

We’ve been getting a lot of questions about what home gym equipment would make a good home gym setup.

Here’s a home gym equipment setup tour showcasing the affordable equipment I invested in when I had my own home gym.

The most important pieces to invest in any home gym are:

  • squat rack
  • weight plate set
  • olympic barbell
  • dumbbell set
  • incline, flat, and decline bench
  • jump rope

I’ll also include other nice-to-have gym equipment to really take your home gym workouts to the next level.

I mean lets be real, if you’re not investing in a gym membership, you should be investing that money into a home gym that will make you love your workouts!

home gym equipment

Essential Home Gym Equipment:

Squat Rack

My favorite piece in any home gym is the squat rack.

It’s so versatile as you can do so many different big compound exercises such as:

The squat rack that I invested in (linked below) also came with parallel dip bars.

And don’t worry, it’s not as big as it may appear.

But make sure you measure twice just to be sure.

Buy This Squat Rack Here

300 LB. Rubber Olympic Weight Set and Barbell

In my home gym I had 300 pounds worth of plates, which was an excellent amount of weight to fulfill the requirements for most exercises.

The set linked below also comes with a 7 foot olympic barbell to use for squats, deadlifts, lunges, and presses.

It also comes with two clips to keep the weights on the bar.

Very worthwhile and affordable.

Buy This Weight Set and Barbell Here

Dumbbell Set with Rack

I have a couple options when it comes to dumbbells.

The type of dumbbell set that I invested in included dumbbells from 5-50 lbs.

Although, 50 lbs isn’t quite heavy enough for me, it can be a good amount of weight for most people.

Also, to maximize the space of your home gym, and keep it organized, don’t forget about the rack.

The dumbbell set linked below comes with dumbbells from 5-50 lbs as well as the dumbbell rack.

Buy This Dumbbell Set Here

There are also options to increase the amount of dumbbells from 5-100 lbs.

If your home gym set up space is limited, another dumbbell set option are Powerblocks.

These are adjustable dumbbells using pins.

This dumbbell set takes up much less space, while still giving you plenty of dumbbell weight options for your workouts.

Buy This Dumbbell Set Here

Incline, Flat, and Decline Bench

Not only is this bench super affordable, it is also very versatile.

Rather than having to buy a flat bench, an incline bench, and a decline bench, the bench attached below is a 3 in 1.

That way you can hit your muscles from all different angles during your home workout.

Buy This Incline, Flat, and Decline Bench Here

Jump Rope

One of my favorite types of home cardio workouts is with the jump rope.

Not only is it affordable, but it’s an excellent form of cardio that doesn’t take up any space.

I get asked a lot what type of jump rope I use, so I’ve linked it up below.

Buy This Jump Rope Here

The home gym equipment listed above are, in my opinion, the essentials for any home gym.

Below, I’m listing the nice-to-have’s for home gym equipment.

Pick and choose to suit your fitness requirements!

gym equipment

Nice-To-Have Home Gym Equipment:

So there you have it.

Before I sold my home gym equipment (because I moved to California), these were the pieces that I had in my training studio.

It is my goal to build another fitness studio in the near future.

When I do, I will fill the studio with similar gym equipment to what I have linked above.

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