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How To Get Motivated To Workout And Eat Healthy

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The First Step To Staying Disciplined With Your Health

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, I’m sharing the first step on how to get motivated to workout and eat healthy, and ultimately stay disciplined for life.

Today’s viewer question is from #AskLiveLeanTV Ep. 015.

Here’s today’s viewer question:

@aschultz13 on Snapchat asks: Hi Brad! I have been eating well for about a year. Then, a few months ago, I fell off the wagon and I’m having trouble getting back on. It has to do with a lack of willpower and indulging a little too much. Do you have any advice to help me get back on track? I’m having trouble finding motivation as well. Thanks!

I’ve talked about how to stay motivated to eat healthy and workout here.

Jessica also did a video post on why you lose motivation here.

However, let me take this time to ask you one direct question.

Why is it important for you to get back on track?

* Insert dramatic pause here *

I’m being 100% serious.

Why does it matter to you?

Say it out loud girl.

It’s Time To Figure Out Your “Why”

The first step is to figure out why you want to do it.

What is your “why”?

It’s important to establish why it’s worth it.

Saying you want to be healthy, is not enough.

A better answer is, I want to be strong to play with my grandkids.

Figure out your “why” and write it down.

Then take the daily actions that are going to bring you closer to your goals.

Think About Your “Why”

Every time you hit a roadblock, or a faced with an opportunity to eat an ice cream cone at the office, go back to your “why”.

Is that ice cream going to take you closer to, or further away from your goals?

If you don’t know anything about fitness and nutrition, including how many calories you’re eating, hire a fitness coach or trainer to keep you accountable.

You can apply to hire Jessica as your coach here.

Pay For Accountability

When you have money in the game, you have skin in the game.

Since you invested in yourself, you are more likely to stay motivated and work harder to accomplish your fitness goals.

This is your health we’re talking about.

Your body is the only real estate you will ever own that you can never replace, so act accordingly.

Having that mindset is your compass to your goal.

Live Lean Mindset

I want every single one of you to think about your “why” right now.

  • Why does it matter to you?
  • Why are you reading our blog posts about Living Lean?
  • If you want to make a specific change in your life, why is that change important to you?

If you can’t get clear and passionate about your “why”, your workouts and healthy eating will never become a lifestyle habit for you.

Boom, Drop The mic πŸ˜‚

In all seriousness, I don’t want this to come off cheesy, because it’s a really serious step towards Living Lean.

It’s why I wrote an entire book called “Think And Live Lean“, where I share the steps to unlock the secret mindset of Living Lean.

Think and Live Lean

To date, so many of you have picked up a copy, and I’m loving all of the positive responses to the book.

However, based on your specific question and current situation, I’m assuming you haven’t read it yet, since this topic is what the entire book is about.

Think And Live Lean is all about finding your “why” and changing your mindset towards your health.

There is no short-term 30 day fast or 10 day cleanse that will help you Live Lean for life.

When you’re Living Lean, there is no “on the wagon”, then “off the wagon” stages of life.

Follow The Action Steps At The End Of Every Chapter

I’ll be 100% honest with you, I do not make a lot of money off my Think And Live Lean book sales.

This was a 100% passion project for me.

If you haven’t already done so, go pick up the book and read it.

Think And Live Lean is also available on audiobook, so you can listen to it in the car, or you can listen to it on your phone when you’re working out or going for your walks.

Once you follow the action steps in this book, I promise it’s going to help you get motivated to workout and eat healthy, and stay disciplined to change and keep it forever.

Bottom Line

To start Living Lean, you must first figure out why this matters to you.

Then you can begin taking the necessary steps to create the daily behaviors and habits to make your workouts and healthy eating a part of your overall healthy lifestyle.

A few weeks ago, I shared a video post on being offered 1,000,000 to become obese.

I remember telling Jessica that I didn’t think I could do it because all of my daily behaviors are so ingrained into my everyday habits.

I would have to do a complete negative transformation on my mindset in order to get out of the healthy habits.

In other words, these healthy behaviors are so ingrained in my everyday habits, that I would have a hard time not going to the gym or eating healthy foods.

Discipline Is Better Than Motivation

Remember this important thought.

Motivation gets you started, but discipline keeps you going.

Once you’re Living Lean, you don’t need motivation because your healthy behaviors have already become so habitual.

It’s just becomes the normal way you live.

Remember, once you’re Living Lean, there’s no such thing as on or off the wagon.

That’s it.

Wow, I feel all Tony Robbins right now.

In fact, we watched his documentary on Netflix called, I Am Not Your Guru.

I think that was the cause of this little bit of inspiration that just came out of me πŸ˜‰.

In all seriousness, everything I mentioned is so powerful and true, once you implement it into your life.

Now I want you to go check out this video post on how to get back on track after binging or vacation.

How To Get Back On Track After Binging (or Vacation)


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