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Incredibly Fit at 62 [What to eat and how to train]

Your questions about Aging and Living Lean answered!

You’ve met my mama before on this channel with a video we did last year, and after that came a flood of questions.

Today we are answering a bunch of viewer questions for my Mom about how she’s managed to stay so fit into her 60’s.

You’ll see her busting out some some killer pushups, amazing jumping exercises and more.

It simply isn’t true that Living Lean is only for the young.

There is no age limit to making physical progress and eating for optimal wellness.

Of course there are differences as we age but those differences don’t have to mean game-over.

Come listen and watch as my 62 year old mama shares her wisdom about what’s kept her fit through all these decades.

Let’s do it!

What is different with Living Lean as we age?

Here are the questions we answer with timestamps if you’d like to jump ahead to a specific question.

  • 0:48 Introduction of who she is and what she’s been doing all her life
  • 1:27 Throwback video of mom and I training in the gym with weights
  • 3:07 When her weight training journey started
  • 3:18 How is fitness different in different decades?
  • 4:36 How have you been able to continue on your fitness journey after Hormonal Changes?
  • 5:58 Have you ever had knee pain? How did you overcome that?
  • 6:22 What gave you that hope to even try to try to fix knee pain?
  • 6:57 Are there any exercises you cannot do after menopause?
  • 7:48 Do you use exercise as punishment for eating bad foods?
  • 8:46 What do you eat to stay lean all your life?
  • 9:26 What do you NOT eat?
  • 9:48 What have I watched her prioritize in her diet?
  • 10:15 How can we prevent joint pain?
  • 10:55 How can you get a Lean Toned Physique at an older age?
  • 11:42 What I’ve learned about just focusing on diet only as a weight control method
  • 12:24 What do you like about Living Lean?
  • 12:41 How much time do you need to spend on fitness?
  • 13:05 How to build consistency
  • 13:57 Her Fitness History. What did you do differently in your different decades?
  • 16:00 Her advice if you ask if you should do only Yoga OR Strength training

I would say the main takeaway is this:

Where there is a will, there is a way

You can figure out a solution for any and every struggle if you want to

Seeing the immense value in healthy food and regular exercise is what’s kept her going all these decades. The results are worth the efforts.

If you have any additional questions that we didn’t answer in this video ask us below!

We are an open book, we love sharing our fitness journeys with you and we want to open the discussion for more.

If you have advice for younger people as they age let us know in the comment section as well.

We love hearing from you.

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Today’s Question Of The Day:

  • How old are you now and what is your goal for yourself at age 62?

Be sure to share your answers in the comment section below.

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One response to “Incredibly Fit at 62 [What to eat and how to train]

  1. Excellent job you two! I’m so thrilled to see this advice as I started out in weight training as the ONLY female trainer in my gym and at 69 switched to yoga (met your mom in workshops). The combo of it all will take you far. I’m 77 and I have AFIB but I hike daily and cover those other bases. Keep on with the videos ladies!

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