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How to Make Your Fitness Journey Fun


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Don’t forget to celebrate your wins on your fitness journey

On today’s episode, I want to share a tip on how to make your fitness journey fun.

I’ll be the first to admit, that I’m constantly working towards being better at this tip.

Especially since it’s something fun and enjoyable that everyone should do more often.

So hopefully by know, you’re clear on your fitness vision and have created a long-term goal.

At this point, your long-term fitness goal may seem overwhelming.

That’s why it’s super important to chunk your long-term fitness goal down into short-term goals, and daily actionable process goals.

I talk a lot about this and share all the actionable steps in my book, Think and Live Lean.

By doing this, not only does it make the journey more realistic, but it also makes you feel a sense of accomplishment along the way.

How to Make Your Fitness Journey Fun

But that’s not the fun part.

The fun part is celebrating the successes and the small wins during your fitness journey.

Don’t make the mistake of NOT celebrating your small wins along the way.

Living Lean is a continuous journey. Not a destination.

Once you instill that into your mindset, with consistency, these daily behaviors will turn into life-long habits.

The mistake I often made was NOT celebrating the small wins along the way.

I’m so determined and focused on the long-term vision, that I often don’t stop and celebrate the wins throughout the journey.

In order to make your fitness journey fun, and stay accountable to the long-term vision, it’s important to reward yourself.

I’ve taken a lot of risks since becoming a entrepreneur over 7 years ago.

Even though I’ve been very successful at what I’ve created, and have had many wins along the way, I still haven’t hit my long term goal yet.

If I wasn’t as determined as I am, I’m sure I would have quit a long time ago.

I don’t want this to happen to you.

So do yourself a favor and celebrate all of your short-term wins along the way.

How to Make Your Fitness Journey Fun

If your long-term outcome goal is to lose 25 pounds

That may sound extremely overwhelming.

What if we re-positioned this and said your goal was to lose 2 pounds.

Sounds more obtainable right?

That’s how you chunk your long-term 25 pound weight loss goal down into short-term goals.

Then it’s important to break those short-term goals into process goals.

Process goals are the actionable steps to accomplish your short-term goals.

Your short-term process goals to lose 2 pounds per week include:

Let’s say the week passes and you’ve hit every one of those process goals.

Now it’s time to reward yourself for staying accountable to the plan, and celebrate those short-term wins!

Examples of healthy short-term rewards

Depending on your fitness goals and your current situation, sometimes we build cheat meals into the meal plans.

However, if you’re quite a bit overweight, and are at risk of a cheat meal turning into an all out binge, skip the cheat meal.

A better, healthier reward for you could be buying yourself:

  • a new workout shirt
  • a new pair of workout sneakers
  • new music for your workout playlist
  • a new fitness tracker
  • essentially anything that will make it more enjoyable in the gym for you

Reward yourself with an item that will make the journey towards your long-term fitness goal more enjoyable.

Bottom Line:

Don’t forget to celebrate your short-term successes.

Not only will it make your fitness journey more fun, but it’ll keep you accountable and focused on achieving those short-term process goals along the way.

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