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The REAL Reason You Can’t Lose Weight


Your Lack of Patience Is Ruining Your Weight Loss Progress:

Live Lean Nation, in today’s episode I’m not sugarcoating anything. If you’re not seeing fat loss or muscle gain results yet, stop making this critical mistake.

The thing with your health, your weight loss, or your muscle building goals is this.

You do have multiple attempts at reaching your goal.

Ask yourself right now:

How many times have you failed following a “diet” or staying committed to an actual workout program.

Multiple times right.

So why do you fail at sticking to a permanent healthy lifestyle?

Why are you not Living Lean?

But before you give me the simple and generic answer that so many people give.

Be better than that, look at yourself in the mirror, and own your answer.

And I have empathy for you.

Cause I get it.

I was there too.

I did this same self-reflection back when I was 23, I was working hard on transforming my body but I felt like I was failing.

I also did this when I was 32 and I was busting my ass building my fitness media company yet, I once again, I felt like I was failing.

So let me ask you again, what was the REAL problem you can’t lose weight….or build muscle… or improve your flexibility…or whatever your goal in life maybe.

Are you ready for the insight that I personally realized was the cause of all the things I couldn’t yet do, even though I was working hard.

Write this down.


Your Lack of Patience Is Ruining Your Weight Loss Progress.

You may think it’s this.

You may think it’s that.

But if you truly are consistently working hard and executing on the simple Live Lean fundamentals of:
– Following a workout program
– Following a meal plan comprised of quick, healthy, and delicious recipes that anyone can make
– Enjoying a weekly cheat meal and social drinks with friends
– And, yes, sleeping

All that’s left is to reach your goal is…


The importance of patience is so underestimated.

That’s the punchline.

I get hundreds and thousands of messages from people saying their diet is perfect, their workouts are on point, but they aren’t seeing results and are ready to give up.

So I ask, how long have you been doing it.

2 weeks.

2 weeks, come on.

Do you really think it only took you 2 weeks to add all that body fat?

So why do you think it should only take you 2 weeks to lose it?

Think about it.

If it only took 2 weeks or 2 months, or whatever… if it was that damn quick, don’t you think everyone would be doing it.

But I also get hundreds and thousands of messages from people who have broken through and discovered that these daily positive behaviors do turn into lifelong habits…

And these habits have not only transformed their body, but it has also transformed their outlook and mindset on all things in life.

Commit to consistently putting in the work.

And be patient.

Stop asking how fast you can do it or how long will it take.

The marketplace may be telling that weight loss and muscle building is a fast and easy game.

It’s not about a magical pill.

It’s not about a quick fix.

That’s all a lie.

And those marketers are in it for the short term bucks.

Stop thinking about the short game.

Living Lean is about the long game.

It’s about daily progress and turning positive behaviors into daily habits that are sustainable for life.

That’s what makes the Live Lean approach to health and fitness different.

The only reason I’m still doing what I love is because I stayed the course, I continued to put in the work, and I had belief and the patience that it will work.

Guys, I want this so badly for you.

Embrace the struggle, enjoy the journey.

And bottom line, put in the work and have patience.

Next time you’re ready to give up, watch this video, and re-focus on the long game of Living Lean.

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I love you guys and keep Living Lean.

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If you enjoyed today’s episode, make sure you subscribe to my Live Lean TV YouTube channel as we upload new episodes every Monday and Thursday.

I love you guys and keep Living Lean.

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