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Kill The Quit: Overcoming The Urge To Quit During Your Fitness Journey

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Trust The Process: Motivational Minute Ep. 005

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, I’m sharing a motivational minute talk on overcoming the urge to quit during your fitness journey.

This is episode 005 from my Motivational Minute video series.

Overcoming The Urge To Quit During Your Fitness Journey

During your Live Lean journey, it’s inevitable that this will happen along the way:

You will feel like quitting.

However, before I get into why that is, lets just back it up for a moment.

Remember when you first started your Live Lean journey?

You were probably experiencing a newfound sense of excitement and hope for your future.

You thought, “This time, it’ll be different”.

However as time goes on, you began to face challenges with sticking to the plan.

You hit plateaus as the weight on the scale doesn’t seem to be disappearing as fast as it did in the beginning.

The voices in your head begin to tell you that all your progress has stopped, and you were just destined to be what you see in the mirror.

Here’s What Sets The High Achievers From The Rest

Most people quit and give up because the results don’t seem to be coming fast enough.

The REAL Reason You Can't Lose Weight

However, high achievers take a different approach.

Here’s what high achievers do.

High Achievers:

  • Reflect.
  • Take a deep breath and realize that this temporary set back, and yes it is temporary, is just a part of the Live Lean journey.
  • Realize success doesn’t just happen overnight, and it will take time, effort, perseverance, and patience.
  • Know that when they consistently work the Live Lean principles, the Live Lean principles will work for them.

In other words, they KILL THE QUIT inside of them.

They re-focus on what they want, they believe that they can have it, and they push through with consistent work and patience.

Whatever struggles you’re dealing with today, hang in there and don’t give up.

Next time you’re ready to quit, look in the mirror and say these 3 words: KILL THE QUIT.

Once you instill that mindset shift, then and only then, you will be on track with your journey of living the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Here’s Your Next Step: Think And Live Lean

Think And Live Lean

In section three of my book, Think And Live Lean, I provide the following three chapters on how to awaken your power of belief:

  • Chapter 3.1: Building A Strong Belief In Yourself
  • Chapter 3.2: Keeping Track Of Your Life Wins
  • Chapter 3.3: Overcoming Your Fears

At the end of the section, I include “Live Lean Action Steps” to easily apply what you learned into your life, within minutes.

You can get Think And Live Lean as a physical paperback book, e-book, or audiobook here on Amazon.


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