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Simple Exercise To Improve Wrist Flexibility and Mobility

How to improve wrist flexibility with this wrist mobility exercise

Live Lean Nation, on today’s exercise demonstration, I’m showing you a video tutorial on a simple wrist mobility exercise to improve wrist flexibility.

Targeted Muscles: Wrist Flexibility

I know a lot of you have office jobs where you sit at a desk all day, typing on a computer.

As you probably know, this can have some harmful effects on your wrists.

So I want to share a quick and easy exercise that can help with the flexibility and mobility of your wrists.

How To Improve Wrist Flexibility:

Watch the wrist flexibility exercise video.

To get started:

  1. Find the wrist joint and wrap your pointer finger and thumb around it.
  2. Then pump your elbow while holding onto your wrist.
  3. Complete the pumping movement for 10 reps.
  4. Then immediately switch from a pumping movement to a circular rotation movement for another 10 reps.
  5. After 10 reps, immediately reverse the direction and complete for another 10 reps.
  6. Switch wrists and repeat.

To help improve the flexibility and mobility of your wrists, complete 2 sets of this in the morning and before you go to bed.

This wrist mobility exercise can also help reduce the risk of injury and increase your performance in the gym.

This is especially true regarding exercises like the barbell clean and press and barbell front squat, where you need to have good wrist mobility to perform the exercises properly.

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Simply click play and follow along with me.

Here’s a sample follow along mobility workout from the Live Lean Mobility program.

10 Minute Total Body Mobility Workout

Simply Exercise To Improve Wrist Flexibility and Mobility

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