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Hey Live Leaners,

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, I’m going to share 1 training insider tip on how many pro athletes, US special forces, and MMA fighters build their incredible strength faster.

Train with THICKER barbells, dumbbells, pull up bars, and cable attachments.

Lifting with thicker bars increases the muscle fiber activation with your grip, forearms, biceps, and triceps. This activates more muscle fibers and can lead to greater strength and muscle gains in your upper body… especially your arms.

Say goodbye to chicken noodle arms.

Also a lot of people complain about symmetrical muscle imbalances such as one bicep being bigger than the other, thick bar training has also been shown to help re-balance right and left side strength imbalances.

Thick bar training is best used for curling and pulling movements like upright rows, preacher curls, and standing bicep curls. Some even use them for pushing motions and have reported that their joints felt better since it can relieve stress from the wrist, elbow and shoulder joints.

Unfortunately not many gyms are equipped with thick bars’¦

…and if they are, they’re super expensive to join.

But that’s all good. cause there’s a cheap, easy to travel with, and comparable solution.

Check these Fat Gripz out.

Fat Gripz

You can bring them to the gym and attach and detach them to barbells, dumbbells, chin up bars, or cable attachments (like a rowing machine bar).

 Fat Gripz

If you really want to build, bigger and stronger arms, focus on the lowering of the weight (called the eccentric or negative) during a bicep curl. slowing the eccentric will really fire up the burn and increase your forearm and grip strength.

 Fat Gripz


Your body is only as strong as it’s weakest link. 

So if your back and legs can deadlift 400lbs but your forearms can only do 200lbs’¦that’s going to limit your overall development.

These Fat Gripz can help strengthen your weakest link.

BUT you don’t need to use them for every pulling or curling workout. Just think of them as another tool in your toolbox of ways to build variety and throw a different stimulus at your body.

What Are Fat Gripz?

Fat Gripz

They’re made of a non slip, dense foam type device so they’ll last a long time and…

I’m pretty sure they also have a 60 day money back guarantee if you’re not happy with them.

So go check them out.

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Lets also get a conversation going in the comments section below’¦ what areas of your body do you consider your weak link? I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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Questions For You:

– What areas so you consider your weak points when it comes to strength?

– Have you ever used Fat Gripz?


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  3. Bought a pair after watching this video! Just did my first chest workout with them yesterday! They are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!! Thanks for the suggestion Brad!

  4. If you are looking to have an outstanding body, you should Google “Oak Muscle Method”. You are certainly end up getting the body you desire.

  5. Brad, I see almost all MEN on the sites with Fat Gripz – talk to me about benefits for females. I would love to increase muscle (at least a little more). Or, is this only a guy thing? 🙂

    1. Hey Glenna, same benefits for females (don’t let the marketing distract you). The biomechanics of lifts for females and males are the same. You need grip strength to lift more, build more lean muscle, and burn more calories.

  6. My pecs are my weak links right now… im 163 pounds, 17 years old 6,1. Even though im in amazing shape my pecs are the one thing that is lacking. I can only bench 120 3×8! I dont understand why it may have to do with my smaller shoulders/runners physique? I am a competitive runner as wel

  7. I always have trouble with increasing my dead lift weight b/c of my weak grip on the weights. Thanks for sharing this great tip!! 🙂 LOVE the Live Lean Afterburn and Awaken the Abs programs! I’ve gained great muscle and lost inches all over! Thanks Brad! 🙂

  8. Loovee your videos.. I just have really trouble losing the inner thigh fat and my love handles i try to eat as healthy as i can and exercise a lot i just cant seem to lose these last like 20 pounds.. do you have a detox or cleansing videos?

  9. My arms are noodles. I hear a lot of people say you might have bad genetics for a certin type of muscle group. I think i believe this too. I was looking at my dads arms and they look just like mine just a bit bigger. He works in concrete so he’s always working those muscles. so i guess im going to have to work a bit harder when it comes to my arms. I think i might buy the fat gripz.

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