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6 Tips To Stop Cravings For Sweets And Junk Food At Night

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How To Stop Your Food Cravings At Night

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, I’m sharing 6 tips to stop cravings for sweets and junk food at night.

Are you one of the many people that constantly battles food cravings at night?

If so, I’m sharing the simple steps that I use to outlast my cravings for junk food all day long.

Let’s be real.

We all have all food cravings, whether it’s for:

  • cookies
  • sugary candy
  • chocolate
  • pizza
  • ice cream
  • salty french fries

Some people have their cravings mid-afternoon, while others have them late at night.

Before we move on, in the comments below, let me know what time of day do you mainly get your cravings?

My food cravings tend to be mid-morning or later at night.

2 Common Causes Of Food Cravings

We all get cravings for sweets and junk food.

However, the real difference between people who are Living Lean, and those who are not, is how we react to those food cravings.

Let me put it this way.

Just because you’re craving a chocolate bar, it does not mean your body actually needs a chocolate bar to survive.

These 2 common causes and triggers for sugar cravings go deeper than that.

#1. You’re Not Eating Enough Throughout The Day

These cravings for sweets and junk food could be caused by unbalanced hormones, such as low blood sugar levels, which is caused by not eating enough food throughout the day.

When this occurs at work, you know what happens next.

You leave the office for the day, and by the time you get home, you’re a freaking monster looking for the quickest rush of sugar you can get.

Sound familiar?

#2. You’re Stressed Or Depressed

Food cravings can also be caused by stress and depression.

In other words, we seek comfort food.

6 Tips To Stop Cravings For Sweets And Junk Food At Night

Here are 6 simple tips that I use to outlast my sweets and junk food cravings all day long.

#1. Start Your Day With A Glass Of Lemon Water

Lemon Water Benefits And How To Make Lemon Water

I start my day with a glass of lemon water.

By doing something healthy for your body first thing in the morning, you set up your day right.

To make lemon water, I simply mix a glass full of room temperature water, with half of the juice from one lemon.

#2. Drink Coconut Oil Coffee

Will Coconut Oil Coffee Break My Fast?

I find the combination of the MCT fats from the coconut oil and the caffeine from the coconut oil coffee helps lower my appetite.

I usually have one cup of coconut oil coffee in the morning and occasionally one cup in the mid-afternoon.

Give it a try.

#3. Eat A Breakfast Filled With Protein, Fat, And Fiber

The Best Breakfast For Weight Loss

I call this the PFF breakfast.

In other words, a breakfast meal comprised of:

I’ve talked about this meat and nuts breakfast numerous times here on the blog, and have shared many of my breakfasts every morning over on our 2nd YouTube vlog channel: Brad Gouthro TV.

I usually have an open faced egg omelet with:

This breakfast keeps me full, and helps my happy chemicals flow through my body all day long.

#4. Get In A Good Workout

Once again, when I do healthy things to my body, like working out, I feel better about fueling my body with really healthy food.

Ironically, it’s the days where I’m not as active that I have the most cravings.

#5. Planning And Preparing Your Meals And Snacks

How To Build Your Own Meal Plan

By having a meal plan, with food and snacks prepared and ready to go, it gives you a plan to follow.

It’s just like having a properly structured workout program to follow.

When you have a meal plan, you’ll feel more organized and more committed to sticking to it.

#6. Drink A Delicious And Soothing Tea And A Spoonful Of Nut Butter

green tea almond butter

When you get one of those late night junk food cravings, try drinking a soothing hot tea.

Hot tea always soothes me and gets rid of my cravings at night.

If that’s not enough, take a spoonful of almond butter.

This is a healthy way to hit the spot.

Bottom Line On How To To Stop Cravings For Sweets And Junk Food At Night

Everyone has cravings.

However, what separates the Live Leaners from the rest, is how we react to it.

As Live Leaners, we give ourselves one cheat meal a week, if we stick to our workouts and healthy eating.

In this case, feed your junk food cravings during your well earned cheat meals.

However, be sure to get right back on track after that cheat meal is over.

How To Get Back On Track After Binging (or Vacation)

If you’re looking to minimize cravings throughout the week, try implementing these 6 steps into your day.

They’ve done wonders for me and many other Live Leaners.

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Question Of The Day:

  • What time of day do you mainly get your cravings?
  • Which sweets and junk food do you crave the most?

Share your experiences in the comment section below.

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32 responses to “6 Tips To Stop Cravings For Sweets And Junk Food At Night

  1. I am a night owl and I have my bad food cravings at night (sugar!). I
    should just go to bed, but the later I stay up, the higher my cravings get!
    My willpower is best every morning, but I really don’t like waking up early

  2. Late at night i have been trying to lose mg belly fat for 2years but i cant
    find the right workout can u help me

  3. Coconut coffee?? Say whhhhaaaaat?!?!?! Oh its on tomorrow morning. Can’t
    wait to check that out!!!

  4. Hey Brad! Does dark chocolate (1-2 cubes) mixed with a bit of nut butter
    and fruit, in your opinion count as a huge cheat? How much could it spike
    your blood sugar? Reason why I ask is because I tend to get low blood sugar
    and the chocolate (not all the time, but 1-2 a week) tends to balance me
    out for the afternoon until about 3-4. Thanks, Mike

  5. Hey Brad great tips. I don’t like coffee, but with all the other tips I
    think I can survive thanks bro. Big fan

  6. I was just wondering your opinion on intermittent fasting combined with a
    program like yours how do you feel about that?

  7. I have cravings in the early morning. Then mid-morning. Late morning. Early
    afternoon. Mid afternoon. Late afternoon. Early evening. At night. Then at
    midnight. Other than that, no real cravings to speak of.

  8. Good tips buddy. I already do the lemon water in the morning. Will try the
    other 5 out. Love the humor. COOKIES!!! That was funny as sh$t!

  9. gr8 episode!
    something that helps me at night to not eat anymore even when I do have the
    is I brush my teeth and that helps to not eat anymore!

  10. I have coconut oil coffee pre workout and post workout breakfast I have a
    coffee protein shake. So that I can have that extra boost of energy to keep
    me going for the day… Is that healthy?

  11. I found that after years of living lean, you just don’t get the cravings
    anymore. If I do want something, it is because I want it, not crave it.
    It is just a byproduct of living lean. Cravings are hard to combat for a
    lot of people. The best thing is like Brad said, get that PFF breakfast in
    ya. So many people have a poor breakfast that it just sets them up for a
    bad day. Start right and you will have a much easier time. Great tips.
    Thanks for the vid.

  12. Brad I know I have been commenting on ur videos for a while but I fell off
    the paleo diet and started bulking,I’m now the heaviest I’ve ever been put
    on some good muscle and fat obviously haha but it’s now time to start
    living lean again so I’m back with u! Need to lose 8% bodyfat,tough times
    ahead, I always get cravings at night time when I’m settling down for the
    night I usually have a cuppa tea with a chocolate bar,I didn’t have one
    tonight so hopefully I can carry on being strong,I have 5bars in the
    freezer n I hope there’s still 5 in another 6days!

  13. I get cravings late at night… it’s like a version of the munchies 😛 I
    try to ignore it and sleep although I have given in a lot of times :/ I’ll
    try doing the things you talked about 🙂 Thank you so much as always!

    Something I’ve noticed is that most people go grocery shopping while
    hungry or on an empty stomach which makes them loose self-control and buy
    junk. Maybe you should o a video on that? 😛

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