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Why My Nutrition Advice Has Changed Over The Years

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4 Ridiculous Ideas On Health That Have Evolved

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, I’m sharing why my nutrition advice has changed over the years.

Some of my old school Live Lean TV YouTube subscribers, that have been around since early 2011, want to know why some of my nutrition ideas have changed since my earlier videos.

For example, I’ve received questions such as:

“Brad – If we’re supposed to reduce consumption of grains and dairy, why do you use them in your earlier cooking videos? Also, why were you so boring back then on camera?” 

If you want to watch an example of “old school boring Brad”, go check out my first ever, and at the time of this video, my most popular video yet, on lemon water.

Although I still drink lemon water every morning, and so should you, I have talked about specific foods, and used them in some of my old cooking shows that I don’t eat anymore. 

I’m mainly referring to dairy and grains.

The Truth About Whole Grains

Does this make me just another dumb flip-flopper?

Um no.

First of all, I’m “more smarter” than you think… or is it thunk 🤪?

If you think people can’t change their views on things based on new findings, you’d probably still think these 4 ridiculous ideas on health were true.

4 Ridiculous Ideas On Health That Have Evolved

#1. Coca-Cola was medicine

It’s true Coca-Cola was once marketed as a medicinal tonic. 

See the nurse in the above Coca-Cola ad?

Doctors and their silly medicines 🤪.

#2. You’d still believe virginity could be lost only once

Only once?

Wait a minute, isn’t that true? 

You’re telling me there’s such thing as vaginal restoration surgery to tighten those muscles?

Okay, moving on.

#3. Cigarette smoking was healthy and did not cause cancer 

Or what about the earlier views that cigarette smoking was healthy and did not cause cancer.

Of course this study was sponsored by cigarette companies. 

Those greedy SOBs.

#4. There was no need to wash hands before surgery

Or what about before the 19th century doctors didn’t think they needed to wash their hands to get rid of germs before surgery. 

That’s just nasty.

Why My Nutrition Advice Has Changed Over The Years

So if you’ve wondered why my views on nutrition have evolved, here’s my point.

My views on fitness and nutrition have evolved and will continue to evolve. 


Because I’m a big time reader and am constantly learning from the best of the best and applying these new findings to my own lifestyle.

Never stop learning

So I’ll leave you with this.

If there is one thing i am certain of, it’s that i will never be certain about anything again.  

Thanks for listening to my rant Live Leaners.


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0 responses to “Why My Nutrition Advice Has Changed Over The Years

  1. @DiegoAguilar i drink lemon water for the alkaline benefits (best to just watch the video). But yes, bell peppers are very high in vitamin C. And yes, it’s important to brush your teeth.

  2. Nice I love those 5 things that have changed. I still love reading my grandmother’s cookbooks with little helpful hints like “How to have potatoes at every meal” or “Why you should use more lard”. I always wonder why my future grandkids will tease me about some day. Oh well, at least I’m trying ?

  3. Hi Brad! Just a quick doubt, (and sorry if you talked about this in the water-lemon video, but my English it’s not so good):
    Do you drink the lemon water because of the C vitamine or for the citric acid? I heard that the green pepper has more C vitamine than the lemon. Also, I have some friends that are odontologists, and they do not recommend to abuse of the lemons because the citrics can wear down the protection of the teeth in some persons. Thanks for your work.

  4. Yikes! But I reserve the right to have a Coke when my stomach is upset, or on a turbulent flight, or out of a glass bottle on a hot summer day ….

  5. Don’t worry Brad. I was vegetarian for about 20 years and now I am eating low carb, high fat and MEAT. My vegetarian friends are shocked but I am the one overweight and with type 2 diabetes. People evolve, knowledge evolve and the smartest thing to do is when realise your mistakes to correct them.

  6. Hey off topic. I just ate about 75% of my carbs for the day in about 1 hour. Is this okay. I feel soooo stuffed!!!!!

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