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The Cure Your Hangover Workout

Best Workout After A Hangover

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, I’m taking you through the Cure Your Hangover workout.

So here’s the situation.

You went out last night, and drank just a little bit too much.

When you got up the next morning, you felt like crap!

Does that mean you get a free pass to be lazy all day?


Remember, you made the choice to put yourself in this position.

Now it’s time to make the choice to help your body get rid of all those nasty toxins from the alcohol.

Here are the best ways to cure a hangover:

The best ways to cure a hangover are too:

This is where the Cure Your Hangover Workout comes in to play.

If you’re determined to get a workout in, but you don’t want to leave your house, I’m hooking you up with this morning after, detox workout.

This is the best workout after a hangover as it’s going to help you cure your hangover, get rid of all the toxins in your body, and kick start your day to get back on your Live Lean journey.

Plus, you don’t have to leave your home, you don’t have to put any make up on, and you don’t need to put on your fancy gym clothes.

All you need is your bodyweight.

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But before we get started, it is very important that you drink a lot of water before, during, and after this cure your hangover workout.

This is very important since you’re already in a dehydrated state.

Drinking more water is going to act as liquid energy and be the hangover cure for your body.

Trust me, you may not feel like doing this hangover workout in the beginning, but once you get into it, you’re going to be feeling good.

Lets do this!

cure your hangover workout

The Cure Your Hangover Workout

Here’s how the cure your hangover workout is structured:

Total time:

Less than 15 minutes.

Type of workout:

HIIT circuit training: complete one exercise after the other, moving quickly between exercises, without taking breaks.

Be sure to finish all the indicated reps before you move on to the next exercise.

If you need a break, take a quick breather, drink some water, and get back into it.

If you feel like completing 2 circuits, at the end of the first circuit, take a 90 second rest, then repeat.

Number of Circuits:

1-2 circuits: 1 circuit is all you need, however if you feel good, feel free to complete one more circuit, for a total of 2 circuits.


Click the links below for a step-by-step exercise demonstration of each exercise.

A1. Incline Towel Row

Reps: 15 reps

Rest: 0 seconds (or as little as possible).


Coaching cues: Affixing a bed sheet or a towel around a sturdy object like a stair railing is a great way to target the muscles in the back, while training at home, with no equipment.

Please ensure you take extra pre-caution when securing the bed sheet or towel around a sturdy object. The last thing you want to do is fall flat on your back, especially when you’re hungover!

To make the towel row easier, bend your knees, or go with straight legs to make it more difficult. Keep your back flat, pull your shoulder blades back, and keep your elbows tight to your sides. Pull your body up while squeezing your shoulder blades back and together.

A2. Speed Squat

Reps: 50 reps

Rest: 0 seconds (or as little as possible).


Coaching cues: Also known as the bodyweight squat. Keep your feet shoulder width apart, then pretend like you are about to sit in a chair, then stand back up.

By now you should be feeling the sweat. Pretend like the sweat are the toxins leaving your body!

A3. Push Up

Reps: 30 reps

Rest: 0 seconds (or as little as possible).


Coaching cues: if the standard push up is too hard for you, you can do an incline push up, or the push up from your knees. But try to challenge yourself by completing as many reps of the standard push up first, with proper form. If you can’t complete 30 push ups in a row, pause for a quick breather, then keep going. Don’t move on to the next exercise until you finish all 30 reps.

A4. Jumping Jacks

Reps: 75 reps

Rest: 0 seconds (or as little as possible).


Coaching cues: Yes, 75 jumping jacks! After you finish all the reps, move directly into the bicycle crunch.

A5. Bicycle Crunch

Reps: 30 reps/side

Rest: 0 seconds (or as little as possible).


Coaching cues: Bring your elbow to the opposite knee in a controlled manner to really feel the contraction of every rep. Don’t forget to breath out hard with every exhalation to further contract your abs.

A6. Alternating Forward Lunge

Reps: 20 reps/leg

Rest: 0 seconds (or as little as possible).


Coaching cues: if you want to challenge yourself, place your hands behind your head to do the prisoner lunge. Focus on keeping your back flat.

A7. Mountain Climber

Reps: 30 reps/side

Rest: 0 seconds (or as little as possible).


Coaching cues: You should be feeling awesome at this point. After completing 30 reps per leg of the mountain climber, take another drink of water and move on to the last exercise.

A8. High Knee Taps

Reps: 25 reps/leg

Rest: 0 seconds (or as little as possible).


Coaching cues: this is your last exercise to get sweaty and get rid of those toxins. Pick up the intensity if you’re not sweating yet.

You just completed the cure your hangover workout

As mentioned, you can complete this hangover workout circuit one more time if you feel up for it.

However, completing just one circuit will help you sweat and start the process of getting rid of all those toxins out of your pores.

Plus, you just did what 98.48% of people wouldn’t do: workout after a hangover.

Well done.

Hangover cure bonus points

Don’t forget to go fill your water bottle back up and drink more water to cure that hangover.

If you really want to cure your hangover faster, and detoxify your body, drink some lemon water first thing when you get up.

And I just learned about this homemade hangover cure green detox drink from my friend Bex, at

This homemade green smoothie will help you get those vitamins back into your body that you depleted from drinking all that alcohol from the previous night.

Give it a try, you’re going to love it.

As always if you liked this cure a hangover workout, leave a comment below to let me know, click the social media logos to share this workout with your friends, and be sure to subscribe to our Live Lean TV YouTube channel.

Also be sure to check out my other workouts such as my 7 minute HIIT Full Body Hotel Room Workout.

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  1. I came across your youtube site by chance and I have to say that your info is great!! I’m 49 years old and have been following most of what you instruct, workout & nutrition, for years with only telling people that what I do works for me and so I just keep doing it. To the subject matter, on days that I do drink, I also do my detox workouts. People have thought I was crazy but it’s always made me feel better to sweat the demons out. Anyways, stat wise I’m 5’9″, 170, and typically between 5-7 percent bodyfat. Feel great and have unknowlingly been following the Paleo way of eating for years. I’ll be sure to share your info with others about your sites. Thanks again!!

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