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7 Min HIIT Full Body Hotel Room Workout

Hotel Room Workout – No Equipment Required

Yes, I’m filming today’s episode in a bedroom, not because I’ve switched into the other “film industry”, it’s because I’m taking you through a no equipment, bodyweight, follow along hotel room workout.

This is an excellent workout for when you’re traveling.

So think of my bedroom as a typical hotel room that you would stay in while you’re travelling.

Even though most hotels have gyms, they aren’t always the most welcoming or comfortable places to workout.

Think about it, how welcoming is cramming 10 sweaty people into a 10′ x 10′ room.

Take my word for it, this can be a little tough on the nose!

Does that mean you can skip out on your workouts while you’re traveling?

Of course not.

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I have you covered with this Hotel Room Workout that only requires your bodyweight.

Yes, you can get in a muscle building and fat burning workout, even when in the confines of your own 10′ x 10′ hotel room.

7 Min HIIT Full Body Hotel Room Workout


Hotel Room Workout

Hotel Room Workout Exercises:

Here’s how this 7 minute HIIT Full Body Hotel Room Workout is structured:

Total time:

7 minutes – 45 minutes: each circuit takes approximately 7 minutes to complete.

If you finish all 6 circuits, this hotel room workout should take you up to 45 minutes.

Or you can do as little as 1-2 circuits if you’re in a rush (7-15 minutes).

Type of workout:

HIIT circuit training: complete one exercise after the other, taking only a 15 second rest in between exercises.

At the end of the circuit, take a 90 second rest, then repeat.

Number of Circuits:

1-6 total circuits: complete up to 6 circuits of this workout.


The goal is to keep the rest periods between each exercise very short in order to keep the heart rate elevated, thus increasing fat burning.

  • 15 seconds between each exercise
  • 90 seconds between each circuit


Click the links below for a step-by-step exercise demonstration of each exercise.

A1. Speed Squat

Reps: 30 reps

Rest: 15 seconds


Coaching cues: bend at the waist, then bend your knees. To ensure you’re getting low enough with the squat, touch your butt to a bench or bed. These are speed squats, so be sure to complete the reps with good form, but increase the speed to jack up your heart rate.

A2. Decline Push Up

Reps: 20 reps

Rest: 15 seconds


Coaching cues: we’re going for higher reps as this workout is only using your bodyweight. To complete the decline push up, place your feet on a bed or bench, with your hands directly below your shoulders. Contract your core to ensure your hips don’t sag during the push up. You may feel a little head rush from being upside down, so keep breathing.

A3. Bodyweight Bulgarian Split Squat

Reps: 15 reps/leg

Rest: 15 seconds


Coaching cues: the first exercise targeted the legs, the second exercise targeted the chest, this exercise is back to targeting the muscles in the quads and glutes. Place your foot up on a bench or bed, contract your core to find your balance, then lower your body ensuring your knee is in alignment with your ankle. Press through the grounded foot to rise back up.

If you lose count of your reps, always complete more than you think you did. We call those bonus reps!

Shake it out and move on to the next exercise.

A4. Spiderman Push Up

Reps: 12 reps/side

Rest: 15 seconds


Coaching cues: this is another chest exercise that also pulls in more core strength as you drive your knees to your elbows at the bottom of the push up. 12 reps/side may burn you out. If it does, take a quick breather, than get back into it and finish all the reps.

A5. Step Over To Duck Under

Reps: 12 reps/side

Rest: 15 seconds


Coaching cues: as you can tell, this workout does not require a lot of room. That’s what makes it a great hotel room workout. To perform this exercise, pretend like there is a trip wire to step over, then another wire to duck under, similar to a boxing move. This exercise will help open up your hips and hit your legs with more squats.

A6. Hand Walkout

Reps: 8 reps

Rest: 90 seconds


Coaching cues: last exercise of this circuit, so use up that 15 second break to allow your heart rate to drop. This is a great overall core stability exercise. Ensure you maintain a flat back with your core contracted the entire time to prevent your hips from sagging. Continue walking your hands out and then back in again.

That’s 1 circuit.

Your heart rate should be pumping after just one circuit.

There’s only 6 exercises in a circuit, so work your way up to completing six circuits.

This would give you an excellent 40 minute bodyweight workout in your hotel room.

No excuses.

This is proof that you can get an excellent muscle building and fat burning workout in, even when you’re in the confines of your own 10′ x 10′ private hotel room.

So there you go guys, thanks for tuning in to another episode.

Hopefully enjoyed that workout and you’re going to use it when you’re traveling, when you have no equipment at home, or wherever you need to get a workout in.

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