#1 Reason You Should Have A Glass Of Red Wine


How Much Resveratrol Is In Red Wine?

On today’s episode I’m going to share the #1 reason why you should have a glass of wine.

Welcome everyone to Live Lean TV, I am your host Brad Gouthro, the #1 expert teaching you how to Live Lean.

I’m so glad that you guys are loving these episodes so I’m excited to share this one with you too.

It’s all about the reason why you should enjoy a glass of red wine. That’s right. Enjoy a glass of red wine.

Here’s why.

Polyphenols are a plant compound, which studies show may help turn on your anti-aging genes. The type of polyphenol that is very powerful is called resveratrol.

Studies show that the resveratrol in red wine, dark grapes, and grape juice may extend life and improve the quality of life by reducing the risk of cancer and tumor growth.

It’s a powerful antioxidant, it helps reduce inflammation and decrease insulin resistance which helps regulate blood sugar.

This is important, because as you know, when your blood sugar is balanced, you decrease the risk of storing sugar as fat.

But hold up.

Here’s what many people don’t realize.

Many studies show the daily dosage required to get the optimal health benefits from resveratrol is 250 mg.

So how many glasses of red wine would you need to drink to hit that dosage?

Well let me put it this way, you’d have to drink a liter of red wine just to get between 1-12 mg resveratrol.

Not even close to the 250 mg optimal dosage.

So the only real safe way to get it, without becoming an alcoholic, would be to take a concentrated resveratrol supplement.

But quickly, if you decide to supplement with it, which I personally haven’t yet, be aware that not all resveratrol supplements are created equal. The most important thing to look for on the label is the amount of trans-resveratrol. This form seems to be where the benefits lie.

#1 Reason You Should Have A Glass Of Red WineFor example, if you look at Myprotein’s TRANS RESVERATROL supplement, the label shows 98% at 125mg.

#1 Reason You Should Have A Glass Of Red Wine

Here’s a LINK to that supplement and be sure to use my Myprotein discount coupon code: GOUTHRO or GOUTHROUK to save some money if you want to try it out. Would love to hear what you think of it.

So…if a glass of red wine doesn’t really come close to hitting the optimal amount of resveratrol, why should you drink it?

Well any amount of trans-resveratrol will provide you with some health benefits.

But more importantly, if you’re eating healthy, working out, sleeping well, and you enjoy the taste or the social experience of enjoying a glass of red wine with friends and family, do it. I’m not saying you need wine to have fun or socialize, all I’m saying is Living Lean is a lifestyle. It’s about balance.

Earlier in my journey, I was too strict. I wasn’t flexible. And my social life took a hit because of it.

I now realize, as you see on our 2nd YouTube channel BGTV…that you can have it all, in moderation. On BGTV a few weekends ago, we showed you when Jess and I were at a Five Four event enjoying some drinks.

But be smart. Just don’t over do it, especially if you’re really dialed in as alcohol can create issues with the liver and your metabolism, which of course is not good for weight loss or Living Lean.

And if you don’t drink wine, and you don’t want to look like that weird person at the party drinking water. Enjoy a glass of grape juice. Looks like wine and has some resveratrol benefits.

Balance and moderation is what Living Lean is all about.

So hope you guys have enjoyed this episode on wine.

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  1. Great tips! I’m constantly overwhelmed by choice in the supermarkets, and since I can’t exactly ask an employee for a great wine recommendation I’m sure they’d look at me like I came from another planet. so not in their job descriptions, I always end up going with the same couple of standbys. Time to branch out into some new stuff, I love it.

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