How I GAINED & LOST 6 lbs Over The Holidays #LLTV


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How I Lost Weight Fast & Safely

Hey Live Leaners,

I’m back from Bermuda and feeling the effects of too many toxins and not enough movement…and GAINING 6 lbs!

Yes, during these 2 days of “fun”, I actually gained 6 lbs. However, in only 1 day after I returned home, I lost these 6 lbs of weight fast!

Was this 6 lbs of fat? How did I lose the weight so fast?

Find out the answers and my strategies to lose weight fast in today’s Live Lean TV video.

PS. I also share a clip of a video of me jumping into the ocean on Christmas day.


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Questions For You:

– Did you stick to eating clean and working out during the holidays?

– If so, what did you eat and how did you move your body?


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The Afterburn Effect Workout



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Brad Gouthro is the founder of Live Lean TV, a media company focused on helping men and women “Live Lean” 365 days a year. Brad’s programs and content have helped millions of people all over the world learn how to get in shape, and more importantly, sustain it for life.

0 responses to “How I GAINED & LOST 6 lbs Over The Holidays #LLTV

  1. Great tips Brad!! Glad you had a great holiday, and yes time to back into better habits I am right here with ya!

  2. @Brad Gouthro I am a guy who’s skinny trying to gain muscle and weight but eating healthy to do so. Are their certain foods and drinks that are good for me in my situation . Thanks ahead of time for the advice

  3. For the most part kept it pretty “healthy”…allowing myself a bit more starch. A couple of wraps. But didn’t do any kind of full out cheat meals. Trying not to be so strict right now and just go with the flow. I’ll be starting back with my training on the 1st.
    However, I’ve been taking a little bit of a break with the training…doing more walking and lighter workouts.
    This isn’t any kind of new year’s resolution. I think that everyone needs a break here and there. I usually take a block of time off every several months…..maybe 4 days. And then during the holidays try to keep it no a minimum.
    Cheat meals are part of a healthy regime….

  4. I love Live Lean Afterburn! I have lost over 2 pounds in 1 week (not just water!). Do you have a list of HIIT exercises that can be done at home? I would love to have a list to go through (for variety) every time HIIT comes up on my schedule. I watched the video from October that gave some great exercises. More please! Thanks for all you do to help keep us healthy!

    1. Congrats on the quick results Glenna. I love hearing these stories! I hope you took your before pics!! Keep your eyes out for Live Lean Meltdown in Jan/Feb. It’s my new at home DVD HIIT workout. You’ll love it. Also you could do 1-3 rounds of any of my tabata workouts for your HIIT day. Click on the category link “Tabata Workouts” in the side bar at the bottom of this page for all those workouts.

  5. I AM SHOCKED! SHOCKED I TELL YOU! SUGAR, ALCOHOL, BREAD….. WTF WERE YOU THINKING!!!!!! I AM APPALLED BY YOUR VACATION BEHAVIOR! Disgusting. I am not sure I can ever look at you the same way, EVER again…….

    Okay, JUST KIDDING – you’re only human right? I just happen to be SUPER HUMAN who never ever ever ever “cheats”… My cheat is eating far too much salmon or winter squash, lol! Now you give me a tub of that stuff and it’s gone in 10 minutes… Wait no, 5. lol

    PS: When we going to sushi, wait, no, excuse me, SASHIMI!?!?!

        1. I’m an east-sida … but i do have some business in Cali to attend too (in fact I’ve been thinking of packing up and living there for the winter)… regardless of how it plays out, once i make the trip lets get together for a bite and vid!

  6. Great video and message to get out, gaining 6lbs of fat in two days is not possible! I maintained my regular “everything in moderation” diet and worked out a couple of times, it was nice to be home and to workout with my husband!

  7. Great vid! I just got back from a bike ride and some healthy eating, good to be back. And thanks for your photoshoot prep video, I followed it and took over a thousand pics! All of em turned out great, cheers.


  8. Workouts were similar but I did eat more treats but made sure I (a) fasted afterwards and/or (b) ate more vegetables during the day to compensate. Btw: I’ve learned that oranges help settle my stomach after “some” chocolate. With it settled I was able to get out for a workout sooner and had higher energy energy levels. Oh…I’m getting into mangos more!

  9. I was on 4 nights of straight midnights at work, felt hungry so i ate a few broccoli or two…shhh… but also people brought in treats i tried to limit it to one maybe two, but Christmas Eve, I had cabbage rolls, perogies and treats. No alcohol for me this year!! Christmas Day I made breakfast, eggs, turkey baconnuts, fruit. Then at dinner atmum’s turkey dinner with everything. But still had sweets. Mostly dark chocolates. All in all I tried to be good. but was naughty. 🙂

  10. I took Christmas and boxing day off, had lots of my mom’s homemade bread and some sweets (cheesecake)! Did a butt workout Thursday an some hill sprints yesterday! Back on the horse.

  11. On christmas day i got up to make some coffee and found some Baileys Irish Cream so filled my mug up with that, then I ate a big bar of chocolate and went back to bed 😀

    I’m back on my high fat diet now, which I love 😛 I have loads of equipment in my bedroom so i roll out of bed every so often and do some HIITs then go and lie down again lol

  12. We got lots of food as presents!!! Arghh!!!! But just means it will test our discipline to see if we can save it for treat days!! I started the after burn just before xmas, but now Im ill 🙁 but gonna crack on with it as soon as im better!

  13. Most of my presents were chocolate and cheese boards……very bloated but now starting tabata and crossfit training again

  14. Since you asked, I ate about half a pizza, Indian food, ate out multiple times – Chipotle, thai food and what not. I was feeling pretty short about myself, a lot if guilt and then by chance I found your channel. I have been watching every video back to the back for the last couple of days. I am inspired to workout. I did tabata every day for the last 3 days, threw in some strength training too and now I am feeling much better about myself. Thanks to your channel!

  15. Lots of (salty) food, lots of chocolate over Christmas week. On the 26th i hit it hard after nearly a week off with weighted squats, deadlifts, and a few tabata sessions, more tabata on the 27th, and just today (28), just logged a 7.5 mile run. Feeling amazing and not dwelling over the mindless eating lately. Happy holidays Brad!

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