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Best Carbohydrates to Live Lean

What are the best carbs to Live Lean?

Not all carbs are created equal! Some carbs will help your fat loss progress while other will slow it down making it harder for you to live lean 365. In this video you’ll see a demonstration of some of the very best carb sources as well as a list of our top live lean foods that can maximize your results.

Certain types of Carbs can make you healthier and more energetic while accelerating your fat loss results!

Today we’re talking about Carbohydrates. I’m sure you’ve heard this line before “carbs make you fat bro” and you’re probably totally bummed out because let’s face it, carbs are freaking delicious. Low carb diets tend to have better fat loss results. Well good news live lean nation, you DO NOT have to cut out carbs from your diet. Simply choose the right sources of carbs and you’ll be living lean in no time.

There are a whole bunch of Live Lean friendly carbs

Carbs are not to be feared, you just have to know how to use them in the right way and choose the right types. When
positioned properly in your diet you can enjoy sweet and starchy carbs and actually benefit your body and boost your ability to stay lean all year round. I have lemons, kiwis, oranges, kale, tomatoes, sweet potato, onion, cantaloupe, banana, strawberries, grapes, arugula, celery, and this is just a sample of what we have in our kitchen at one time.

Don’t look for carb sources from foods like bread, cereal, bagels, etc.. Look for foods that are higher in vitamins, nutrients and minerals. Toss the boxed and processed foods and start eating real whole foods.
If you have been living lean for a while now and you’re ready to “dial it in” and get serious about your results, then you’ll want to start using our Meal Planner Software. For a complete list of the best food sources for living lean, and the ability to perfectly portion foods for your goals pick up our Meal Planner Software, found in the STORE PAGE

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The Meal Planner Software allows you to select a food from our list of Live Lean approved food sources and determine how much of each food you’ll need to reach your daily macro and calorie goals.

Best Carbohydrates to Live Lean

Here’s what a Meal Plan from Team Live Lean looks like: You’ll know exactly what to eat for each meal of each day, PLUS there is a video of step by step instructions on how to prepare each meal

Best Carbohydrates to Live Lean

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Thanks for your comments, & KEEP! Living Lean!

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47 responses to “Best Carbohydrates to Live Lean

  1. Looking good Jess, Brad is a lucky man, happy for you guys ?. Love the
    tips, will run them by my wife.

  2. Great stuff. Veggies the best. I love so many of them. I have no problem
    having lots in the day. Makes it much easier not hating veggies. Thanks
    for the vid.

  3. My only carb sources are veggies, sweet potatoes and fruits but the fiber
    bloat is insane! I follow intermittent fasting with two large meals and my
    fiber is over 100grams daily!

  4. Sweet potatoes have alot have Vit A. Will it be dangerous if i consume one
    large a day or two consistently? Thanks.. I also get 5000IU from my vit A
    supplement and it said 1,0000 IU a day is upper limit

  5. Great video Jess! People think all carbs are bad. The truth is people
    demonize all carbs. Actually when its refined carbs is what we should stay
    away from!

  6. I would think higher carbs before your exercise and more greens with fruit
    and starchy carbs after)

  7. Basically no process carbs … I stopped the bread and replaced it with
    nuts and vegetables … Lost a lot of weight because your blogs ☺️

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