The Mediterranean Diet – Your Alternative To Paleo? #LLTV


What Is The Mediterranean Diet?

Over the last 2 episodes, I shared my thoughts on the Paleo Diet and the Juice Cleanse Diet. The last “diet” I want to talk about is the Mediterranean Diet.

If you’ve never heard of the Mediterranean Diet before, it’s basically how typical people of the Mediterranean eat…

Creative name…I know.

Studies have shown the Mediterranean Diet is linked to lowering disease and cancer risk and can increase longevity. Win and win.

Here’s how the Mediterranean Diet works…

It’s a natural diet focusing on protein, heart healthy fats, and lower in refined carbohydrates. Here’s a look at a typical Mediterranean Diet food pyramid:

The Mediterranean Diet

Mediterranean Diet Food Pyramid Source

Typical Mediterranean Diet Foods:

Smaller meals are typically consumed throughout the day consisting of…

Primary Foods: 

– Seasonal and locally grown fresh vegetables

– Fish

– Olive oil

Secondary Foods:

– Fruits (mainly eaten for dessert)

– Yogurt

– Cheese

– Eggs

– Wine (in moderation)

– Nuts

– Seeds

– Legumes

– Whole grains (but not the kinds in your favorite boxed cereal)

The Mediterranean Diet vs. The Paleo Diet:

The majority of foods found in the Mediterranean Diet are those that we consumed 30 years ago. So it’s similar to my fav, the paleo diet, but different in that it doesn’t have as much red meat, and doesn’t limit grains as much.

Even though it’s not exactly like the foods our cavemen ancestors ate, it is much better than the processed laboratory food most people eat today.

However, numerous studies show a higher protein diet like the paleo diet is more effective for fat loss and muscle gain than the mediterranean diet.

If for some reason you just don’t have the temporary will power to give up your whole grains, and I say temporary, because your body will eventualy adapt to not crave refined carbs anymore…the Mediterranean diet is a decent option.

Bottom line…

mediterranean diet

Food marketers are in the business of feeding the world. They’re NOT in the business of nourishing the world.

Big difference.

Think about that the next time you’re eating. Are you “feeding” yourself or are your “nourishing” yourself?

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17 responses to “The Mediterranean Diet – Your Alternative To Paleo? #LLTV

  1. Not sure if this vid was a sell point for your book or an instructional
    serious vid about the Mediterranean diet. Too short really for it to be an
    instructional video.

  2. I’m confused though. You go back and forth between saying that paleo eliminates grains and advising people to eat less refined carbs. These are not always the same thing. No refined carbs makes complete sense but why not whole grians or unrefined carbs?

  3. I wish everyone could listen to your wisdom and enthusiasm..when I watch
    your videos, I get motivated immediately!

  4. You know, here in my country you have to be wealthy to eat meat every day,
    so some don´t have the money to temporary leave grains, talking of black
    beans, corn tortillas and some other whole grains of course, in my case i
    try to eat healthy with no white bread, pasta, diary, junk food and other
    processed foods, but this grains are like the essencial for the family
    economy, what do you think of that? Thanks and greetings

  5. Sharing my experience from yesterday. I have been eating lean and
    exercising none stop for all January and I feel great. Yesterday I had to
    go buy lunch befor going to the office and waited for 15 min. looking for a
    a parking spot. No luck getting the spot so I ended going to the McDonalds
    next to the salad bar. I have not eaten junk for for over 20 days and
    honestly, now I feel bad. The burger just tasted like crap, no flavor what
    so ever. I bought the combo due to necessity and thinking (my cheat meal
    for the month) but honestly not worth it, though It would tast good and not
    at all. Better off just eating right and enjoying the flavors of real food.

    For all you out there, its just not worth it. Once you get used to eating
    real food, you start enjoying them and feeling great. Use your cheat meal
    only if you really have to, otherwise your better off eating lean.

  6. hey brad where do you get energy for your workouts following paleo do you
    use starchy carbs if so when do you eat them, cheers mate.

  7. Would you like to grab a nice GINORMOUS salmon fillet with me?! I am
    thinking I might try and catch it with my bare hand and… Eat it raw like
    a BEAR! Oooo See what I did there?

  8. You’re starting to remind me of the “shamwow” guy of the fitness industry.
    I think that’s a compliment. Not sure.

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