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What’s the Best Diet?

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Have you tried every diet and still struggle with fat loss?

I’ve been around the dieting block!

I became interested in fitness and fat loss in my early 20’s and proceeded to try every diet ever invented. (or at leas that’s how it felt).

Some of the more extreme ones I tried:

A 7 day Fast as a Detox: I went 7 straight days with NO FOOD and only water. It was brutal, I was starving, and I did lose weight, but it all came back and then some.

A Leek Soup Diet: I had nothing but leek soup the majority of the day and only one solid meal per day. Again, I lost weight, but also damaged my metabolism in the process and ended up gaining more fat afterward.

The Green-Faces Diet: Strictly meat and green vegetables only. (very similar to the Atkins or the hugely popular Keto diet now a days, except much lower in fats). This helped me maintain more lean muscle and shred off all my body fat, but I was miserable, I felt very carb depleted and after a few weeks on it I started binging on carbs in an unhealthy way.

The Vegan Diet: For 4 months in preparation for a bikini contest I ate only plant foods, no meat, eggs, or dairy. I used Pea, Hemp and Rice protein to supplement, as well as B vitamins. Again I did get lean but the drawbacks were the gas, bloating and social aspects.

So what did I finally figure out after all this crazy dieting?

I finally figured out how to “Live Lean” Forever

Living Lean isn’t about being on a diet. It’s about discovering your motivations to continue on with healthy behaviors that keep you lean for the rest of your life.

I slowly repaired my metabolism and re-trained myself to think differently about food, and the rest is called “maintenance mode”

This “new way of thinking” is the very thing that got me OFF diets forever and made it easier than ever to get and stay lean, with NO bounce back effect, ever.

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Open enrollment is from May 8th 2018 to June 5th 2018

Looking forward to teaching you about what I eat and *how I think* about food to get and stay lean forever!

xo  -Jess


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