Unique Training Style That Kills Fat While You Sleep #LLTV


Do You Afterburn?

Live Lean Nation, today’s episode of Live Lean TV is dedicated to the guys. Why? Well I find most of the females (who are lifting weights and NOT walking on the treadmill) already have this one down.

Nice job ladies.

But if you are a female, it’s your duty to do any male in your a life a favor, and send them this video on the specific style of workouts that kills fat!

Even though the workout techniques I’m about to share work for both guys and girls, I find guys are slower to embrace these proven styles of hormone friendly, metabolism rocketing, and fat killing workouts.

Dudes getting it wrong

In other words, guys tend to focus on the wrong types of exercises (*cough* bicep curls), skipping the best exercises (squats, deadlifts, presses), take rest breaks that are too long, and are essentially just moving weight rather than creating tension in the muscle.

Come on fellas, if you’re still looking down at a flabby belly, it’s time to get out of your comfort zone and start using this style of training I like to call Afterburn Training.

If your primary goal is to…

Recompose your body for faster fat loss (and muscle gain)…

Forget about your typical straight set bodybuilding programs with 2 minute rest periods. Those workout principles work, but just not for optimal fat loss.

Here are 2 reasons why Afterburn Training works to recompose your flabby body into a lean and athletic looking machine faster!


Afterburn Training produces a hormonal cocktail of fat burning and muscle building responses in the body. I’m talking about the natural production of growth hormone and testosterone.

Here’s how it works:

Afterburn Training causes the body to produce and accumulate significant amounts of lactic acid in the body. You know that burning feeling in your muscles you get on those last few reps? Yeah that bad boy is lactic acid. And that burning is your friend because lactic acid production elevates growth hormone. Growth hormone burns fat and builds muscle. Win.

Afterburn training has also been linked to boost natural testosterone production and minimizes the fat storing effects of the cortisol hormone. Lowered cortisol and increased testosterone leads to more fat loss, more muscle, a stronger friend down below, and a happier significant other.

All these combinations of hormones not only burn fat, but they also build muscle, which in the long-term, elevates your metabolism so you burn more calories even while you sleep.

That leads me to’¦

#2. INCREASED CALORIE BURN – even while you sleep

This is caused by a phenomenon called the Afterburn Effect.

You can increase the afterburn effect in your body by doing the right types of exercises that recruit the most muscles, and by using specific rep, set, rest, and tempo counts that are proven to increase lactic acid burn and growth hormone.

Put all of this together in an overall workout and you will be experiencing a greater calorie burn even up to 48 hours after your leave the gym. Yeah, this means you’ll burn even more calories while you’re dreaming of Beyonce.


(*cough* I mean your wife).

This is because to repair and grow new muscle tissue after your Afterburn Training workouts, your body needs to further elevate your metabolism, thus burning more calories. Plus you’ll be building more muscle, and as you know, muscle increases metabolism thus burning more calories over the long-term. This all equals more calorie burn, more fat loss, more muscle, and probably more loving from your significant other.


If you want a workout program that removes all the guesswork and is designed using Afterburn Training exercises and protocols…

Check out my 12 week Live Lean Afterburn program.

Sample Afterburn Workout from one of the workouts from the 12 week Live Lean Afterburn program:

I promise both guys and girls have been experiencing incredible results when following the strategically planned workouts, exercises, rep and set ranges, rest periods, tempos, and workout formats to shed fat even while you sleep.

Your workouts will include circuit training, complex training, descending pyramid training, strength training, and my favorite…the ignite it up burners and 4 minute finishers.

The styles of workouts are always changing, so you will never be bored during the next 12 weeks.

I’ve included a sample Afterburn workout sheet from my 12 week Live Lean Afterburn program below as well as a workout video of me going through the workout.

Sample Workout Log From One Of The Live Lean Afterburn Workouts:

Live Lean Afterburn Sample Workout

And if you want the full 12 week program check out LiveLeanAfterburn.com to get that program and start living lean.

Keep living lean.


& Program Your Body To Burn Fat While You Sleep!

Live Lean AfterburnLiveLeanAfterburn.com

Leave a comment below to let me know if you’ve ever heard of the Afterburn Effect? Do you follow this style of Afterburn workouts?

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