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How To Lift To Get Toned [hint: NOT heavier weights!]


Muscle is the missing component when women lose weight but don’t look toned.

Do you know how you should lift if your goal is to get toned?

How to Lift to GET TONED [hint: NOT heavier weights]

If you’re not looking as “toned” as you want to it’s probably because of one of these 2 reasons:

1) Your bf% is too high covering up your muscle tone or
2) For lean women, muscle % is too low, not enough muscle to show “tone”

The solution to looking toned is 2 parts – Lose Fat & Build Muscle, losing fat comes down to your energy balance and getting your diet aligned with your needs.

If your workouts are only focused on Fat Loss you’ll eventually get to a point where you just look thin/skinny but not toned.

By adding more muscle, you’ll naturally boost your metabolism and make it easier to get lean.

In Today’s Episode we’re sharing with you a Shoulders/Calves workout from Live Lean MASS 2.0, led by Coach Brad that will help you add lean muscle to your body in a safe and effective way.

Watch as I go through each exercise in this 1 out of 24 awesome workouts in our new Live Lean MASS 2.0 program. Click here to get your copy:

Hopefully you see that lifting weights hasn’t made me bulky and I guarantee if you follow our programs you will not get bulky either!

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I love you guys and keep Living Lean.

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