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My Testosterone Level Results Revealed

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Before And After Testosterone Test Results

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, I’m revealing my testosterone level results from my latest testosterone test.

As you’re about to find out, more men need to see this.

Thanks to LetsGetChecked for sponsoring this post.

If you missed it, over on my Brad Gouthro TV vlog channel, I shared a quick and simple step-by-step video on How To Check Your Testosterone Levels At Home Without Seeing A Doctor.

How To Check Your Testosterone Levels At Home Without Seeing A Doctor

To recap, you simply get the test sent to you in the mail from LetsGetChecked.

Then all you have to do is prick your finger and follow the given simple step-by-step directions.

Once you collect the blood sample, simply mail it back for testing.

It’s Never Been This Simple To Test Your Testosterone Levels

Once your testosterone test has been analyzed, you’ll then have access to your results inside of the LetsGetChecked app.

This means you don’t have to put yourself at risk by visiting a doctor’s office.

After receiving your results, you’ll also have the option of discussing them with a nurse.

How I Doubled My Testosterone Levels

Before sharing the results from my testosterone test, I first want to share a quick story about my experience with low testosterone levels in my early 30s.

As a reference, I’m now 40 and have since doubled my testosterone levels.

Rather than re-sharing those 8 ways, here’s a link to how I naturally doubled my testosterone levels.

How To Boost Testosterone Naturally For Men

The response to this testosterone post was eye opening.

Not only based on all the private DM’s I was receiving on Instagram, but it’s also been the highest viewed video over the past few months on our Live Lean TV YouTube channel.

Based on this response, and from talking to various doctors, it’s clear that low testosterone has become a major issue with men, even in their 20s and 30s.

Even with that said, it’s unfortunate that there is still an embarrassing stigma around having low testosterone.

The good news is, you shouldn’t have to feel embarrassed about it anymore, because you’re not alone.

My Experience With Low Testosterone In My Early 30s

Here’s a quick recap of my story when I first learned about having lower testosterone levels back when I was 31 years old.

Just as a reference, this was before I was making content for Live Lean TV.

Here’s how I found out that I had lower testosterone levels in my early 30s.

At the time, one of my personal training clients was a doctor.

Since I was very keen on optimizing my diet and supplementation, I asked him to run some blood tests to see if I should be supplementing with any particular vitamins and minerals.

The Journey To My Healthy Diet Routine

At the time, the goal of this blood test had nothing to do with testosterone.

Although looking back at it, I do remember my sex drive seemed lower than normal.

But at the time, I just attributed that to being tired, and to be transparent, being with the same partner for 7 years.

My Doctor Was Shocked At My Testosterone Level Results

Once my blood tests came back, my doctor said everything was great, except for one thing that kind of surprised him.

It was my testosterone levels.

At the time, I remember being over stressed with work, and not sleeping well.

On top of that, I was doing hard two a day workouts, 5 days a week, including 6 cardio workouts.

I was also following a typical bodybuilder diet comprised of low fat, higher carbohydrate foods.

Based on all of this, I found out my testosterone levels were in the 300s, which were low, especially for a healthy looking 31 year old.

After doing a lot of research on how to naturally conquer low testosterone, I pretty much changed up my entire workout schedule and diet.

how to naturally conquer low testosterone

This included less cardio, more recovery, and switching my macronutrient ratios to have more fat and less carbohydrates.

These principles became the foundation of what I started teaching on Live Lean TV and including in our workout and nutrition programs.

With all that said, here are my testosterone level results as a 40 year old, with 2 young kids.

Here’s How To Get Your Testosterone Level Results

  1. Simply open up the LetsGetChecked app.
  2. Tap the Results tab.
  3. Click on Male Hormone.

I selected the Advanced Male Hormone Test which, in addition to testosterone, tests the following other various biomarkers:

  • Testosterone
  • Sex Hormone Binging Globulin (SHBG)
  • Prolactin
  • Estradio
  • Free Androgen Index

My Testosterone Level Results Revealed

Here are the results of my latest testosterone test results:

My Testosterone Level Results Revealed
  • Testosterone: 621 ng/dL
  • Sex Hormone Binging Globulin (SHBG): 47.3 nmol/L
  • Prolactin: 13.6ng/mL
  • Estradio: 18 pg/mL
  • Free Androgen Index: 49

My testosterone level is double my levels as a 31 year old.

They’re also steadily going up since my last two testosterone level tests:

  • March 2018: 567 ng/dL
My Testosterone Level Results Revealed
  • July 2018: 601 ng/dL
My Testosterone Level Results Revealed

We Need To Focus On Optimizing Our Testosterone Levels

Even if you’re not showing any signs of low testosterone, I still recommend you find out your testosterone count.

Once you get that baseline test, then you can work towards improving it with our Live Lean programs.

Here’s a link to LetsGetChecked to get your testosterone levels checked at home, without seeing a doctor.

Use coupon code: LEAN30 to save some money.

*This is an affiliate link for LetsGetStarted. I receive commission when people use this link.

Rather than ignoring this issue, because it may seem embarrassing, let’s face it head on, and change it naturally.


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