The 4 Minute Tabata Workout To Drop Two Sizes! @TLF_Apparel #TLFApparel #LLTV


Drop Two Sizes With This 4 Minute Tabata Routine

Live Lean Nation,

Get ready for this brand new 4 minute tabata workout just uploaded to Live Lean TV! I’m declaring this tabata routine the workout to Drop Two Sizes! That’s right, in just 4 minutes you will be torching your metabolism and blasting stubborn fat.

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The 4 Minute Tabata Workout To Drop Two Sizes!

A1. All Out Sprints x 20 sec

A2. Walking Lunges x 20 sec

A3. Bench Jumps (see video for low impact modification) x 20 sec

A4. Side To Side Mountain Climbers x 20 sec

A5. Lateral Moving High Knees x 20 sec

A6. Alternating Uneven Plank x 20 sec

A7. Plyometric Step Ups (see video for low impact modification) x 20 sec

A8. Diagonal Mountain Climbers

Rest 10 sec between each A1-A8 exercise. Repeat once or if you’re feeling energetic, complete 2-3 rounds.

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Questions For You:

– Do you tabata?

– What time of day do you normally do your tabata routines?

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Brad Gouthro is the founder of Live Lean TV, a media company focused on helping men and women “Live Lean” 365 days a year. Brad’s programs and content have helped millions of people all over the world learn how to get in shape, and more importantly, sustain it for life.

0 responses to “The 4 Minute Tabata Workout To Drop Two Sizes! @TLF_Apparel #TLFApparel #LLTV

  1. 21saywhat21 if you get body cramps then u need to drink more water. That
    means that you dont drink alot of water. U need too drink alot of water .
    Everyday 2 a 2.5 liters

  2. 21saywhat21 … my opinion is better to run up hill. That is much better to
    run with weights.
    If you run up hill especially in sand. Then the weight loss cardio and
    endurance will be . You will improve much legpower and muscle. U can start
    with 20 min and do that 1 a 2 times a week after 4 weeks u will do 40 min 1
    a 2 times a week. You will have a monster cardio condition.

    I did 40 min uphill and 1 a 2 times a week and run once a week normaal 5
    km. I run 5 km in 21 min so that is pretty good.

    Good luck

  3. You deserve way more views than most of the fitness YouTube channels get. I
    implemented most of your Cardio Tabata Workouts and I’m enjoying it way
    better than 45mins of running on the treadmill. Keep up the awesome work
    and hope to see some more Tabata related workouts.

  4. Brad, I want to increase my fat loss, speed and cardio endurance. Is
    sprinting with leg weights safe? Or is there a risk of injury using this
    method? I thought maybe sprinting holding a sandbag would be better/safer
    on my joints. I want to really incinerate my fat as quick as possible!
    Also, to increase my endurance, are tabata, dance, and jump rope enough? Or
    should I incorporate long distance jogging because I seem to get out of
    breath quickly (and have a hard time catching my breath while still active,
    but I catch body cramps if I stand still too long or even do a low
    intensity active rest for too long preventing me from going back to high
    intensity). I wasn’t sure if quick cardio bursts will help with that.
    (Haven’t been doing it long enough to notice yet) but its annoying. It
    seems like I could get so much out of my workouts if I didn’t lose my
    breath so quickly.

  5. Some of these high intensity moves are hard on my bad knee and consequently
    my lower back. Dr says these kinda moves r bad for me. Do the live lean
    workouts have modified moves while still maximizing burn?

  6. Was wearing my black gym shorts with black shirt with my gold gym gloves
    and shoes from walmart, supporting the wall to the mart woot… but I like
    the gear you were wearing ima take a look into it.

  7. I just want to ask a question, is brown rice good or even “ok” for fat loss
    because I really enjoy it and Im determined for all exercises I eat only
    once in a day is that fine?

  8. Please do some kettlebell workouts. I always look for good workouts and i
    am very much interested in Kettlebells. I trust your workouts and hope you
    will add in this amazing piece of equipment in the future workout videos.

  9. hi i was wondering how many minutes a day i should spend do these workouts
    and or which ones i should choose i am 12 and weigh 130 i am looking to
    drop 20 pounds if you could reply and tell which are the best work outs for
    me and how long should i be doing them for

  10. Great job brad, hey would you make a video for how to gain muscle with only
    bodyweigjt, i mean range of reps, rest, you know. Thanks

  11. What brand of workout clothes are you rocking today? Thanks TLF Apparel for
    hooking me up with the Train Like A Freak lifting tank and shorts as seen
    in the video. Save 20% Off All TLF Apparel: (Coupon
    Code: 20TLF001)

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